Power of Tarou Sakamoto in Sakamoto Days Explained (2023 Updated)

Sakamoto Days is a Weekly Shonen Jump’s Japanese manga series that began its serialization last winter, i.e., in November 2020. It is written and illustrated by Yuuto Suzuki. Presently, it has attained quite popularity worldwide. According to Mangaplus Shueisha, the Sakamoto Days series is currently under Top 10 in the “Hottest Weekly Manga List,” with roughly 130k+ views per chapter.

It is currently running under the Weekly Shonen Jump with 102 chapters so far. Every Sunday, a new chapter is issued. Sakamoto Days is an action-comedy series where we will witness the daily life of the Legendary Hit Man, Tarou Sakamoto, who retired from his job and now desires to live a common life with his family.

Sakamoto Days manga

Tarou Sakamoto was considered the greatest hitman of all time. All bad guys feared him. But one day, he fell in love with Aoi Sakamoto, and then he left his hitman business. He married her, and now they have a daughter Hana Sakamoto. Presently he is out of shape and operates an all-in-one shop.

After a time interval, Shin, the Clairvoyant, visited to meet Tarou Sakamoto. Shin has the ability to read anyone’s mind. He was in the contract to eliminate Tarou Sakamoto, but when after trying, he discovered that he was still no match for him.

In the end, he started working alongside him in his store. Despite being out of shape, Sakamoto’s skills, techniques, reflexes, speed, and strength are unbelievable. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the power and abilities of Tarou Sakamoto in Sakamoto Days. Let’s begin.

Power of Tarou Sakamoto in Sakamoto Days

Tarou Sakamoto, during his glory days, is well known for being the best hitman ever seen. He is just an ordinary human who has beaten many assassins with extraordinary abilities or enhanced bodies. He is an ultimate assassin who cleverly uses his surroundings and whatever’s on hand when he fights, which makes him more dangerous.

However, now Tarou Sakamoto, in his fat form, can use 30% of his abilities. Still, he is far powerful than a first-rate assassin. As stated by Kashima, his very presence is like a powerful weapon. But to annihilate an enemy, he has to slim his body for a time period.

Presently, against Kanaguri, who was an order member, Tarou had to use all his strength. Indeed, they both were order members and equally powerful, but in the end, Tarou overpowered him in terms of raw strength and fighting skill.

Even Kanaguri was surprised to see how a retired assassin could overwhelm him. In the end, Tarou is successful in taking revenge for his teacher.

Abilities of Tarou Sakamoto in Sakamoto Days

Even in his chubby form, he still has superhuman speed and reflexes to eliminate his targets. Not only this, but he is also expertise in hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship. And in slim form, his abilities enhanced exponentially, same as in his glory days.

Tarou Sakamoto in Sakamoto Days

1) Enhanced Strength & Durability 

There is no doubt. Tarou Sakamoto is an overwhelimly powerful hitman. His physical ability is far greater than the first-rate assassin, Kashima. Also, in the slim form, it is acknowledged that he is still powerful than the known Order members. We have noticed him multiple times using his immense strength in between the counters.

Along with the strength, his body is also very tough. His durability allows him to take on any attacks unscathed. During the fight with Mr. Reindeer, he overwhelmingly crushed him without any major injuries.

Also, against Kanaguri, Tarou suffered a lot because of his retirement and fitness issue. But as the fight proceeds, all gears come into position, and Tarou overpowers him in terms of strength.

2) Enhanced Speed & Reflexes 

Not only just strength & durability, but based on speed and reflexes, he still has the upper hand over the known characters in the series. He can dismantle a shooter in a blink of an eye.

Also, his reflexes are extraordinary. In the first chapter, he blocked Shin’s bullet with a cough drop. Even the Order members admire him.

3) Master Combatant

The strongest ability of Tarou Sakamoto is that he is the master of armed and unarmed combat. He doesn’t depend on a particular weapon; he can use his environment and nearby objects to his advantage. However, it’s not confirmed, but, in my opinion, he still didn’t have any specific choice when he was in the Order. Sakamoto is the only one ever who injured Mr. X.

Other Abilities

1) Block Mind & Perceptiveness

He can efficiently block his mind and thoughts. Even Shin can’t read his thoughts sometimes. Shin’s ability to read thoughts is underestimated.

He even read Mr. X’s thoughts during the lab arc. However, Sakamoto can block his mind whenever he wants to avoid Shin from reading his insights.

Perceptiveness is the ability to sense slight impressions or differences. Sakamoto can sense the objects around him so quickly and make them utilize in the fights at the correct time.

2) Transformation 

Tarou Sakamoto can transform his body from fat to slim at any time. This allows him to gain the upper hand over his physical abilities. In his fat form, he has immense durability and strength; however, in slim form, his speed and reflexes increase. However, after meeting Granny Miya, he has now attained the entire capability of his body in his fat form.

Tarou Sakamoto after meeting Granny Miya

In chapter 44, Tarou Sakamoto goes to meet her favorite Holistic Healer, Granny Miya. She is a legendary healer for assassins, known for her healing abilities. She is also recognized as “God Hands” in the assassin world. She can fix any wound or injury as long as the person is alive.

Tarou vs Kanaguri
Tarou vs Kanaguri

According to her, Sakamoto’s fitness level is about 30 percent of what he was in his prime days. He is currently weaker than Nacchan (an Order member). She treated him by fixing his Lower Dantian acupoint point.

Strong people can adapt to move efficiently under any condition. Therefore, she decided to make Sakamoto strong in his fat body by enhancing his agility because the fat body has its own advantages.

We will update this post when we get to witness some new changes in Sakamoto’s body. Fans can read Sakamoto Days online from Viz Media or Mangaplus Shueisha official site. Till then, stay healthy and read our articles below.

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