Michael Kaiser (Blue Lock): 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Him (2023)

Pride is not a virtue. Having pride is looked down upon. But some people wear their pride like a trophy. They gain this right because of natural talent and hard work.

Some famous artists and athletes are known to be proud. But people still love and respect them. They don’t offend others with their behavior.

Players of different international clubs have arrived in Blue Lock. They are here to play and train with Japanese footballers. Even players from the best club, Bastard Munchen, are in Blue Lock.

Players of Bastard Munchen are full of pride. Blue Lock Michael Kaiser is among the many international players. Let’s get to know more about him.

Who is Michael Kaiser in Blue Lock?


Japanese NameMihyaeru Kaizā (ミヒャエル カイザー)
TeamBastard Munchen (Club)

Germany (National Team)



Clinical Finisher

Meta Vision

Off The Ball Movement

Kick Speed

Volley Shot

Blue Lock LeagueNeo Egoist
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue

Michael Kaiser is part of the Neo Egoist league. He is among the highly skilled players invited to Japan. Michael Kaiser is the Clinical Finisher of Bastard Munchen.

He has average height with a slender body. Michael has medium blonde hair loosely tied in the back. He is the center of the Bastard Munchen football game.

Michael Kaiser (Blue Lock): Power & Abilities

  • 1) Clinical Finisher

A clinical finisher is generally a forward on the football field. They are able to make accurate shots. A clinical finisher can work out at which angle to shoot.

They are able to trick the goalkeepers. A clinical forward is also able to make a goal at long distances. Michael Kaiser is the genius shooter of Bastard Munchen. He has a high football IQ. Michael can successfully receive passes. He positions himself effectively to score a goal.

2) Meta Vision

Michael Kaiser has the ability of Meta Vision. This is a common trait between Isagi Yoichi, Rin Itoshi, and other high-ranking Blue Lock players.

Michael Kaiser at any time has a 360-degree vision of the field. He is constantly monitoring the whole field and taking in information. His peripheral vision is active all the time.

Michael then uses the information to predict the movements of the opponents. He can foresee the next move of the players and positions himself accordingly. He can make the best defense and also an effective offense.

  • 3) Off The Ball Movement

Michael Kaiser plays effectively even when he does not have the ball. He positions himself strategically where he can receive passes easily. Michael Kaiser using his meta-vision can predict the position of his team members.

He then studies their blind spots and rushes to that position. Michael Kaiser can change his direction swiftly hence tricking his opponent.

  • 4) Kick Speed

Michael Kaiser has the fastest kick speed in the world. He has flexibility and can change his direction instantly. Thus he can trick his opponents.

  • 5) Volley Shot

Michael Kaiser can perform volley shots with high speed. He can kick through the opponent’s defense and make seemingly impossible goals.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Michael Kaiser In Blue Lock

1) Has A Very Special Name

Special Name: Gift From God

Michael Kaiser has a very special name. His first name Michael means Gift From God. He is a gifted football player. His last name Kaiser means Emperor, or someone higher than the King. The name Michael Kaiser can mean an Emperor who is chosen by God.

2) First On His Team

First On His Team

Michael Kaiser was the first to clear the Obstacle course. He was the first to secure a spot in the starting lineup. The starting lineup was to be based on skills and abilities in the Manga. Michael Kaiser claimed the first spot. This fuels his arrogant attitude.

3) A Genius Player

Genius Player

Michael Kaiser has a high football IQ. He is a genius on par with Sae Itoshi and Noel Noa. Michael Kaiser using his skill of Meta vision predicts the movements of his opponents.

Through his Off Ball Movements, he is able to position himself strategically. And because of his accurate shots and he can shoot perfect goals. Michael Kaiser is a pure genius.

4) A Hero In His Story

A Hero In His Story

Michael Kaiser, as his name suggests, is a Hero. He believes himself to be the Hero. He shares this trait with Rin Itoshi and Shoei Baro. All the rest of the players are merely stepping stones for him. They are all supporting characters and exist for him to shine.

5) Teams He Has Played For


Blue Lock Michael Kaiser is a highly sort out football player. He is a highly skilled and valued player. He is the Clinical Finisher of Bastard Munchen. Their game revolves around him. In Blue Lock Neo Egoist League, Michael Kaiser is a member of New Generation World 11.

6) Kaiser Impact

Kaiser Impact

Michael Kaiser has a presence of his own. He has the ability to keep the morale of his time high. Bastard Munchen keeps Michael Kaisen at the center of their game.

This is the Kaiser Impact. He can very quickly volley shots with high accuracy. Michael can shoot above five heads and past the goalie.

7) Proud And Arrogant

Michael Kaiser is Proud and Arrogant

Pride is common among Bastard Munchen players. They look down on Blue Lock players as unpolished newbies. Noel Noa is the only exception.

Michael Kaiser is no different. He will walk over every player he considers lower than him. Michael Kaiser’s abilities give him a free pass to be proud.

8) Knows When To Bow His Head


Michael Kaiser is proud but not lost. He respects players whom he considers to be better than him. Michael respects and adheres to Noel Noa.

9) Isagi Yoichi, But Better

Isagi Yoichi & Michael Kaiser are similar

While Observing Michael Kaiser, Isagi Yoichi realizes that Michael Kaiser’s movements are very similar to his. He is the ideal of what Isagi Yoichi wants to achieve, The Perfect Egoist.

10) Highest Paid In Blue Lock

Highest Paid

Michael Kaiser is a world-class player. He is a dream of any Forward. The Kaiser Impact can change the phase of a game. Thus he is an invaluable asset to any team. Jinpachi Ego understands this well. Michael Kaiser is the highest-paid footballer in Blue Lock. He is paid 300 million Yen.

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