Seishiro Nagi (Blue Lock): Power, Abilities & Interesting Facts

If anything can beat determination and hard work, it’s pure talent. Years of hard work and effort can sometimes be undone by someone with natural talent. Such people who are made to be great are known as prodigies.

Seishiro Nagi Blue Lock is a prodigy who was born to play football. He is not someone who has high dreams of being a great player, nor does he practice or train regularly, but still, he holds skills good enough to be in the Blue Lock project. Who is Seishiro Nagi, and what makes him special? Let’s take a close look at him.

Who is Seishiro Nagi Blue Lock?

Seishiro Nagi

Japanese NameNagi Seishiro(凪 誠士郎)







Creative Midhandler


Perfect Ball Control

Flow State

Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorGray

Voice Actor

Nobunaga Shimazaki (Japanese)


Bryson Bogus (English)

BirthdayMay 6

















Seishiro Nagi is a tall teenager with bleached white hair and grey eyes. He belongs to Kanagawa Prefecture, south of Tokyo. Seishiro generally lives alone, as his parents travel a lot.

He is a slacker and highly unmotivated when it comes to football or anything in general. Every activity, whether playing, practicing, cleaning, walking, or even eating, is a drag for him. He can be seen lying on his bed, playing video games.

Seishiro joined football only because of Reo Mikage. He has a very close relationship with Reo. Reo and Seishiro joined Blue Lock together and were on the same team in the first selection rounds.

Seishiro Nagi: Power & Abilities


Blue Lock Seishiro Nagi is a prodigy with many abilities that help him survive Blue Lock matches.

  • Creative midfielder: Seishiro Nagi is a great striker, but he also fits as a creative midfielder. A creative midfielder is a player who decisively creates situations to create goal-scoring opportunities for his team. Seishiro can create such opportunities even when things seem hopeless.
  • After playing with Isagi, he is motivated to play better. He has started to take the initiative to improve his own game and care less about others.
  •  Trapping: Seishiro Nagi impressed Reo Mikaze with his trapping skills. Seishiro caught his cell phone in mid-air by jumping from a flight of stairs. Reo instantly recognized his talent and decided to team up with him.
  • Seishiro Nagi Blue Lock can trap a ball using his toe, hill, back, and almost every part of his body. This ability enables him to change the pace of the game, even at the last moments.
  • Seishiro is good at trapping everything, like Shoei Baro’s shoes, and not just a ball. In the 8th volume of Blue Lock, he held a “Trap Everything You Can” competition.
  • Perfect Ball Control: Ball control is essential for all football players, especially strikers. The ability to control a ball bouncing with speed can give a striker the capability to create effective traps, break through the opponent’s defense, and make a winning goal.
  • Seishiro’s ball control is at such a level that he is unaware of the technique involved in it. The ability comes naturally to him, depicting the level of talent he possesses.
  • Flow State: Flow State, as described by Jinpachi Ego, is the state of full immersion or total focus in the game. Seishiro has entered an incomplete flow state many times but has not been able to stay in the state for long.
  • He is a true prodigy. Seishiro Nagi Blue Lock can achieve the Flow State but is unaware of the technique. He enters the state, aware of it. When facing Rin Itoshi and his team in a rematch for the second round, he enters the flow state and is able to make the fake volleyball shot.

Interesting Facts About Seishiro Nagi

Seishiro Nagi is one of the many unique characters created in the Blue Lock. He has a quirky personality and different interests. Let’s take a look at a few interesting facts about him.

1) Seishiro Nagi has played for 1 different teams

Different Teams

Seishiro Nagi currently plays for England’s Manshine City as a right-wing in the Neo Egoist League. His first team in Blue Lock was Team V, in which he was with Reo Mikaze.

He abandoned Reo and joined Isagi’s Red Team in the Second Selection rounds in order to improve his game. He fits the description of an egoist, as he does not care about others.

2) Seishiro likes to drink lemon tea

Sheishiro is a slacker, to the point where even eating food is a hassle for him. A simple lemon tea is preferred by him. It’s simple to make because all you have to do is boil water and add lemon to eat.

The tangy taste of lemon is refreshing, perhaps helping him to shed his laziness for some time.

3) His favorite color is dull gray

Gray is a dull and slobby color. Gray is the color that resonates best with Seishiro’s personality. His eye color is gray, which further gives him a lazy and indifferent look on his face.

4) Seishiro Reads Manga: Surprising

Favorite Manga

Seishiro, like most characters in Blue Lock, reads manga. It is surprising that someone like him makes an effort to read. Bonobono, a Yonkoma manga series by Mikio Igarashi, is his favorite manga.

The manga follows a sea otter and its adventures with its friends in the forest. The manga may be appealing to Seishiro’s desire to be with his family.

5) Seishiro’s favourite season is spring

Spring comes after a harsh winter. The comfortable and lively season is also a great time to take naps. Seishiro, who likes to do nothing, finds spring pleasing. There is a lot of activity going on while he could lie still and slack off.

Seishiro Nagi, Blue Lock, starts to take his game seriously after playing a match with Isagi. After teaming up with Shoei Baro, he is determined to prove his worth as a player.

His pure talent starts to blossom when he starts to work towards improving his game. Currently, he holds rank #2 in Blue Lock and is offered eight million yen by Manshine Club England. The coming chapters will tell how long he is able to stay in the top spot.

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