Shoei Baro (Blue lock): 5 Interesting Facts, Powers & Abilities

Football is a team sport played by eleven players. But often, the strikers are the ones who take away all the credit. The most famous footballers in the world happen to be forward strikers.

The Blue Lock project, designed by Jinpachi Ego, is in search of one strong and egoist striker. Shoei Baro (Blue Lock) is close to the description of the egoist striker that Jinpachi wants to create. Let’s get to know more about him.

Who is Shoei Baro in Blue Lock?

Shoei Baro

Japanese NameBaro Shoei(馬狼照英)








Complete Forward

Middle Shot

Charging Skill

Devouring Game

Flow State

Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorRed

Voice Actor

Junachi Suwabe(Japanese)


Matthew David Rudd(English)

BirthdayJune 27

Shoei Baro is one of the main supporting characters in The Blue Lock. He is a tall man with sharp red eyes. His hair is fairly long, and he keeps up in spikes. Shoei has two younger sisters.

He self-assigned himself the nickname “The King.” As per his name, he looks down on others. He considers other players to be playing mere supporting roles while he scores the winning goals.

Shoei Baro (Blue Lock): Power & Abilities

Shoei Baro (Blue Lock): Power & Abilities


Shoei deserves every bit of being called “the King.” He is currently ranked first in The Blue Lock and is worth a cool hundred million yen. Shoei has the ego and skills to make him the best striker in the world. His abilities as a player are:

  • Superior Physique: Shoei has a muscular build because of his dedication to his training regimen.
  • Middle Shot: Shoei’s main power is his ability to score powerful and accurate shots from near the middle of the goal. He can effectively use a heel kick to send the ball flying past an opponent and possess it again on landing. His shooting range is 29 meters. Beyond this range, however, his accuracy decreases sharply.
  • Charging skill: Shoei can effectively create space for his goal by breaking through the opponent’s defense. Shoei Baro (Blue Lock) is one of the few strikers with a muscular build. His great physique and strength make it easier for him to tackle other players. He was able to break through two Iron Wall quartets to score a goal for himself.
  •  Flow State: Flow state, as described by Jinpachi, is “total immersion” in the game or “lost in the zone.” Shoei was in his flow state when he played against the U20 Japan Team. He shows unmatched strength and aggression, breaking the defense of the Japan U20 Team and scoring a crucial goal. The goal lifted the entire team’s morale and kept the Blue Lock Team standing in the match.

5 Interesting Facts About Shoei Baro (Blue Lock)

Shoei Baro (Blue Lock), like other characters, has his likes and quirks. Let’s take a look at five interesting facts about him.

1) The Name Shoei Baro

The Name

His name, Shoei Baro, reflects his personality. In Japanese, baro means “pressure or weight,” and shoei means “shining hero.

The King,” Shoei Baro, shines brightly, holding the #1 rank in The Blue Lock. Shoei Baro (Blue Lock) holds the position of Complete Forward. Shoei’s strong physique enables him to tackle other players and hold the ball.

He can break his way through the opponent because of his aggressive style and finesse shots. His selfish and villainous style of football makes him an unpredictable and feared opponent who devours his rivals as well as his teammates.

2) Sweet Pudding Is Suprisingly His Favorite

Shoei Baro’s favorite food is pudding. He loves pudding not just for its sweet taste but because it also holds emotional value. His mother brought him pudding when he was sick as a child. Pudding reminds him of his mother’s care and love.

3) Shoei Baro Likes Pop Music

Shoei’s favorite musician is Hikaru Utada. Hard pop and electronic music are well-suited for someone who follows a grueling fitness regime with complete dedication.

Shoei is obsessed with his routine and keeps everything in his surroundings in perfect order. He is a perfectionist and likes to keep everything under his control.

Even slight glitches upset him. When sharing a room with Isagi, Seishiro, and Hyoma, he pesters them to keep things in order.

4) Shoei Baro’s Favorite Movie: The Dark Knight


The Dark Knight is Shoei’s favorite movie. Not surprising, given that, like The Dark Knight, Shoei barely expresses his emotions behind the mask. He says that, besides the time he was born, he never cried in his life.

The Dark Knight is also a lone warrior and does not pair up with anyone. Shoei, similarly, has a very self-centered style of playing.

Shoei does not understand teamwork and hates to cooperate with others. He refuses to pass the ball to other teammates. Shoei admits that he would rather lose than let someone else on his team score a goal.

5) Different Teams, He Has Played For

Shoei Baro (Blue Lock) played as a member of Team X at the beginning. Later, he played for Team Red and as a member of Blue Lock Eleven against the Japan U20 Team.

Shoei Baro does not wish to be a hero but a villain. He plays only for the sake of scoring goals for himself. He is willing to devour his rivals and teammates in order to score a goal.

Shoei positions himself effectively to snatch away the ball even from his teammates when given an opening. His villainous style of play makes him unpredictable to read.

He even took Rin Itoshi by surprise and failed to foresee his moves. Thus he is the highest-valued player in The Blue Lock. He is valued by Ubers at 100 Million Yen.

After Isagi devours him and his gameplay, he realizes that there are players as talented as him in The Blue Lock. His symbolic defeat forced him to change his style of gameplay.

Shoei decided to take up the role of a villain. He matures as a player and starts to take the game more seriously. Shoei Baro stands as the strongest competitor in front of Isagi.

How long will he be able to hold his Rank? The following chapters will reveal what happens when both characters collide head-on on the football field. Here, we conclude this article.

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