Rin Itoshi (Blue Lock): 10 Interesting Facts, Power & Abilities Explained

Here, we will talk about Rin Itoshi from Blue Lock. The revolutionary project by the Japanese Football Association, The Blue Lock, has the whole world gripped.

The manga and its characters have been able to create a live effect on the readers, similar to a live football match. Football matches played on the fictional field of the comic world have successfully hooked readers with amazing characters.

The Ice Prince, Rin Itoshi(Blue Lock #1), is one such character. He is the strongest rival of the main character, Isagi Yoichi. On the field or in terms of popularity, he has given Isagi a tough time. Let’s find out more about Rin Itoshi.

Who is Rin Itoshi in Blue Lock?

Who is Rin Itoshi in Blue Lock

Japanese NameItoshi Rin (糸師 凛)












Spatial Awareness


Perfect Kick Accuracy


Puppet Controlling Soccer


Off The Ball Movements


Flow State

Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorTeal

Voice Actor

Kyoki Uchiyama(Japanese)

Matt Shipman(English)

BirthdaySeptember 9

Rin Itoshi is the deuteragonist of Blue Lock. He is the perfect type of egoist player that Jinpachi Ego wants to create for his project, The Blue Lock. Rin is egoist enough to consider himself the best. He is tall and slim but has a strong physique.

He barely shows any emotions or makes efforts to connect with other players on his team. His main aim for joining The Blue Lock Project is to become the best striker in the world who can smash through anyone who stands in his way.

However, later on, he gives up on his revenge and decides to focus all his energy on his game.

Rin Itoshi (Blue Lock): Power and Abilities

Rin Itoshi Abilities

Rin Itoshi has polished and developed his abilities. His key abilities are:

  •  Playmaker: Rin’s top-tier ability is that he is a playmaker. He is highly logical and can discern how to use his teammate’s abilities. Rin can devise plans to bring the best out of all the players and use them to make the maximum number of goals for him.
  • Spatial Awareness: Isagi Yoichi and Rin Itoshi share the ability of Spatial Awareness. He can monitor and counter the tactics of his rivals. Using his sharp logic and positioning ability, Rin can predict the moves and positioning of his opponents and position himself in the best possible way.
  • Perfect Kick Accuracy: Ace’s greatest ability is Rin’s capability to kick with perfect accuracy. He has the ability to kick in any direction within 35 meters of the goalpost. Rin can make straight hits as well as curved ones. Rin’s right leg is dominant; therefore, kicks made when he uses his left leg are less powerful but equally accurate.
  • Puppet Controlling Soccer: Another card in Rin’s deck of abilities is his ability to manipulate the opponent’s game strategy and use it to his advantage. Rin studies his opponents well and uses his intellect and the strengths of his team to lure them into traps.
  • Off-the-Ball Movements: Even when not in possession of the ball, Rin never stops planning his next move. He uses his logic to position himself in the blind spots of his rivals. Rin can foresee events using his spatial awareness and strategically position himself to receive a pass or snatch the ball from his rivals.
  • Flow State: Rin Itoshi(Blue Lock) reaches the flow state while playing the Japanese under-20 match. Rin can play several levels above his standard game and defeat players like Teppei Neru, Miroku Darai, and Kazuma Niou. He is even able to tackle Sae’s dribbling.

10 Interesting Facts About Rin Itoshi (Blue Lock)

Rin Itoshi Facts

1) Rin Itoshi’s Above Average Physique

He is 186 cm tall, which is more than average for his age. Rin has a slim body but is strong and has high stamina. He can make strong and accurate kicks.

Other competitors and even Jinpachi himself are mere stepping stones for Rin. Rin Itoshi(Blue Lock) is officially declared to be Number 1 by Jinpachi at the beginning of the third-round selections.

2) Rin Is a Revenger

Rin has an older brother, Sae Itoshi, who is one of the best players in Japan. Rin’s soccer game revolves around his elder brother. He strives to take revenge on his elder brother, Sae Itori, for abandoning their joint dream.

Rin wants to match up with his brother and defeat him. When Sae decided to become the best midfielder and not a striker, Rin felt abandoned and disappointed. He wishes to become the best striker to seek revenge on his brother.

3) Rin has no Close Freinds

Rin remains aloof most of the time and barely interacts with anyone. He is also inconsiderate towards other players’ feelings. Thus, he barely has any friends.

Rin Itoshi(Blue Lock) is obsessed with soccer. Unlike teenagers of his age, he is single-minded and solely focused on improving his game. His unrelenting dedication to the game made him a god-like the figure for his peers around him.

4) Respect For Worthy Opponents

Rin disrespects almost everyone, but he does respect worthy opponents. He holds Issagi in high regard, whom he considers a rival.

Rin acknowledges Meguru Bachira for his dribbling skills and respects Shoei Baro for his skill. Shoei is the only player whose moves are difficult for RIn to read.

5) Different Teams Rin Played For

Rin played on many blue-lock teams, like the Red Team, Team A, the Blue Lock Eleven, and eventually the Paris X Gen Team. He is currently valued at Thirty-six Million Yen and holds the #7 Rank in The Blue Lock.

6) The Sharp-Eyed Owl is Rin’s Favorite

Rin’s favorite animal is the owl. Owls are decisive and can turn their heads at greater angles. The owl resonates with Rin’s abilities of greater spatial awareness and calculative planning. The owl also has big and deep eyes, just like Rin.

7) Rin’s Favorite Movie is a Psychological Thriller

Rin’s favorite movie is “The Shinning.” The psychological horror movie directed by Stanley Kubrick perfectly describes the phrase “All That Glitters is Not Gold.”

8) His Genre in Manga is Horror

Dragon Head and Shigatira are Rin’s favorite manga. Novels dealing with horror and psychological trauma seem to be perfectly suited for The Ice Prince.

9) Rin is Fluent in English 

Rin can speak English fluently, which is another feather in his cap. He awed everyone with his English skills when bickering with world-class players brought in for them to train.

10) A Simple Ochazuke is Rin’s Favorite

Ochazuke is a simple dish made of rice. It’s easy to cook and serves as a quick snack. Ochazuke’s simplicity is what makes it a desirable food for Rin. He would rather be training than wasting time eating a meal.

Rin may not be the main character, but he is not overshadowed by Isagi and receives no less attention. We’ll see more of him and his impact on the story as the chapters progress.

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