Strongest One Piece Yonko Crews Ranked (Weakest to Strongest Ranked)

One Piece has been one of the greatest and longest ongoing anime, comprising almost every genre that a fan longs for with a prominent unpredictable plot line over the time span.

The long battle of Wano Kuni has come to a halt, and the three supernovas Luffy, Law, and Kid have begun their new journey out in the sea apart in the search for the glorious ONE PIECE and lately, the groundbreaking news of getting ‘New Emperors Of the Sea’ aka Yonkos is on its hype.

So, this particular article covers the sequencing of the most powerful and devastating Yonko crews, considering former and current, as till now, we have got a bit of awareness about every crew member’s potential working under a specific Emperor Of the Sea. Let’s start.

Note: Here, we are not considering Roger Pirates and Rocks Pirates, as they were not Emperors of the sea. We believe that the concept of Emperors/Yonkos was begun during the Great Pirate Era. 


Cross Guild

The newly formed crew or, more to say, an organization that is created by a substantial figure of the series, a former Shichibukai and the user of Logia type Suna Suna No Mi, Sir Crocodile. 

The specific detail of the whole crew is yet to be revealed as how and who are the members of this crew but a significant piece of information is that this crew contains two eminent images, the Strongest Swordsman in the world and a former warlord- Dracule ‘Hawkeyes‘ Mihawk and none other than Buggy the Star Clown also one of the seven Warlords. 

But the most twisted and hilarious part is that although Crocodile executed this whole idea of making the Cross Guild Organisation.

But due to the misunderstanding created by Buggy pirates of drawing the figurehead as Buggy in the marketing posters.

Marines thought that the Genius Jester used his wisdom and successfully carried out his plan of hunting down Marines by placing bounties on their heads and even agreed for the two great stalwarts to serve under him, and he is the leader of this Organisation.

They ultimately declared him to be one the ‘Emperors of the Sea’ and placed the bounty of 3.18 Billion Berries. Due to the unavailability of information regarding the other crew members of the Cross Guild Organisation, we’ve ranked it lowest on our list. It will be exciting to witness what will happen next inside this Organisation.


Big Mom Pirates

As the above name suggests, the captain of this crew is (late) Charlotte Linlin, aka Big Mom, a prominent figure in the One Piece series, who dreamt of obtaining all the species that existed to be in her family and throwing a party with them. 

The crew consists of the captain of the big mom pirates (deceased), followed by her three sweet generals: Charlotte Katakuri, Charlotte Smoothie, and Charlotte Cracker, her own most powerful children out of 85 children scattered all around the world. 

The crew also has Charlotte Perospero, Charlotte Snack (the fourth sweet general that had stepped down after getting defeated by the hands of Mad Monk Urouge), and many more. Every crew member is Big Mom’s own child and possesses Paramecia-type devil fruit. 

The Big Mom Pirates has been placed second last on our list as compared to other Yonkos crew. Despite having an advantage over a larger number of devil fruit users, none of her children is much stronger to give a tough fight to their same-level members than the three sweet generals and Big mom herself.


The Beast Pirates

A massive army of 20,000 Zoan-type devil fruit users, the beast pirates, is one of the strongest and most badass crews containing a total bounty of more than 7 billion berries. 

The leader, captain, and governor-general of the crew was one of the Emperors of the Sea, entitled ‘the Strongest Creature of the Sea,’ the fearsome Kaido, “the king of the beast” that owned the bounty of 4.61 billion berries and possessed the rarest of the rare Mythical Zoan type devil fruit Uo Uo No Mi Model: Seiryu. 

This infamous pirate crew consists of All-Stars ( including the three most trusted and close-to-general members), the Flying Six (six other crew members placed just below All-Stars), Shinuchi (including 17 members), Gifters (25), Pleasures (2), Waiters (6) and Numbers (10). 

The All Stars comprises the right hand of Kaido, or the second most powerful in the crew, King the Wildfire‘ possessing ancient Zoan-type devil fruit Ryu Ryu No Mi Model: Pteranodon but got defeated by the hands of Roronoa Zoro. 

During his flashback, fans got to know his real identity, that he is a Lunarian and his real name is Albert. King’s bounty is 1.39 billion berries. Then comes, let’s say, the left hand of Governor General Queen ‘The Plague’ with a bounty of 1.32 billion berries and having an ancient Zoan-type devil fruit Ryu Ryu No Mi Model: Brachiosaurus. 

Before joining hands with Kaido, he was a scientist and also worked alongside Vegapunk, Caesar Clown, and Vinsmoke Judge in MADS. During the Wano Arc battle, he got overpowered by Vinsmoke Sanji and later on got imprisoned by Aramaki as well. 

Following Queen comes Jack ‘the Drought,‘ a Fishman who has eaten an ancient Zoan-type devil fruit Zou Zou No Mi Model: Mammoth that allows him to turn into a huge mammoth. 

He was defeated by Inuarashi during the Wano Arc battle. The Beast Pirates have been placed third last on our list as in the recent Wano Arc battle; they got overpowered by The Strawhat Pirates but still gave a tough fight to them as well.



One of the former Shichibukai and also one of the main antagonists of One Piece, Marshall D. Teach, aka Blackbeard, has formed a pirate crew with a total bounty of more than 4 billion berries. 

He is the only one in the entire history who has eaten two most significant devil fruits: the strongest Logia type Yami Yami No Mi and the strongest Paramecia type Gura Gura No Mi (former user – Whiteboard) holding the powers of both in his respective hands. 

Teach has served as an apprentice under Whitebeard but later on, backstabbed him and his entire crew by stealing the Logia fruit from one of his crewmates. 

This pirate crew possesses all level 6 Impel Down prisoners, including Shiryu of the Rain, the ex-head jailer of Impel Down, ‘The Crescent Moon Hunter’ Catarina Devon (the most dangerous female pirate ever), ‘Heavy Drinker’ Vasco Shot, ‘Corrupt King’ Avalo Pizzaro, ‘The Champion’ Jesus Burgess, ‘The Supersonic’ Van Augur ‘Demon Sheriff’ Laffite, ‘Death God’ Doc Q and ‘Colossal Battleship’ Sanjuan Wolf, named as the ten Titanic captains of Blackbeard Pirates.

The devil fruit powers of some of these have been revealed, and some are yet to come, like Catarina Devon possesses Inu Inu No Mi Model: Kyubi no Kitsune, a Mythical Zoan type devil fruit and Suke Suke No Mi by Shiryu that allows him and whatever he holds to get invisible. 

The Blackbeard Pirates showed their remarkable victory over the remnants of Whitebeard Pirates during the Payback War, and Teach successfully enthroned and took over almost all of Whitebeard’s territories. 

Currently, the Blackbeard Pirates have captured Captain Coby after their invasion of Amazon Lily, but as of now, they’re nowhere to be found by Marines. 

Due to the unavailability of detailed information regarding its crew members and their specific fruit abilities, we’ve ranked this ferocious pirate crew as number four on our list.


Red Hair Pirates

Notorious, infamous, the only pirate crew whose members possess and believe in raw strength only and whose captain in command has the advanced Supreme King Haki, that is known to frighten even the beast king Kaido is none other than Red Hair Pirates. 

Led by most fans-favorite characters, Shanks stands with a bounty of 4.048 billion berries. 

According to the One Piece film Red and as per the latest manga, Shanks knows and holds all three forms of Haki and the most advanced form of Conqueror’s Haki that even knee down or shaken up to death an Admiral respectively. 

He is known to be one of the greatest and finest swordsmen among pirates that rivals the current strongest swordsman Dracule Mihawk. 

He has some connections with the World Government as well, which makes him one of the mysterious characters as well. Mihawk started his journey as an apprentice on the pirate king Gold D. Roger’s ship. 

Following this, he formed his own legendary pirate crew that now holds the position of the most fearsome pirate crew of all time by the worst generation. 

This significant crew contains a Chief- Shanks, the first mate/ the vice-captain of the crew/second in command Benn Beckmann followed by the officers like Yasopp (The Chaser), Lucky Roux, Limejuice, Bonk Punch, Monster, Building Snake, Hongo, and Gab. 

The total bounty of this crew is more than 5 billion berries making it the highest bounty pirate crew in the New World. 

On the basis of how much Oda Sensei has revealed and how much we have seen in the film and in recent manga panels, we’ve ranked the Red Hair pirates number three on our list.

According to us, this crew will definitely win against the below-mentioned pirate groups, and despite being on-screen for almost two decades, we still haven’t got enough information regarding the crew members and their abilities, or to some extent, maybe some of them got a devil fruit as well!


whitebeard pirates

Led by ‘the Strongest man in the world,’ this former pirate crew has a total bounty of over five billion berries and got 16 influential and powerful commanders who have shown their strength in the significant Summit War and Payback War against Blackbeard Pirates, the Whitebeard Pirates holds its name in the New World even after their disbandment. 

Edward Newgate, aka Whitebeard, a native of Sphinx Island situated in the New World, started his pirate journey as an apprentice on Rocks D. Xebec’s ship and, after many years of this, became the world’s strongest man that rivals the Pirate King itself with a bounty of 5 billion berries, gained the powers of the strongest Paramecia devil fruit Gura Gura No Mi and even used Murakumogiri (one of the 12 Supreme Grade Swords) was the captain in charge/leader/general/chief of this pirate crew. 

Newgate also possesses all three types of Haki in their advanced forms. In his prime time, he was said to be undefeatable by many high-ranked entities. 

He has no crew. Instead, he has a huge fleet, and every 16 commanders were the captain of 16 separate and different pirate crews. 

His right-hand man is very infamous and comes under the category of strongest commander in One Piece history, the one that introduces the concept of Mythical Zoan type devil fruits, which are even rarer of the rarest to be found in the ocean, owning the standing bounty of 1.37 billion berries, Marco the Phoenix. 

Marco possesses Tori Tori No Mi Model: Phoenix that allows him to turn himself into a Mythical blue bird phoenix, and this bird contains blue flames that have healing properties. 

He was also the doctor of the Whitebeard’s ship before disbandment and is known to possess two forms of Haki. 

His durability and agility have been shown in the latest Wano Arc as well. Following him then comes the guy that achieved notoriety at the age of 17 and got his control over Mera Mera No Mi, a Logia-type devil fruit that allows him to control and produce fire and our protagonist’s big brother as well, Portgas D. Ace. 

He was the commander of Whitebeard’s second division ship, and we all know how capable and strong Ace was. The third division commander was Diamond Jozu, who possesses a Paramecia-type devil fruit Kira Kira No Mi, that gives him the ability to transform himself into a diamond. 

Even the strongest swordsman, Mihawk, wasn’t able to slice him during the Summit War. 

Then following him, the fourth division commander was Thatch, but he got murdered by Blackbeard as he has that specific fruit that Blackbeard wants to eat. 

Next comes the fifth division commander Vista of the Flower swords, Blamenco(6th division), Rakuyo(7th division), Namur(8th division), Blenheim (9th division), Curiel (10th division), Kingdew (11th division), Haruta(12th division), Atmos(13th division), Speed Jiru (14th division), Fossa(15th division) and Izo (16th division). 

The Whitebeard Pirates were known to be one of the strongest pirate crews of all time, and the key to this was their eternal bonding and respect towards their captain and each other. 

Even if we compare all their commanders and members separately, they easily overpower many high-ranked pirates. That’s why we have ranked this fleet as second on our list.


Straw Hat Pirates

The main focus, the limelight of the whole series, the protagonists, notorious and infamous yet the funniest crew, and this crew especially has all types of living species, whether its a Fishman or a talking reindeer, the most lovable straw hat pirates were named after the straw hat given to our protagonist by Red Haired Shanks. 

The Straw Hat Pirates have a total bounty of 8.816 billion berries and now become the New Emperor of the Sea after defeating the Beast Pirates. Monkey D. Luffy, with a standing bounty of 3 billion berries, has Gum Gum Fruit which later on in the manga revealed that it’s actually a Mythical Zoan type Hito Hito No Mi Model: Nika that allows him to transform into Nika, the Sun God and the protagonist of the whole series is the captain of this crew. 

His right-hand man or first mate is Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro, with a standing bounty of 1.11 billion berries, the only pirate known to have three sword-style techniques in One Piece history. 

Next comes, bounty-wise, with a standing bounty of 1.10 billion berries, a former Shichibukai and a former Whitebeard and Big Mom Pirate crew member, the helmsman of the ship Knight of the Sea, or the first son of the sea Jinbei

He is currently the most powerful Fishman and is said to be undefeatable in water. Then comes, with a standing bounty of 1.032 billion berries, the second in command of the crew, a Germa 66 prince, ‘Black Leg‘ Vinsmoke Sanji. 

He is the cook of the pirate ship, and he is known to have great Observation Haki skills also. 

Standing high with a bounty of 930 million berries and known to have observational and armament skills, ‘Demon Child‘ Nico Robin. She is an archeologist and a lone survivor of a West blue island Ohara, famous for its deep knowledge about ancient kingdoms and Poneglyphs Robin also is the only one in the whole series who can actually decipher Poneglyphs. 

She ate Hana Hana No Mi, a Paramecia-type devil fruit that gives her the ability to reproduce her body parts from anywhere on the body (just like the blooming of flowers). 

Now comes, possessing the bounty of 500 million berries and known to have outstanding Kenbunshoku Haki that grants him see farthest points, ‘God’ Usopp. He has named himself ‘SniperKing,’ and he is the sniper of straw hat pirates. His Observation Haki can be seen against Donquixote pirates in Dressrosa. 

Then comes the shipwright of the crew, holding the bounty of 394 billion berries on his head, ‘Iron Man/ ‘Cyborg’ Franky. He has got exceptional skills in handling machines and new robotic techniques and even worked in the old laboratories of Vegapunk during time skip and also worked as an apprentice under Tom (the greatest shipwright of all time who built Pirate King’s Ship) in his initial years. 

Now comes the oldest member of this pirate crew, possessing the abilities of Yomi Yomi No Mi, a Paramecia-type devil fruit that grants him the ability to become a resurrected being, ‘Soul King’/ ‘Dead Bones‘ Brook. He is the musician of the ship, and due to his ability to control souls from his music, he gains the epithet of ‘Soul King.’ 

Standing high with a bounty of 384 billion berries, he has shown his exceptional skills during the Whole Cake Island Arc against the ferocious Big Mom herself. 

A climatologist and an exceptional navigator of the crew with a standing bounty of 366 billion berries‘Cat Burglar’ Nami. She is a beautiful woman holding a climate tact in her hands that can create any type of weather condition, whatever she wishes to make. 

And the last member is the doctor of the ship, having extraordinary medical skills and knowledge and has eaten Hito Hito No Mi, a Paramecia-type devil fruit that grants him to speak like a human being and can transform into seven different levels, a reindeer ‘Cotton Candy LoverTony Tony Chopper. He has only 1000 berries on his head, but fans know the real strength of Chopper during battles and even in the latest Wano Arc battle. 

Luffy also has his huge army of pirates known as The Straw Hat Grand Fleet, containing 5650 pirates under the Jolly Roger of Straw hats. It has seven different pirate crews and seven different infamous New World pirates who vowed to serve under Luffy during Dressrosa Island Arc. 

The total bounty of this fleet is at least 10.3 billion berries, and have representatives like Cavendish of the White Horse (captain of the first ship/ captain of beautiful pirates), Bartolomeo (captain of the second ship/ captain of Barto club), Don Sai (captain of the third ship/ captain of the Happo navy), Ideo (captain of the fourth ship/ captain of Ideo pirates), Leo (captain of the fifth ship/ captain of Tontatta pirates), Hajrudin (captain of the sixth ship/ captain of the new giant warrior pirates) and Orlumbus (captain of the seventh ship/ captain of Yonta Maria Grand). 

These pirate crews had already established their names many years back and succeeded in living not under some Emperors’ influence but on their own in the New World. 

Due to their determined nature, ‘never to lose’ feeling, eternal friendship, and doing whatever is essential to protect their friends in adverse conditions make the straw hat pirates at the top of our list and the most powerful crew that even surpasses Red haired pirates and even Whitebeard Pirates as well. 

Here, we concluded our list of the most powerful and devastating Yonko crews. Some fans may think or perceive this as an inappropriate ranking, but to our best knowledge and foresight thinking, we have ranked it with utmost perfection.

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