Yuji vs Megumi (Jujutsu Kaisen): How Strong is Yuji without Sukuna?

Yuji Itadori and Megumi Fushiguro are both students of Tokyo Jujutsu High School of Sorcery. They both, along with Nobara Kugisaki are under the care of Gojo Satoru. The three together have been through thick and thin. They have fought cursed spirits together. Over time, they have become each other’s friends. They have become each other’s family.

How Powerful Is Yuji In Jujutsu Kaisen?

Yuji Itadori

Yuji Itadori is a fifteen-year-old high school boy. He is of average height with a slim body. He has light brown eyes and spiked pink hair. Yuji is a newbie to the jujutsu world.

In the Fearsome Womb Arc, he swallowed a cursed finger of Sukuna. He did so in order to save his friend. From then on, Yuji became a vessel of Sukuna.

This is how Yuji Itadori entered the world of Jujutsu. But even without Sukuna, Yuji has strengths of his own. Gojo Satoru considers him to be one of the most talented students in the school.


  • Super Human Strength

Yuji Itadori is very strong, even without cursed energy. He breaks down a brick wall with a single punch. Yuji threw a lead ball with enough strength to bend a goalpost. He can harm Jujutu sorcerers and cursed spirits using his raw physical power.

  • Amplified Speed And Reflexes

Yuji Itadori can finish a fifty-meter race in three seconds. He has both high speed and quick reflexes. Yuji was able to dodge Choso’s piercing blood technique in Shibuya Arc. Choso’s piercing blood travels at the speed of sound. Yuji must have very sharp reflexes for that.

  • Immense Stamina

Yuji Itadori can continue to fight for a long time. He cannot heal himself like other Jujutsu sorcerers. But he can sustain grievous injuries. Yuji will still be standing, ready to fight.

In the Cursed Womb Arc, he kept on fighting the cursed spirit even though his hand was severed. In Mahito Arc, he took many stabs from Junpei but kept on. He was still able to take on Mahito.

  • Proficient Learner

Yuji Itadori is curious and hardworking. He is the dream student of any teacher. Despite being new to Jujutsu, he has mastered many cursed techniques. He can even take on special-grade curses.

  • Master Hand To Hand Combatant

Yuji Itadori is a trained martial artist. His strength and reflexes make him on par with Aoi Todo. He can adjust the strength of his blows. Yuji can even counter strong attacks with his reflexes.

How Powerful Is Megumi In Jujutsu Kaisen?

Fushiguro Megumi

Megumi Fushiguro is an aloof and earnest teenager. He is fifteen years old but thinks like an old man. Megumi has black hair and a strong face.

Just like Gojo Satoru, he does not care about the rules of the Jujutsu world. He is against Yuji’s execution. As a member of the Zenin Clan, he has a natural talent for Jujutsu.


  • Tactical Intelligence

Megumi does not fight with pure muscle. He is a cerebral fighter. Megumi plans and strategically tries to outwit his opponent. He is reliable in his reasoning. Megumi observes his opponents and tries to deduce their techniques. He then plans carefully to counter them.

  • Expert Hand To Hand Combatant

Megumi has always been stronger than the average teenager. He could easily beat up a pile of bullies. Megumi was never afraid of close combat.

  • Expert Cursed Weapon user

Megumi is an expert cursed weapon user. He learned to use cursed weapons from Maki. Maki is the best-cursed weapon user in Jujutsu High.

He keeps his weapons hidden in his shadows. This allows him to change his weapons in combat with ease. He can use a wooden tonfa, a light sword, a black blade, and  playful cloud.

  • High Endurance

Megumi has high endurance beyond human levels. He can survive direct attacks from Special Grade Curses. Megumi is beaten badly in his fight with Sukuna but did not suffer any considerable damage.

  • Cursed Technique

Megumi has an immense amount of cursed energy. His Shikigami, the Ten Shadow Technique, impressed Sukuna. Sukuna started planning to take over his body. Megumi is among the few Jujutsu sorcerers who can use domain expansion.

Yuji vs Megumi In Jujutsu Kaisen: Who Will Win?

Megumi vs Yuji
Megumi vs Yuji


Yuji and Megumi are ready to sacrifice their lives for each other. But in the current arc, we see that Sukuna has taken over Megumi. Sukuna is attacking Yuki and others through Megumi. Let’s take out Sukuna for a moment. If there is a Yuji vs Megumi match, who will win?

1) Based on Strength

When it comes to raw strength, Yuji Itadori is a beast. He can fight special-grade curses with pure physical strength. Megumi is strong as well.

But for making strong attacks, he relies on his shikigami. Thus, if a Yuji vs Megumi match happens based on strength, Yuji will have an advantage.

2) Based on Durability

Yuji Itadori has high Stamina. Yuji can take many heavy attacks. But without Sukuna, he will not be able to recover. Megumi has very high endurance. He can take direct hits and remain standing. Megumi will stand longer than Yuji in a fight.

3) Based on Cursed Energy

Yuji has a massive amount of cursed energy, but most of it is from Sukuna. Without Sukuna, his cursed energy levels will be low. Megumi has immense, cursed energy. It is a result of his training and experience. In Yuji vs Itadori on the amount of cursed energy, Megumi will prevail.

4) Based on Cursed Techniques

Yuji is a newbie. He has not learned many cursed techniques. Yuji does not have any innate technique either. Megumi’s shikigami, on the other hand, is a great one. Even Sukuna was impressed by it. Megumi for sure has more Ace up his sleeve than Yuji.

5) Based on Hand-to-Hand Combat

Yuji is good at martial arts. He has high speed and sharp reflexes. He is on par with high-grade sorcerers like Aoi Todo. Megumi is good at fights as well.

He is not afraid of close combat. But he lacks strength and reflexes like Yuji. In Yuji vs Itadori on the basis of Hand To Hand Combat, Yuji will win.

Yuji has raw physical strength. But without Sukuna, he will fall behind Megumi in Jujutsu. Also, Megumi will always have his Domain Expansion, The Chimera Garden. In Yuji vs Megumi fight, the result most likely will be in favor of Megumi. Here, we conclude our article.

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