15 Most Depressed Anime Boys (With Pictures)

Like all of us, anime characters too deal with a range of bizarre situations that make depressed anime boys and girls. It comprises things like a troublesome family, the loss of a loved one, or anything which results in pain.

Most of the fans love such anime boys because by them mostly people can relate to their life. Even it gives their love hope to continue with whatever they are suffering. Some of the male depressed characters are mentioned below, which have successfully carried out their role.

15 Most Depressed Anime Boys

1) Shinji Ikari

Shinji Ikari

Name: Shinji Ikari
Anime:  Neon Genesis Evangelion
Birthday:  June 6th
Height:  4’10”
Zodiac:  Gemini
Eye Color:  Grey-blue
Hair Color:  Brown

Since the beginning of this series, Shinji is portrayed as an introverted guy who constantly loses confidence. He is always surrounded by a range of negative events.

You can consider him as someone who has a complex personality, due to which Shinji failed to make bonds. It would be interesting to watch how Shinji saves his most beloved friend. If he would be successful in saving his friend from that angel or not?

2) Kou Tanaka

Kou Tanaka

Name: Kou Tanaka
Anime:  Blue Spring Ride
Birthday:  May 27th
Height:  5’9″
Zodiac:  Gemini
Eye Color:  Brown
Hair Color:  Black

It was the time when Kou’s parents got divorced, and he left the city with his mother. Later, Kou’s mother left him all alone due to a bad illness, and there is no choice left with Kou. His father and brother never came to visit to see his mother’s health which hurt Kou a lot.

He made a comeback to Tokyo and started living with his father and older brother. He became depressed due to the loss of his mother and the separation from being alone in a far city. As a result, Kou lost faith in people due to his brother and father.

3) Ken Kaneki

Ken Kaneki

Name: Ken Kaneki
Anime:  Tokyo Ghoul
Birthday:  December 20th
Height:  169-169.5 cm
Zodiac:  Sagittarius
Eye Color: Black sclera and red pupil (left)

Dark grey (right) 

Hair Color:  Dark brown (start of the series)

White (episode 11)

This character was a victim of Rize’s weapon, which is implanted inside the body of Ken. In the series, he is portrayed as half human and half ghoul. Ken decides to be a victim just to save other people from being get suffered.

But you’ll be shocked by knowing that he isn’t familiar that his acts hurt other people. Now, Ken has left with no direction because his life got shattered due to that unfortunate event.

4) Haruto Tokishima

Haruto Tokishima

Name: Haruto Tokishima
Anime: Valvrave The Liberator
Birthday:  October 15th
Height:  173cm
Zodiac:  Libra
Eye Color:  Blue
Hair Color:  Brown

Haruto’s student life was going peacefully until one day something unfortunate happened, and boom, his destiny changed. It was due to the invasion made by the Dorrsian Military Pact Federation.

Haruto was forced to become a Valvrave pilot due to some circumstances. After becoming a pilot, he is no more human because now there is an urge in Haruto to bite people for drinking their blood. Later, the situation got worse when he took the responsibility for defending everyone.

5) Guts


Name: Guts
Anime: Berserk 
Birthday:  NA
Height:  6’8″
Zodiac:  NA
Eye Color:  Brown
Hair Color:  Black

If you’ve watched this show, then you know an array of sophisticated and intricate plot twists are used in this show. When Guys was a young boy, he lived without parents, which results in a complete mess of life.

Even the ending was not good, as Guts lost his hand. One eye got damaged, and the other one is left to see his lover assaulted by the other.

One more shocking thing about Gut is that he was cursed for pursuing demons until death. In simple words, it is something which is the topic for being worried whole life. Overall, the most emotional scene is the tragic end of Guts.

6) Shion


Name: Shion
Anime: No.6 
Birthday:  September 7th
Height:  5’7″
Zodiac:  Virgo
Eye Color:  Red (before incident)

Brown (after incident)

Hair Color:  Brown (before incident)

White (after incident)

The time finally came when Shipm had to adapt to a new life by saying goodbye to all the comforts. The story takes a distinctive path when Shion’s colleague got died, and the suspect was Shion himself.

Shion founds a shocking truth in city No.6, where some people reside in the poorer cities. He got to know about the difference between such larger cities and this socially backward area.

Later, in the series, he was hit by a disease that turned his hair white, and even got a scar crossing his body. Shion suffered from body changing, got separated from his mother, and saw his life getting ruined. So, you can now feel what Shion is feeling from deep inside.

7) Shouya Ishida

Shouya Ishida

Name: Shouya Ishida
Anime:  Silent Voice
Birthday:  June 6th
Height:  6′
Zodiac:  Gemini
Eye Color:  Green
Hair Color:  Black

Shouya Ishida is the protagonist of this movie, who is portrayed as a bully. However, he went through a long time without seeing the gazes.

If you’ve ever experienced regret, then you probably know more about how it feels. It becomes difficult to have an unwavering mind when past troubles keep distracting you.

The same concept of mind is in the case of Shouya Ishida. Go and hit this series a try because there is no way one will not shed tears.

8) Takashi Natsume

Takashi Natsume

Name: Takashi Natsume
Anime:  Natsume’s Book of Friends
Birthday:  July 1st
Height:  167cm
Zodiac:  NA
Eye Color:  Light brown
Hair Color:  Ash Blonde

Takashi has no family, friend and due to his difficult childhood years, he turned into a cold person. One thing to know about him is that Takashi is an orphan who switched families every year. The reason no relative can deal with him and consider him as strange.

There is nothing left for Takashi apart from suffering. Let us tell you one more interesting thing, which is that Takashi can see the spirits, which other people failed to do so.

9) Twelve


Name:  Twelve
Anime: Zankyou no Terror
Birthday:  NA
Height:  167cm
Zodiac:  NA
Eye Color:  Brown 
Hair Color:  Brown

Eleven is one more character in our list of depressed anime boys. Since childhood, Eleven was suffering from torture. It was the time when he was brought up in a facility where torture is done. Eleven in his adolescence spend uncovering the secret facilities that are behind torturing special children.

Just to get attention, he engaged in becoming a terrorist. Later, in the series, the government’s dark side got revealed, but unfortunately, Eleven succumbed to death. You must give a try to this series and how this story turned out to be much darker than one can expect.

10) Kakeru Naruse

Kakeru Naruse

Name: Kakeru Naruse
Anime: Orange 
Birthday:  September 14th
Height:  175cm
Zodiac:  NA
Eye Color:  Black
Hair Color:  Black

If you’ve watched this series, then you might know how perfectly it showed how other people remained unfamiliar that someone is experiencing pain mentally.

Even if someone shows themselves as in good mood in times of crisis, it doesn’t mean they’re not suffering from anything. And no other anime can do a better job of portraying this situation than Orange did.

You’ll see the MC talking to the former self about trying to escape the future. When Kakeru was a kid, he lost her mother, and after that tragic events continue to hit our protagonist. There is no choice left in front of Kakeru, and he committed suicide due to depression.

11) Edward Elric

Edward Elric

Name: Edward Elric
Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist
Birthday:  1899
Height:  4’11”
Zodiac:  NA
Eye Color:  Gold
Hair Color:  Blond hair

Edward Elric is one more character in our list of most depressed anime boys. His father, namely Hohenheim abandoned his family, due to which Ed hates him. Even his mother left him alone as she died due to an illness.

When Ed was young, he rummage through his father’s book and successfully learned about alchemy. The worst situation was when he was forced to make a seal with his blood for sealing the brother’s soul. However, it is all possible because Ed made the sacrifice of his right arm.

12) Arima Kousei

Arima Kousei

Name: Arima Kousei
Anime: Your Lie in April
Birthday:  March 28th
Height:  5’6″
Zodiac:  Aries
Eye Color:  Blue
Hair Color:  Black

The characters of this story made several people cry, whether sad or happy tears. However, Arima Kousei was the chief character who stimulated the sad feeling. This character faced a traumatic childhood due to which he failed to hear his piano’s sound.

However, Kaori was the person who helped him to turn out into a massive character. Must give a try to this show and see how Arima struggled through blue emotions several times.

13) Gaara


Name:  Gaara
Anime: Naruto 
Birthday:  January 19th
Height:  Part 1: 4’10” 

Part 2: 5’5″

Zodiac: Capricorn
Eye Color: Pale blue-green
Hair Color:  Red

While talking about depressed anime boys, no one can forget Gaara from Naruto. When Gaara was in the womb, the tailed beast got sealed within him. Due to Gaara’s premature birth, her mother died, and even his father tried to assassinate him.

Whenever he tried to make a connection with other villagers, they all get terrified by him. You’ll be impressed by Yashamaru, who loved Gaara a lot, but again he also left Gaara alone and heartbroken.

14) Ouma Shuu

Ouma Shuu

Name: Ouma Shuu
Anime: Guilty Crown
Birthday:  July 21st
Height:  5’7″
Zodiac:  NA
Eye Color:  Maroon/red
Hair Color:  Brown with a blond streak forming from the crown

Ouma Shuu always wanted an easy life but ended up living a hard one. GHQ group took over Japan, and to combat them, Ouma was forced to leave his peaceful existence. He took part in the struggle made against this group.

Ouma failed to take on what was going on and is left with the only option, which is to fight. He wanted to overcome his depression, and still, there is hope in him that one day a positive outcome will come out.

15) Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager

Name: Eren Yeager
Anime: Attack on Titan 
Birthday:  March 30th
Height:  5’7″
Zodiac:  Aries
Eye Color:  Ocean Blue
Hair Color:  Dark brown

Eren always dreamt of living a life full of freedom and wants to explore as much as he can. His story is filled with unfairness, but still, Eren manages to be the most powerful anti-hero.

Things started getting worse when the walls got attacked by Colossal Titan. Even his mother became food for the Smiling Titan. When you’ll watch this series, you’ll know how many deaths are being faced by Eren. But the real depression hits when Eren meets people who are beyond the wall.

Sadness is considered a negative emotion from which no one can escape. If it is human or even an anime character. There can be three cases, firstly the character refuses to accept reality by denying it. Secondly, the character just stays passive and at last, cries out.

Now, it is clear that above mentioned depressed anime boys fought with depression as much as they can.

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