Noel Noa (Blue Lock): Wiki, Abilities & 10 Interesting Facts About Him

France is a breeding ground for world-class footballers. Many famous footballers have called France their homeland. Jean-Pierre Papin, who made a whopping 30 goals in his lifetime, Thierry Henry, who debuted in 1997 and already has 51 goals in his book, and Michel Platini, who has 41 goals in his name, all have one thing in common. They are all French by nationality. This same attribute is possessed by Noel Noa (Blue Lock).

Noel Noa is mentioned at the very beginning of Blue Lock. Isagi Yoichi, who is the main protagonist of the manga series, considers Noel Noa as his idol.

Who is Noel Noa (Blue Lock)?

Noel Noa

Japanese NameNoeru Noa (ノエル・ノア)


Bastard Munchen (Club)


France (National Team)








Complete Forward

Defensive Midfielder


All Powerful Shot

Blue Lock RankMaster Striker
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorYellow
Jersey Number9
AliasBest Striker In The World

Noel Noa is a 31-year-old football player who makes his debut in Blue Lock Chapter 154. He comes to Japan as a member of the Neo-Egoist League. Noel Noa is in Blue Lock to guide Germany’s defense as a master striker and coach.

He is a tall and muscular man with short white hair and sharp yellow eyes. Noel Noa (Blue Lock) has pale skin and shaded black eyelids. He is the current best striker in the world.

Isagi Yoichi has admired him since he started playing football and wants to be the best striker, just like him.

He wears the #9 jersey when playing for Bastard Munchen with white shorts, red socks, and red and white cleats. While in Blue Lock, he is mainly seen wearing a Blue Lock tracksuit.

Noel Noa (Blue Lock): Power & Abilities


The best striker in the world, Noel Noa, possesses every ability expected of an excellent player like him. He has mastered all his skills, and he stands at the top of the list of football players. He has mastered all his skills, and he stands at the top of the list of football players. His abilities are:

  • 1) Complete Forward

A complete forward is a free player. He can fill multiple positions on a football field. Noel Noa can play independently. He need not worry about team strategy. Noel Noa is able to create chances for a goal. He can hold the ball as a Dribbler. Noel can even score a goal.

  • Defensive Midfielder

A Defensive Midfielder creates chances for a striker. He breaks the defense of opponents. Noel Noa is hard to tackle. His stamina enables him to hold a ball for long. Any Forward striker will want Noel Noa on his team.

  • 3) Ambidexterity:

Athletes have a dominant hand or leg. They prefer their dominant leg. This leads to a particular limb being stronger than the others. Football players are no different.

This often turns into a handicap as a particular player relies heavily on the dominant limb and is not able to perform equally well with the nondominant limb.

Ambidexterity is the answer to the flaw. Noel Noa is ambidextrous, which means he can use both legs equally well. He can kick powerfully and precisely with either limb.

He can kick at any angle, pass, feint, and defend without relying on a particular limb. Ambidexterity also enables him to dribble with more ease.

  • 4) All-Powerful Shot: 

Noel Noa is able to feint and kick using either of his limbs. He also has muscular superiority that allows him to shoot powerful kicks at any angle with accuracy.

Ambidexterity enables him to shoot the ball using all his power without wasting any time. This decreases his reaction time considerably and gives him an edge over other players.

10 Interesting Facts About Noel Noa (Blue Lock)

Noel Noa, like other characters in Blue Lock drawn by Muneyuki Kaneshiro, has his own personality, likes, and dislikes. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about Noel Noa that you might not have known.

1) Noel Noa’s Character Inspiration

There has been much speculation about which football players served as inspiration for the Blue Lock character Noel Noa. Noel Noa is often said to be drawn along the lines of Robert Lewandowski, as their playing styles are similar.

Noel Noa is also said to be inspired by Miroslav Klose, a great goal scorer. However, sometimes he is also said to be a mix of Antoine Griezmann and Luka Modric. Both are great footballers but are not associated with the striker position.

2) Noel Noa’s story is one of rags to riches

Noel Noa grew up in a poor French slum, stricken with poverty and destitute. This made him quite serious about his football game.

He knew that football was the only way in front of him through which he could change his life. He gave his all towards his dream of becoming a top football player. His hardships paid off, and today he stands tall as the best striker in the world.

3) Noel Noa: A Cyborg

The best striker in the world is not the best when it comes to talking or expressing his feelings. Noel Noa is often seen tight-lipped without any expression on his face.

He has a calm and unwavering personality that remains the same no matter the situation. Thus he earned the nickname “Cyborg,” one who is without any expressions.

4) He annoys his fellow teammates

Noel Noa is a cyborg, and his expressionless personality makes him annoying to be around. His fellow expressive and reckless teammates are not able to comprehend his serious and cold demeanor and do not get along well with him.

5) Keeps his manners and principles

Noel Noa is the best striker in the world, but unlike Rin Itoshi, Shaei Baro, or Sae Itoshi, he does not look down upon others. He does not exhibit a sense of superiority.

Noel Noa dislikes when his teammates try to show off being part of an elite club and their superior skills. He finds this sort of behavior to be childish and untasteful.

6) Noel Noa does not refuse to tutor or advise


He is not a man of many words and mostly keeps to himself, but he does not shoo people away when they approach him for advice.

Noel Noa does not look down on people, nor does he have any unnecessary pride. He advises and answers when asked for his opinions, especially Isagi, in whom he sees great potential.

7) Teams for which Noel Noa has played

Noel Noa is introduced as the best striker in the world who represents France as a part of the French National Team. He is a member of the Bastard Munchen club in Germany. Bastian Munchen is regarded as Germany’s best football club.

In the team, he is a complete forward and a creative midfielder. In Blue Lock, he is the coach, or master striker, of the Germany Stratum in the Neo-Egoist League.

8) Noel Noa and Jinpachi Ego were once rivals

Jinpachi Ego, the owner, and mastermind behind the Blue Lock project, has a history with Noel Noa. They used to be teammates or rivals on the same team, competing to be the best.

Noel Noa describes Jinpacchi as his first rival. He says that Jinpachi is the worst soccer freak he has ever known. Noel Noa describes him as a ghost who is obsessed with football.

Noa states that he is the best player in the world, and Jinpachi is obsessed with creating the best player in the world.

9) Noel Noa Has Faith in Isagi Yoichi

Jinpachi Ego, the head coach of Blue Lock, is impressed by the massive improvement Isagi Yoichi has shown in the little time he has spent as a part of The Blue Lock Project.

Sae Itoshi said that he believes Isagi Yoichi has the potential to transform Japanese football forever. Noel Noa senses the same strength and capability in Isagi Yoichi.

He is more open with Isagi than other players. Seeing Isagi’s performance and listening to his football theory, he believes that Isagi has what it takes to be the best footballer.

He is pleased with Isagi’s will to fight, and his sense of competition for the players ranked higher than him in Blue Lock.

10) Noel Noa is not an egoist

Jinpachi Ego created the whole Blue Lock project with the aim of finding one egoist player who plays for himself. A player who is self-absorbed wants to shine and scores the most goals. Shoei Baro, the #1 in Blue Lock, fits the description. He only cares about making a goal and not about his team or team work.

But contrary to what Jinpachi Ego believes, Noel Noa is not an egoist. He believes in teamwork and does not mind letting other members of his team take center stage.

Noel Noa in Blue Lock is one of the intriguing characters in the book. He is a perfect mentor for Isagi Yoichi and other players. He is sure to significantly affect the rise of Isagi Yoichi in the manga.

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