(Blue Lock) Isagi Youchi: Power, Abilities & Interesting Facts Explained

The year 2022 ended with Argentina lifting the football world cup, and the year 2023 began with the international men’s hockey world cup. Sports fever has been high all around the world.

Blue Lock is one of the most famous sports mangas of all time. Blue Lock is able to dive into the psyche of young football players who dream of representing their country in the U20 Football World Cup.

Isagi Yoichi (Blue Lock) is one of the 300 strikers who received an invitation to join the Blue Lock project. Let’s know more about him.

Who is Isagi Yoichi in Blue Lock?

Isagi Yoichi

Japanese NameYoichi Isagi潔 世一







Spatial Awareness

Goal Scent

Direct Shot



Flow State

Hair ColorDark Blue
Eye ColorBlue

Voice Actor

Kazuki Ura(Japanese)


Ricco Fazardo(English)

BirthdayApril 1

Isagi Yoichi (Blue Lock) is the protagonist of Blue Lock. He is introduced as an Ichinan High School striker who aspires to represent Japan at the international level.

At the same time, he lacks confidence in himself. He is uncomfortable in Blue Lock at the beginning because of conflicting ideals with Jinpachi Ego.

Isagi Yoichi is a fairly tall teenager with a good-enough muscular build and a well-defined physique. He has an easygoing personality and avoids fights and petty squabbles among contestants in Blue Lock.

Isagi Yoichi (Blue Lock): Power & Abilities


Isagi has shown constant improvement from day one and has risen from the lowest rank of 299 to rank 4. His key abilities are:

  •  Spatial Awareness: A shared ability of Rin Itoshi and Isagi Yoichi is their great spatial awareness. Isagi can foresee the positioning and moves of his rivals. He is highly pragmatic and can decide how to use his teammate’s strength to score a goal. He acts as the sail, which directs his team toward victory.
  • Goal Scent: An unusual ability of Isagi is that he can predict in a match whether a player who is in possession of the ball will be able to make a goal in the end. He successfully utilizes this ability to decide which of his opponents to mark. Isagi can also choose which of his teammates to rely on.
  • Direct Shot: Using his spatial awareness, Isagi assesses the positions of defenders and the trajectory of the ball. He then lands a direct shot at the impact point of the ball. His intellect allows him to make a clean shot without worrying about the defenders.
  •  Reflex: Isagi has worked hard to develop his reflex. He started to believe in himself and stopped being hesitant. He is now able to decide instantly whether to pass the ball or go for a goal. He also uses his reflex to position himself in the best place to make a direct shot.
  •  Adaptability: Isagi, unlike Shoei Baro, does not wish to play a fixed form of the game with him at the center. Isagi adapts well to his teammates, who keep changing in the different selection rounds. He changes his strategies to make the best use of the strengths of the players on his team.
  • He works hard and constantly tries to improve his skills and abilities. Isagi Yoichi is well respected by high-ranking players. Even Rin Itoshi, the number one player in Blue Lock and the perfect egoist, holds him in high regard.
  • Metavision: Isagi developed metavision, which means he is able to have a complete view of the field at all times. He uses his central, peripheral vision to assess information about players and their strategies. With continuous observation, he is able to break through the game of many strong players.
  • 7 Flow State: Flow state, or complete immersion in the game, as described by Jinpachi Ego, is when Isagi takes over the entire field using his metavision. He is able to read all his opponents and their movements instantly and get rid of all the distortions.

Isagi Yoichi’s 10 Interesting Facts

The Strategist

1) Isagi Yoichi: The Strategist

Isagi is great at chalking down strategies. Before matches, he is the one the team relies on for their team formation and plans.

2) Isagi’s Hardwork Inspires Others

Isagi’s game has inspired many in The Blue Lock. He inspired Hyoma Chigiri to play without worrying about his knee injury. Because of Isagi, Shoei Baro alters his strategy to be more team-oriented rather than self-centered. He even inspired Meguru to play to his full potential.

3) Different Teams Isagi Yoichi Played For

Isagi played forward for Ichinan High School before joining The Blue Lock Project. In Blue Lock, he played on several teams, including Team Z, Team Red, Team White, Team A, and Team Blue Lock Eleven.

4) Isagi’s Favorite Player Is Noel Noa

Isagi’s idol is Noel Noa, the best striker in the world. He is a member of the France national team. His steady and strong game strategy inspires Isagi.

5) Isagi’s Jersey Number

Isagi’s jersey number is 11. Since middle school, he has worn the No. 11 jersey. It’s his favorite number.

6) His Favorite Manga Reflects HIs Personality

Cyborg Kuro Chan is Isagi’s favorite manga. A cyborg cat helping others and learning through various adventures resonates with Isagi’s life in Blue Lock.

7) Isagi Is An Aries

Isagi’s zodiac sign is Aries. This explains Isagi’s passion and unrelenting determination toward football. Before coming to The Blue Lock, Isagi considered teamwork to be supreme, not individual selfishness.

But after the game of tag, when he defeats Ryosuke Kira, his survival instinct takes over. He senses the monster within him, who desires not only to win but also to defeat others.

8) Isagi Likes Sweet Food

Isagi’s favorite food is kintsuba. Isagi loves Kintsubi to the point that he wishes Kintsubi to be his last food before he dies.

9) Has Good Taste In Movies

My Neighbor Totoro is Isagi’s favorite movie. Isagi sure has good taste in movies.

10) Isagi’s Favorite Animal

Isagi’s favorite animal is the spiny lobster. A spiny lobster has good footwork and is able to map the area around him using his antennas.

Ever since being defeated by Rin in the second selection round, Isagi has been trying to develop to his level. He wishes to surpass him in order to become the best striker in Blue Lock.

Currently, his rank is higher than Rin, and he is valued at 50 Million Yen. In the coming chapters, we will be able to see the result of his intensive training and the situations he has undergone in Blue Lock.

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