25 Best Sexy Anime Girls Of Seinen Anime (Ranked)

If you’re on this page, then you might have watched anime at least once. Whether it’s shounen or seinen, anime comes up with a wide range of archetypes and genres. As per your interest, you can choose any anime to experience entertainment. However, many fans enjoy their favorite anime by tying attachments to sexy anime girls they’re infatuated with.

So, here we will be going to talk about some hot anime girls from mature anime. One thing to note here is that these girls are from seinen, not shounen anime. You can hit any other website to know about the shounen sexy anime characters. The aim of this list is to female characters from mature anime like Overlord, Prison School, Sekirei, Claymore, Re:Zero, Witchblade, etc.

25 Best Sexy Anime Girls Of Seinen Anime

25) An Onoya

An Onoya

Name: An Onoya 
Anime: ReLIFE 
Birthday: May 27 
Height: 5’1 (151 cm) 
Zodiac: Gemini
Eye Color: Deep Taupe 
Hair Color: A blend of Grullo and Dark Vanilla 

If you’ve watched this series, you might know about Arata Kaizaki. Just like him, Onoya is also a transfer student. You’ll always see this cheerful personality having a big smile.

But you’ll be shocked by seeing her cunning and manipulative personality. This is depicted in the scene when Onoya tries to seduce Arata Kaizaki. Why don’t you try this series and know about more such incidents?

24) Sachiko Fujinuma

Sachiko Fujinuma

Name: Sachiko Fujinuma 
Anime: Erased 
Birthday: December 6th 
Height: NA 
Zodiac: NA 
Eye Color: Blue 
Hair Color: Dark Blue 

You’ll be impressed by her because this willful person because she tackled every problem just to get a better life. She possesses some powers through which she gets to know about others’ thoughts. But she just shut up for the sake of her son’s safety.

No one can beat this caring mother who can cross any limits for taking care of his son. Give a try to this series and know she took care of her son until he woke up after 14 years.

23) Reiko Tamura

Reiko Tamura

Name: Reiko Tamura 
Anime: Parasyte: The Maxim 
Birthday: NA 
Height: Average  
Zodiac: NA
Eye Color: Brown 

Lavender (While Ryoko) 

Hair Color: Brown (while Ryoko)
Black (while Reiko)

One more character in our ranking of sexy anime girls is Reiko Tamura. This hot anime babe is the chief antagonist of this series. Don’t take this intelligent parasite lightly because you’ll see her usually studying the human psyche.

For the experiment, she even had sex with another parasite-infected human, and the rest you guys know. If not, then must watch this series that how she kept her son safe. Did she sacrifice herself or killed her son brutally?

22) Ushikai Musume

Ushikai Musume

Name: Darkness  
Anime: Goblin Slayer
Birthday: NA 
Height: NA
Zodiac: NA 
Eye Color: Rose-colored
Hair Color: Red

It might not be surprising that she is a farm hand on a farm. But you’ll surely get shocked by knowing her backstory. When she was a kid her family got massacred by goblins, but her farm uncle adopted her.

She always wishes to have a best friend who’ll understand, and boom she is reunited with the goblin slayer. It would be interesting to know about her upcoming adventures in this series. If she would be able to aid Goblin Slayer or remain guilty of not being with him?

21) Revy


Name: Revy 
Anime: Black Lagoon 
Birthday: NA 
Height: 5’5” 
Zodiac: NA 
Eye Color: Amber-brown 
Hair Color: Burgundy 

If you’ve watched this series, you might be impressed by her combat and fighting abilities. No one imagines that a gun-toting murderer can come up with attractive physical features. Thus, you fans out there must be swooning for her.

Her cold demeanor adds more spice to her titillating outward appearance. So, due to her stunning features, she easily is considered among the sexy anime characters.

20) Motoko Kusanagi

Motoko Kusanagi

Name: Motoko Kusanagi 
Anime: Ghost in the Shell 
Birthday: 1986 
Height: 168 cm 
Zodiac: NA 
Eye Color: Red-violet 
Hair Color: Blue-purple 

This cybernetic figure is one of the parts of the Sector 11 cybersecurity division. You’ll dislike her due to her cold nature, but still, she is amicable with her teammates.

Go and hit this series because there is no chance that you’ll not attract to her skills. One more thing that will excite fans about this anime is her naked appearance which will surely melt your heart.

19) Satou Sakie

Satou Sakie

Name: Satou Sakie
Anime: Interviews With Monster Girls 
Birthday: February 6th 
Height: NA 
Zodiac: Aquarius 
Eye Color: Purple 
Hair Color: Black 

Another character on our ranking of sexy anime girls is Satou Sakie. In the Demi-chan series, she is portrayed as a legit teacher. In comparison to other average teachers, she is more committed and hard-working.

If you’re a male fan, then there are chances that you’ll arouse and lose your inhibition. Even in the series, she avoids such situations but eventually fails miserably.

18) Mira Suou 

Mira Suou 

Name: Mira Suou  
Anime: World’s End Harem 
Birthday: NA 
Height: 165 cm 
Zodiac: NA 
Eye Color: Blue 
Hair Color: Purple 

Just look at her from head to toe, and boom you’ll get attracted towards her. She is portrayed as a scientist who is looking for a man-killer virus cure.

Even on that planet, 99% of man has been wiped out due to the virus. You might be impressed by knowing that she remains at the side of Reita even though he refused to have s*x with her.

17) Mei Momozono

Mei Momozono

Name: Mei Momozono 
Anime: Mouse 
Birthday: NA 
Height: NA 
Zodiac: NA 
Eye Color: Green 
Hair Color: Golden blonde 

This fair skin sexy anime woman has a busty figure. In the series, she is portrayed as an intelligent woman who is good with devices and computers.

She doesn’t hesitate to do perverted acts for her master, namely Sorata. She met him first when he was a boy, and since then she remained at his side to work. This series will be a great time killer to know how she follows her master.

16) Honey


Name: Honey 
Anime: Space Dandy 
Birthday: NA 
Height: NA 
Zodiac: NA 
Eye Color: Brown 
Hair Color: Blonde 

At first sight, this sexy anime woman might feel dumb and even act like that. However, don’t underestimate her smartness and power because she is much stronger than she appears.

There are many instances related to her power in the series, but one must watch the scene when she performed a Piledriver on Dr. Gel. You’ll see her working as a waitress in the restaurant, namely Boobies.

15) Shimei Ryomou 

Shimei Ryomou

Name: Shimei Ryomou  
Anime: IkkiTousen 
Birthday: September 3rd 
Height: 5′ 2” 
Zodiac: Virgo 
Eye Color: Green 
Hair Color: Blue 

One more character in our ranking of sexy anime girls is Shimei Ryomou. You’ll see her as a more stoic and reserved person most of the time. The shocking thing about her is she enjoys ripping her teammates’ arms. How can a character behave so brutally with their teammates?

Anyways, watch this series to know about her softer side. But that softer side remained until something mishappened to her friend, namely, Teifu.

14) Junko Asagiri

Junko Asagiri

Name: Junko Asagiri 
Anime: Desert Punk 
Birthday: NA 
Height: NA 
Zodiac: NA 
Eye Color: Green 
Hair Color: Purple 

This cunning character has a well-endowed body which is used by her to achieve to desires. Due to her excessive breast size and manipulative personality, she is more like a fierce enemy.

You can expect high skills with weapons from her, just like Desert Punk. If you’re familiar with the Demon of the Desert, then you have a good idea of the clever side, and the same case is with the Junko. As you watch this series, you’ll get to know how disloyal and selfish she is and always switches sides.

13) Yukinoshita Yukino

Yukinoshita Yukino

Name: Yukinoshita Yukino  
Anime: Oregairu 
Birthday: January 3rd 
Height: NA 
Zodiac: Capricorn 
Eye Color: Blue 
Hair Color: Black 

This character is one of the most stunning girls in all anime out there. She is portrayed as the lead female character in the series. You’ll instantly fall for her attractive personality if you’re into Tsundere’s nature.

You can consider her as the one who stands out as a notable face. Apart from being attractive in her beauty, you will be impressed by her incredible academics.

12) Azusa Hamaoka

Azusa Hamaoka

Name: Azusa Hamaoka 
Anime: Grand Blue 
Birthday: July 26 
Height: 165cm 
Zodiac: NA 
Eye Color: Purple 
Hair Color: Purple 

Among the hottest anime girls, Azusa Hamaoka will make many fans excited out there. Apart from being hot, she drinks with other male members and parties hard with them. Just suppose you’re one of them enjoying the party with this hot girl.

Anyways, you’ve never seen shameless like her who forgot her swimsuit and went on in her underwear. Now, you might be shocked because she is bisexual and even stated her ideal man and ideal woman in the series.

11) Kurisu Makise 

Kurisu Makise 

Name: Kurisu Makise  
Anime: Steins Gate 
Birthday: July 25th 
Height: 5’3″ 
Zodiac: Leo
Eye Color: Violet 
Hair Color: Chestnut 

Do you know why Kurisu is hot? The reason is nothing but science, and there is no need to argue about that. As you already know Stein Gate isn’t interested in promoting hotness at all. But still, some fans out there successfully develop feelings for this character.

Again, her hotness and beauty make people arouse love interest in her. Anyways, give this series a try if you’ve not watched Steins Gate yet.

10) Frederica Baumann

Frederica Baumann


Frederica Baumann

Anime: Re:Zero 
Birthday: December 6
Height: 176 cm
Zodiac: NA 
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Pale Gold

This long pale gold hair-colored babe is sexy and beautiful at the same time. If you’ve watched this series, then might be familiar with his brother, namely Garfiel.

As a sister, her care for Garfiel is just unbeatable. You’ll be surprised to know that there is around a nine-year difference between both of them.

What if Frederica covered her mouth in the series? Yes, she’ll give a more stunning look. Anyways, give it a shot and know more about Frederica in detail.

9) Risako Nagisa 

Risako Nagisa 

Name: Risako Nagisa  
Anime: Aika R-16: Virgin Mission 
Birthday: NA 
Height: NA 
Zodiac: NA 
Eye Color: Brown 
Hair Color: Aubergine (Dark) 

No one can beat this curvy anime girl in terms of her body curves. This show is pretty average, but Risako’s lewd composure and bikini shots make it popular.

In this series, she is portrayed as a high school teacher who also acts as the advisor of Treasure Hunting Clubs. However, when you’ll watch this series, then your opinion might start changing. Overall, her extremely mature physique can make anyone fall for her.

8) Masane Amaha 

Masane Amaha 

Name: Masane Amaha  
Anime: Witchblade 
Birthday: NA 
Height: 5’5 
Zodiac: NA 
Eye Color: Light Brown 
Hair Color: Brown 

Masane Amaha is one of the hot anime women who have many fans out there. She is the protagonist of an underrated anime series which is needed to give a try.

No one can beat her unwavering confidence and fiery determination. Apart from her sexy looks, you’ll fall for the kindness that she has for her child. Yes, she is a mother too, but still, her looks are just unbeatable.

7) Seras Victoria

Seras Victoria

Name: Seras Victoria 
Anime: Hellsing Ultimate 
Birthday: 1980
Height: 5’5”
Zodiac: NA 
Eye Color: Blue 
Hair Color: Orange and light yellow 

Apart from having broad shoulders, you’ll be impressed by her buxom and voluptuous figure. She is portrayed in the series as a tomboy who doesn’t fear anything. Even she takes her master’s orders as a challenge which she tries not to lose.

Overall, as a soldier, no one can beat her loyalty. Because following the orders of commanders is directly linked to proving the worth.

6) Emilia  


Name: Emilia  
Anime: Re:Zero 
Birthday: September 23 
Height: 5’3” 
Zodiac: NA 
Eye Color: Purple (Iris)
Blue (Pupil) 
Hair Color: Silver 

If you’ve watched this series, then you might know when Emilia met the main character, namely Subaru. Our main character manages to take care of the miseries but always finds peace under the care of this hot character.

Whenever Subaru is in the arms of Emilia, he gets motivated and can cross any limit to aid anyone out there. So you can say that apart from being a sexy anime woman, she is the biggest supporter of Subaru.

5) Rize Kamishiro

Rize Kamishiro

Name: Rize Kamishiro 
Anime: Tokyo Ghoul 
Birthday: October 8 
Height: 164 cm 
Zodiac: NA 
Eye Color: Purple 
Hair Color: Purple 

You might think of her as an appealing character due to her innocent face, but you can’t ignore her sexually attractive body. But the sad part is series doesn’t focus on her s*x appeal.

Even this ranking would be incomplete if we have not mentioned this hot anime babe. Just look at her hourglass figure, and you’ll fall for her instantly. Accept it or not, but the fact is Rize is the sexiest villain in anime history.

4) Nikaido 


Name: Nikaido 
Anime: Dorohedoro 
Birthday: July 2 
Height: 169 cm  
Zodiac: NA 
Eye Color: Blue 
Hair Color: Blonde 

When it is about hot anime women, you can consider this character as one of the hottest women. If you’ve watched this series, you might be familiar with her restaurant. However, you’ll be surprised by knowing that she is a magic user who hunts magic users with Kaiman.

Just look at her physique, her physical abilities are unbeatable. Unlike others, she keeps her worries to herself and doesn’t act like an attention seeker.

3) Tsukiumi


Name: Tsukiumi 
Anime: Sekirei 
Birthday: NA 
Height: 165cm 
Zodiac: NA 
Eye Color: Blue 
Hair Color: Blonde 

One more character in our ranking of sexy anime girls is Tsukiumi. You’ll be surprised by knowing that she wanted to be the strongest Sekirei without even the aid of Ashikabi.

If you watch this series, then it might feel like she wanted to kill her future Ashikabi. Guess why Kazehana and Homura nicknamed her “panties flasher“? It’s because her panties often expose due to her short skirt.

2) Albedo


Name: Albedo 
Anime: Overlord 
Birthday: NA 
Height: 5’7” 
Zodiac: NA 
Eye Color: Golden iris with vertically slit pupils 
Hair Color: Black 

In the series, she has the responsibility to manage and supervise everything that the seven Floor Guardians do. While watching this series, you’ll easily sense her hostility and hatred towards the human. Let’s talk about Albedo’s body curves and beauty. If you take a closer look at Albedo’s figure, then you’ll notice her perfect body curves.

However, her revealing clothes will surely send you some sexual tension. Her voluptuous figure is a perfect match with her innocent face, which mesmerizes the viewers. However, you’ll see this white-horned succubus being busy with her affairs.

1) Shiraki Meiko

Shiraki Meiko

Name: Shiraki Meiko 
Anime: Prison School 
Birthday: NA 
Height: 180 cm 
Zodiac: NA 
Eye Color: Brown 
Hair Color: Grey 

Shiraki Meiko is the character who successfully made it to the top of the sexy anime girls ranking. Don’t underestimate her harsh sadistic tendencies because she can feel the evilest antagonists’ shame.

This busty Vice-President can cross any cruel punishments for the imprisoned men. She easily stands out from others because she accepts her figure and has no qualms to expose her body.


When it comes to the anime medium, you’ve seen a ton of characters being placed within itself. But among such categories there lies a particular one that makes many fans happy altogether.

Yes, it is the sexy anime girls category that excites most of the fans. Such kind of medium is filled with cultured individuals, and the above ranking must be valuable for any hardcore fan out there.

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