How to Use VPN to watch Anime?

If someone is having a hard time looking for their favorite anime to watch online, you are not alone. Hardcore anime fans outside its home in Japan find it challenging. They stumble upon the anime they like to watch because it fails to be available in a particular region.

Many people are even remotely aware of the fan base that has been garnered over the years by anime. One can assume disappointment get when they do not have the opportunity to watch online their favorite anime.

At last, we all love anime almost, but for some fans, it is more than life itself. However, it can be an expensive hobby too.

Many of the anime are region-locked, meaning one fails to continue watching their anime, mainly when traveling abroad. The availability of such websites is in some specific countries. Such kinds of geo-blocks can be quite frustrating. The solution to such a problem is pretty simple a high-quality VPN (Virtual Private Network).

What is VPN?

A VPN can be described as a virtual private network. Over the internet, it is an encrypted connection from a device to a network.

What is VPN
What is VPN

Such encrypted connection aids in ensuring that sensitive data is transmitted safely. Prevention of unauthorized people is done by VPN from eavesdropping on the traffic. It also allows the user to conduct work remotely.

Why do I need a VPN to watch anime?

Anime is considered one of the massive industries which are blooming continuously and becoming famous. But anime websites like Crunchyroll failed to be available everywhere.

Thus, there is a need for a VPN to access these while traveling abroad or in the country. As a bonus, they encrypt the traffic too. It prevents the ISP from keeping tabs on the activities or throttling the connection.

How to Use VPN to watch Anime?

As it is mentioned above, even for Crunchyroll, there are many anime series which has licensing issues. That’s why there are geo-restrictions, and only available in the USA. Below an instance of a famous anime named “Jujutsu Kaisen” is taken to make it more clear.

  • There is a need to download a VPN to connect to the USA, which will automatically mask the current location.
  • There is a range of VPNs which are available in the market you can access anyone of them. But here, we recommend you purchase a good VPN.
  • Firstly, purchase a good VPN or you can download and install the desired VPN through Play Store/App Store
  • After installing the VPN, sign up with your email id and connect it to the USA server. It changes your geographic location.
  • Refresh the Crunchyroll page or reopen the Crunchyroll app and look for “Jujutsu Kaisen.
  • If the result still fails to occur, then try to open Crunchyroll in incognito mode or clear the cache.
  • Now, in the search results, all the available episodes of Jujutsu Kaisen can be found. 

5 Best VPNs to Watch Anime

Living in a distinctive country or traveling somewhere does not mean one can not watch anime. Such site has their accessibility from anywhere in the world. However, the issue is geo-restrictions applying in terms of the availability of anime to each user.

Best VPNs to Watch Anime
Best VPNs to Watch Anime

VPN can aid in regaining access to the usual anime library. It can be done by changing the IP address, which makes it look like the user is still in the home country. This is vital as the number of anime available can pretty wildly vary from one region to another.

1) Surfshark

It offers some of the highest speeds and works along a huge number of services. This low-cost VPN, best of all, allows for connecting an unlimited number of devices simultaneously. It has just introduced a new feature that periodically switches the IP address.

A range of like from a security perspective can be seen. The apps comprise a kill switch, IPv6 and DNS leak protection, stealth mode, and 56-bit AES encryption.

Through this, one can browse safely in every place. This allows for keeping no logs whatsoever and provides around-the-clock support by live chat.

2) CyberGhost

It is a reliable and affordable VPN spread across 90+ countries with more than 7,700 servers. Some of these are specially designed for working along major streaming platforms such as Netflix.

At once, up to seven devices can be secured, and speeds are impressive. Manual configuration is needed because such VPNs run on supported routers.

Romania is the headquarter of CyberGhost, which means it fails to be subject to any compulsory data retention law.

The security tools comprise automatic malware scanning, a kill switch, 256-bit encryption, and IPv6 and DNS leak protection. Also, the availability of live chat-based support is 24/7.

3) NordVPN

It is faster in comparison to most other services and offers a wide array of security tools. This provider operates in 60 countries along a huge network of over 5,400 servers. In the US alone, it has almost 2,000. It can aid in securely accessing a ton of sites comprising Netflix.

Security is strong, along with features like perfect forward secrecy. Extra comprise wifi protection automatically and then sends traffic option by two VPN servers.

It operates along a strict privacy policy and fails to keep any logs at all. The support staff is available and helpful around the clock.

4) ExpressVPN

It provides a robust, efficient, and fast product. Currently, across 94 countries, including dozens of locations in the US, it offers 3,000 servers. This own Lightway protocol offers extremely high speeds. Even this service has its firmware for routers.

A maximum of five devices can be simultaneously connected along no bandwidth caps. Recently, it added a Threat Manager feature that blocks the app from communicating along spam sites and known trackers. Also, it fails to store any logs that can identify the user.

5) IPVanish

It is a solid choice if someone is looking to stream video, as all of its servers are optimized for stability and speed. In 60+ countries, there are roughly 2,000, and one can access the platform while connected.

IPVanish is one of the few that allows one to secure simultaneously any number of devices.

It supports the faster WireGuard protocol, while if someone prefers to use OpenVPN, then one can scramble the traffic. Also, potentially access services that generally entirely block VPN.

Routers and Linux routers are supported too, but there is a need to manually install the VPN.

Top Legal Anime Streaming Services

A wide array of free anime streaming services can be found online to download and stream anime movies and series handily. Despite the wide selection, there are controversies about some anime streaming services’ legality.

Use VPN to watch Anime
Use VPN to watch Anime

Several people are worried about terms of involving in copyright lawsuits. Also, the relevant issues while using an anime streaming service. Yet if someone insists on real legal anime platforms along with original anime and licenses, then the following platforms are the best choices:

1) Funimation

Its availability is only for viewership in the countries like Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Brazil, the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Australia.

Unless anyone is located physically in these countries, one must deal with geo-blocking. The popular anime is One Piece, Your Name, and Degrassi.

2) Crunchyroll

It connects manga and anime fans across 200+ countries and territories with the experience and content they love.

Fans have access to licensed anime’s largest collection. Among them, the top three are Black Clover, Dragon Ball Z, and Naruto.


This platform has extended its users to 100+ countries comprising New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

However, some shows failed to be there on HIDIVE. But it has a couple of animes that favorably compare those heavyweights like Parasyte, Beautiful Bones, and No Game.

4) Hulu

As the popularity of Hulu is on the rise, the availability of this service still fails to be in many regions. This might not be an issue along with shows’ availability elsewhere, but it is annoying in terms of Hulu exclusives.

Its availability is only in the US & Japan as it is not licensed to provide its streaming services in other countries. In terms of popular anime, Cowboy Bebop, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Kimi Ni Todoke are at the top.

5) Netflix

Globally, in over 190 counties, Netflix subscribers can be found. Along 195 countries on the planet, Netflix validates the claim of worldwide status of the company.

Some incredible titles have been added to its anime library over the past year. Among them, famous ones are Baki, Hunter x Hunter, and Neon Genesis.

6) Amazon Prime

For fans, it is looked upon as a secondary streaming platform in terms of checking out anime content. The availability of streaming services is in 200+ countries and territories.

Except for Syria, China, North Korea, and Iran, it is available worldwide. Sagrada Reset, Lupin the Third, and Girls’ Last Tour are its top anime.

7) Wakanim

The availability of Wakanim Nordic, in English, is in Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands.

The availability of Wakanim DE in German is in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. Attack on Titan, Erased, and Demon Slayer is its top anime.

How to watch anime for Free

Once, the anime shows were available to the Japanese audience only, also, in small episodic spurts, usually on prime-time television.

Meanwhile, due to the anime series skyrocketing popularity, countless free anime sites are now available. Along box sets and even single DVDs are being priced highly many times.

Thus, a lot of fans might find themselves having to go to watch their favorite show or paying the rent and eat. Below it is acquainted with a free trial, gift cards, and unofficial sites to satiate the hunger for a free anime viewing experience.

1) Free Trial

When it comes to a free trial, it is a no-risk deal that anime fans must look at. Many of the platforms offer a 14-day free trial for anyone looking for a streaming service. It can be used for two weeks to kick the tires, then figure it out as something to stick with.

It is up to the user if they want to cancel the subscription before even being billed. For instance, Funimation provides a free service comprising a limited selection of available content and Ads.

The other option to choose from is one of these paid tiers, all of which let go stream the entire library and contIn no ads. All such plans start with a free 14-day trial offering a way to watch anime for free.

2) Gift Cards

It entitles access to hundreds of clothes, home videos, anime figures, and more. At once, the user can watch on up to 6 screens. It grants ad-free access to a huge library of JDoramas, manga, and anime films. The latest manga chapters become online as they are published.

The anime episodes also became available one hour after being premiered in Japan. All in usually high definition, along with additional discounts. Such gift cards fail to be combined with any other offer and are redeemable for cash.

3) Unofficial Sites

Several of the websites fail to offer quality anime streaming and downloading. Also, they can even have viruses and are unreliable. Many a time, the signing up process is complicated, and other problems are time-consuming.

They say that the perfect things in life are not always free. But these websites provide a vast collection of anime for free anime streaming and downloading. It does not comprise annoying websites. They are,,, and


Nowadays, VPNs have become vital. But there are several conditions that a good VPN requires to offer the best experience to users.

While streaming anime, buffering is the most annoying thing being encountered. Above mentioned 5 VPNs are reliable and can be installed easily to enjoy a range of content.

Some platforms and sites failed to have a license for streaming the anime. They may not be any legal repercussions to watching anime on such sites but still, they are considered illegal.

Platforms like Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu are some of them. The anime fan’s world has not been better, but a free trial, gift cards, and unofficial sites have popped up. They offer free anime content to anyone looking for it.

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