Sae Itoshi (Blue Lock): Power, Abilities & Interesting Facts Explained

People often have role models. They wish to be like them. Sports stars inspire many to follow in their footsteps.

Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and many others have inspired many around the globe. Isagi Yoichi in Blue Lock looks up to Noel Noa as his role model. Likewise, Rin Itoshi’s football is all about his older brother, Sae Itoshi (Blue Lock).

Sae Itoshi is considered the best player in Japan. He is a member of the Royal Real Madrid Youth Team. Sae came to Blue Lock as a part of New Generation World 11. Let’s find out more about him.

Who is Sae Itoshi (Blue Lock)?

Sae Itoshi

Japanese NameItoshi Sae (糸師冴)








Perfect Kick

Counter Dribbling



Hair ColorReddish-Brown
Eye ColorGreen
Voice ActorTakahiro Sakurai (Japanese)

Alejandro Saab (English)

BirthdayOctober 10

Sae Itoshi is a man of average height and a lean build. He is a prodigy with exceptional football skills. Sae is introduced in the manga while giving an interview for a Japanese sports channel.

He exhibits his nonchalant attitude while answering the reporter’s questions. He is in Japan only to renew his passport. But he changed his mind when he witnessed a press conference by the Japanese Football Association about the Blue Lock. He now wishes to face the best striker who can handle his passes.

Both Sae Itoshi and Rin Itoshi shared a joint dream to become the best strikers. While playing in Spain, Sam experienced world-class football and the best players.

He changed his dream from becoming the best striker to become the best midfielder. This caused a fallout between the two brothers. Rin decided to become the striker and take revenge.

Sae and Rin have a lot in common, from looks to personalities. Sae has a cold and arrogant personality. He looks down on others. Sae is egotistical when it comes to his game. He fits the description of the egoistical player that Jinpachi’s ego is looking for, just like Rin.

Sae Itoshi: Power and Abilities


Sae Itoshi faces the Blue Lock Team as a representative of Japan on the U20 team. He exhibits his skills in the match.

  • Playmaker: Sae and Rin share the role of Playmaker. A playmaker controls the movements of the team against the rival offensive and makes passes that facilitate making goals.
  • Sae has a shrewd and calculative style of play. He leads his team’s offense and fills in the gaps in the defense effectively. He creates situations to effectively crush his rivals and achieve victory.
  • Perfect Kick: Sae can control his kicks like an expert. He has the intensity, angle, and accuracy of his kicks under control. He can even manipulate the ball using his excellent footwork and deliver passes that are easy to receive by his team’s forwards but hard for the opponents to block.
  • Sae can make a long pass, over 40 to 50 meters long, and can even do so at incredible speed.
  • Counter Dribbling: Sae prioritizes passing the ball to one of the forwards in his team, but when serious, he can take it on himself to break through using his dribbling ability. Unlike Bachira, his dribbling is not focused on the players in front. He studies his opponent’s positions and uses passive dribbling.
  • He is easily able to tackle the likes of Isagi, Bachira, and even Rin. He was able to break through the Blue Lock Team’s entire formation all by himself.
  • Reflex: Sae uses his fast reflexes to make instant decisions. He examines the forwards on his teams to determine which one has the goal scent. Sae skillfully passes the ball to the forward so a goal can be made. His reflex makes him hard to read as he is able to react within a split second.
  • Metavision: Just like Rin Itoshi and Isagi Yoichi, Sae possesses the ability of metavision. He can map the whole football field using his peripheral vision and foresee the position of his opponents. He strategically places himself in the blind spots of the opponents’ defense and creates situations to pass the ball to the forwards. He is able to completely alter the flow of the match within seconds because of his metavision and fast reflexes.

6 Interesting Facts About Sae Itoshi (Blue Lock)

1) Sae Itoshi despises Japanese soccer

Unlike many players in Blue Lock who wish to represent Japan at international levels and transform Japanese football, Sae Itoshi wants to leave the country. He believes that there is no striker in Japan who can handle his passes. He came back to Japan only to renew his passport.

2) Chibi Marukochan is his favorite TV show

Chibi Marukochan is a TV show following the everyday life of Momoko Sakura and her family. The show follows a simple theme and has a slight touch of comedy.

3) The Sea Gull is Sae Itoshi’s Favorite Animal

A seagull is considered to be one of the most intelligent birds. It can also survive in harsh conditions. It seems like a good choice for someone as smart as Sae Itoshi (Blue Lock).

4) The End of Summer Is His Favorite Season

The end of summer and before the onset of the fall season are Sae Itoshi’s favorite times of the year. The apparent cool weather and the presence of moisture in the air make it a very pleasant time to play football.

5) “The Taxi Driver” Is Sae Itoshi’s Favorite Movie

The 1976 psychological thriller drama is Sae Itoshi’s favorite movie. The movie follows the journey of a hero dealing with chaos all around him because of war and moral decay and trying to remain sane.

6) Sae Itoshi’s Aim


Unlike the players in The Blue Lock, Sae Itoshi wants to be the world’s best midfielder and not the best striker. Sae developed this ambition when playing for the Real Madrid Youth Team. He says that he wishes to make a winning pass to the world’s best striker.

Sae Itoshi (Blue Lock) is not a recurring character in Blue Lock, but his existence is central to the story of his younger brother Rin Itoshi, the manga’s deuteragonist.

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