The Laboratory for Peace in One Piece: MADS History & Members

One Piece is the best-selling Japanese manga series. With more than a thousand chapters compiled in one hundred and five volumes, it is one of the most successful media franchises. The protagonist of One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy, is among the most loved anime characters in the world.

One Piece has many groups and organizations. Each one of them works towards achieving some goal or other. But one shared objective they have is power and world dominance.

Organizations such as Cipher Pol (CP0, CP9), The Marines, and The Three Great Powers (Four Emperors, Marine Headquarters, and Seven Warlords of the Sea) are under the World Government. Four Emperors, Seven Warlords of the Sea, and the Worst Generation are among the pirate groups.

Similarly, MADS in One Piece is an illegal scientific group. Let’s learn more about it.

What is MADS in One Piece?

MADS in One Piece

‌MADS was an illegal organization comprised of geniuses or mad scientists. The organization existed some twenty-four years before. Some mention of MADS and its members has been made before in the manga series. The current Egghead Arc perhaps solves all the mysteries surrounding it.

Chapter 1068 gave a hint about the advanced scientific discoveries and weapons developed by the group. Chapter 1070 gave away the fifth member of MADS, Stussy.

MADS called itself the Heiwa Kenkyūjo or Laboratory of Peace. The whole facility of MADS was a giant paddle streamer. Its flag had the word PACIFIST written on it. The hull of the streamer had the name MADS written on it. Above the name was the inscription, Presented by Lu Field.

MADS History: How & Why It Was Formed?

Why was One Piece

M‌ADS existed a quarter of a century ago. The Laboratory of Peace had five prominent members, Dr. Vegapunk, Ceaser Clown, Vinsmoke Judge, Queen, and Buckingham Stussy.

There were several other junior scientists or assistants working in the laboratory. Dr. Vegapunk was the leader of all the members of the MADS organization.

MADS was not an illegal organization from the beginning. The main motive of the Laboratory of Peace was exactly what its name stood for.

MADS was to work on technologies that could promote global peace. Maintaining peace and reducing bloodshed was their main motive. Ironically, the MADS, or Laboratory of Peace, was funded by Du Field.

Du Field is the Emperor of the Underworld. He is known as the God of Fortune and a member of the Du Field conglomerate. He is greedy and corrupt, which earned him the nickname “Loan Shark King.

The Laboratory of Peace was established before the birth of the Vinsmoke children. The most important discovery made by MADS was that of the Lineage Factor.

Vinsmoke Judge used the lineage factor to create clones devoid of human emotions. Through accelerated growth, these clones can fully develop within five years. Using this technology, Judge created an army for his kingdom. Dr. Vegapunk was able to create artificial Devil Fruits.

All Known Members of MADS

All Known Members of MADS in One Piece
All Known Members of MADS in One Piece


MADS, or the Laboratory of Peace, had five main members. Each of them has their own field of expertise and has worked toward scientific development.

1. Dr. Vegapunk

Dr. Vegapunk is the most intelligent person in the One Piece series. He has been mentioned many times in the series before. Dr. Vegapunk finally made an appearance in the Egghead arc.

He was the leader of MADS’s team. Dr. Vegapunk was the only one who was committed to the cause of peace. Vegapunk has the Nomi Nomi no Mi, a Paramecia-type devil fruit.

This devil fruit enables him to store everything in his brain. His brain, along with his head, keeps on growing in order to store all the information. Thus, he literally has the biggest head in the series.

After MADS was abolished, Dr. Vegapunk was captured by the world government. But he was allowed to continue his research work under their watch.

He further researched the lineage factor of people who have consumed the devil fruit. Dr. Vegapunk was able to replicate Kaidou’s devil fruit, Uo Uo no Mi Model: Seiryu, by studying his lineage factor. He is currently the head of Marine SSG.

2. Caesar Clown

Caesar is a former team member of Dr. Vegapunk. He worked along with him both in the peace laboratory and the World government. Caesar is not a responsible scientist and has no shred of moral consciousness. He is willing to use any means to achieve his goal.

Ceaser is first introduced as the main villain in The Punk Hazard Arc. He was shown using little children as his test subjects for his gigantification experiment. Monkey D. Luffy stopped him.

When working with the world government, he created a weapon of mass destruction. Dr. Vegapunk tried to stop him. But Caesar set off the weapon, which led to the loss of many innocent lives. He has worked for heinous pirates like Big Mom and Kaido.

3. Vinsmoke Judge

Vinsmoke Judge is the king of the kingdom of Germa. He is also the supreme commander of Germa 66 and the patriarch of the Germa family. His expertise lies in Genetic Engineering. A genius like other MADS scientists, he is an evil man.

Vinsmoke Judge is the co-founder of the Lineage Factor with Dr. Vegapunk. He is an antagonist of the Whole Cake Island Arc. He uses the lineage factor to raise a clone army, Germa 66.

The clones are human copies without human emotions. They can be fully mature within five years. He even genetically engineered his own children to give them limitless power.

4. Queen

Queen is the main antagonist of Wano Country Arc. He is known as the All-Stars. Queen is very dramatic and a lively entertainer. He is among Kaidou’s three closest confidants. Queen is a veteran pirate. He was a member of the Beast Pirates for over twenty years.

In MADS, he was equally capable of creating weapons of mass destruction like Ceaser. He created deadly diseases and weapons. Queen possesses the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Brachiosaurus.

It is an Ancient Zoan-type devil fruit that allows him to turn into a prehistoric beast. He has made modifications to his body that enhance the power of his Zoan form.

5. Buckingham Stussy

Buckingham Stussy is the freeloader of the MADS organization. She benefited from the research of others and hardly ever contributed to any research. Her Clone Stussy is a member of CP0 and very strong.

She has self-proclaimed herself to be the lover of now-deceased Emperor Edward Newgate. Ms. Buckin claims to be the mother of Edward Weevil, a former sea warlord.

She is a short woman with a blonde hat and a green hat. She is the former and surviving member of the Rock Pirates. The Rock Pirates were a dangerous pirate group.

They often fought and killed each other. Ms. Buckin is yet to be seen fighting. But as a former Red Pirate, she sure is powerful enough.

Why MADS End Up Being Destroyed?

Why was MADS destroyed

MADS, or The Laboratory of the Peace,” was a project under the World Government. The main motive of the project was to work on scientific inventions that could advance peace and prosperity.

But except for Dr. Vegapunk, no other scientist had the motive of peace in their mind. They were ready to use any means to achieve their sinister motives.

Dr. Vegapunk and Vinsmoke Judge jointly co-founded the Lineage Factor. But Vinsmoke Judge used the lineage factor to create a clone army.

The clone army, GERMA 66, is large and powerful. He used the army to conquer and destroy empires. Vinsmoke Judge even used the lineage factor to modify his own children to give them limitless powers.

He said to his wife that he is happy to turn his children into monsters as long as they win wars. Vinsmoke even forced his wife to undergo surgery to instill modifications.

His children loathe him because of his greed and attitude toward them. He used his invention to destroy, not to conserve peace.

Ceaser Clown is thoroughly notorious when it comes to evil experiments. He started creating weapons of mass destruction. In a fight with Dr. Vegapunk, he set off the weapon and killed many innocent people.

Caesar carried out experiments on humans and children. He is a psychopath who takes pleasure in harming and destroying things around him. Caesar lives up to the name of the organization, MADS. He is a crazy scientist who has no moral fiber or sense of responsibility.

Queen the Plague is a veteran pirate. He is a dramatic person who is emotionally unstable and is easy to lose his cool. He can create weapons of mass destruction, such as deadly diseases that can wipe out many villages.

Queen even modified his body by installing weapons in it. He is able to use them when entering his zoan form.

All these dangerous experiments led the world government to abolish the MADS project and put the scientists under its watch.

MADS is an abolished organization but the people around it are still influential. They effect the storyline of One Piece greatly. In the Egghead Arc, we will get to see them more often.

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