Pirate Island (Hachinosu) in One Piece: Everything You Need to Know

One Piece manga goes on a one-week hiatus. Chapter 1079 has everyone biting their nails. Many revelations were made on The Pirate Island.

We all wanted the chapter to continue, but that could not be so. Chapter 1080 is set to be released on April 9. However, spoilers are out to help us get through the week.

Many more secrets are being unfolded as the manga progresses. Get a peek into what Chapter 1080 is going to be about.

Everything About Pirate Island (Hachinosu)

Hachinosu (Pirate Island)

Hachinosu is a new world island in One Piece. Located in the Grand Line, Hachinosu in Japanese means beehive or honeycomb. Hachinosu, or Pirate Island, is a Pirate Paradise.

Blackbeard and and his crew are fighting the SWORD organisation on this island. Hachinosu, or Pirate Island, is said to be the birthplace of the traditional pirate game Davy Back Fight. On this very island, the rock pirates were formed.

The island is similar to Onigashima. Both of them have a large skull-like structure at the centre. Also, both of them are under one of the four emperors. Onigashima is under Kaidou, and Blackbeard controls Hachinosu.

It is a comparatively small island. It sits on a dark-grey rock. A spiral city of small buildings and palm trees surrounds the skull. The buildings are all square-shaped, made of yellowish rock, and crudely built.

The skull serves as a fortress for Black Beard. The eye holes act as the doors, while the nose holes are the windows of the fortress.

Initially, Hachinosu was under the control of the Rock Pirates. The Rocks Pirates had a downfall in the God Valley Incident. After the decline of the pirate group, a member of the group named Ochoku took over the island.

During the Timeskip, Trafalgar Law choreographed the incident at Rocky Port. Blackbeard managed to defeat Ochoku during this incident. After which, the Black Beard pirates took over the island.

Blackbeard wants the World Government to recognize Hachinasu as a sovereign country. He wants to be the king of the island.

SWORD vs Blackbeard Pirates

SWORD vs Blackbeard Pirates
SWORD vs Blackbeard Pirates

At the beginning of the chapter, we see Koby and other prisoners escaping the prison. Perona arrived on the island to rescue her captain, Gecko Moria. She believes that Blackbeard must have hidden Gecko on this island.

She offers to help Koby escape the prison. In return he has to help her in freeing Gecko who is locked in a deeper cell. Koby accepts the propal and is helping other prisoners escape as well.

Other pirates are after Koby as well. Koby is the Hero of he marines. Cross Guild has put a bounty of five hundred million belly on his head. He is acting as a decoy so that other prisoners can escape.

The four Blackbeard pirates present on the island are Shiryu, Vasco Shot, Avalo Pizarro, and Sanjuan Wolf. They are all Devil Fruit users.

Avalo Pizarro has the Island-Island fruit. This fruit gives him the ability to control land. He merges himself with the fortress and makes it mobile. Looks like he is in no mood of jumping into the fight.

Sanjuan Wolf possesses the Inflation fruit, or Blow Blow fruit. He can shrink and grow objects by creating inflation valves. But he is fast asleep. Vasco Shot has the Liquor-Liquor fruit. He creates a liquor bubble and is flying over it. Vasco intends to burn down the whole city.

Shiryu has the Clear Clear fruit. He can make himself or anything he touches completely invisible. Shiryu is with Pizzario looking over the island.

The Sword members that attack the island are are Hibari, Prince Grus, and Kujaku. Hibari uses the Cipher and Vegapunk weapons.

Prince Grus has the Numa Numa No Mi, or the clay fruit. He can change his body into a swamp. He can even cahnge the bodies of Sword members into clay bullets.

Kujaku has the Muchi Muchi No Mi, or Whip Whip, fruit. She can grow metal whips from her body and manipulate them. Kujaku is also the daughter of an old marine, Tsuru. Her mother is famous as Gap’s wife. However, there is no absolute proof of that.

Grap steals the show by joining the fight with finesse. He is flying in the sky on his ship Thousand Sunny. Helmeppo and Tashigi are with Garp. HeĀ  uses Haki and not a devil fruit. Haki allows the user to use his spiritual energy to boost his power

Grap drops in the middle of the island and uses his massive punch attack, Galaxy Impact. His one punch was enough to destroy the whole city.

Garp declares the intention of the SWORD. They are here to rescue Koby.

Koby’s Abduction to negotiate with the World Government

Koby's Abduction
Koby’s Abduction

A flashback shows a hostile history between Blackbeard and Koby.

After the seven warlords were abolished, Koby headed to Amazon Lily to capture Boa Hancock. However, Blackbeard arrived on the island at the same time. He defeated Boa Hancock and wanted to steal his devil fruit.

But Silvers Rayleigh, known as The Dark King, saved the day. Staying true to his name, he was able to corner Blackbeard.

He agreed to leave the island. But he kidnapped Koby while he was fleeing. Blackbeard wanted to use Koby and strike a deal with the World Government. He thought he could get the world government to declare Hachinosu Island to be his.

But Aokiji Kuzan, a former Marine officer who now works with Blackbeard, made him realise that the World Government will not negotiate for a member of the SWORD.

Apparently, SWORD comprises members who have given their resignation to the marines. They do not need any orders from the government to do anything. But the government will take no responsibility for them if they are caught.

Koby was locked up in prison till Perona found him.

Here is a glimpse of what Chapter 1080 of One Piece is going to be about. The chapter will release ina week times. Keep speculating as to what could be the end of this saga.

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