York: The Greed or the Traitor in One Piece Chapter 1078

The last chapter of One Piece literally ended with a bang. The final scene of the chapter saw Shaka being shot by an unseen person, i.e., the traitor of Egghead Island, as Shaka rushed to release Vegapunk from prison. One Piece Chapter 1078 finally reveals this traitor to be York, one of Vegapunk’s Satellites. In this article, we’ll discuss York: The Greed or the Traitor and everything you need to know about her.

One Piece Chapter 1078 Reveals York As Traitor

York: The Greed

The traitor has been a lurking presence throughout the Egghead Arc. However, the presence of the traitor was first noticed in Chapter 1074 when Shaka found out that someone had attacked Pythagoras in the left wing of Building C in 3F section of the lab. 

The traitor’s conspiracy and the extent of their betrayal are shown when Vegapunk is kidnapped by the then-unknown traitor and put in prison.

There Vegapunk found out that the traitor had also imprisoned several Cipher Pol agents and kept them in horrible conditions without any food.

It is then that Vegapunk realizes that the traitor has been working against him for a long time.

As for the identity of the traitor, the only hint was that the traitor was pretty high up on the command chain for the Seraphim since their command could overwrite Edison’s command. This led to many hypotheses among fans about who the traitor actually is.

But the most nefarious act of the traitor as of yet is shooting Shaka, one of Vegapunk’s Satellites. It’s a major betrayal to the genius scientist and ends Chapter 1077 on a tense note.

But with the brief spoilers of One Piece Chapter 1078 on Twitter, provided by Etenboy and confirmed by Redon, we finally know who the traitor of Egghead Island is. It’s none other than York: The Greed, the sixth Satellite of Vegapunk, representing the avarice of the scientist.

Since the spoilers released are only a glimpse of the next chapter, we don’t know every detail of York being the traitor yet. But the spoilers do reveal that York betrayed Vegapunk because she wants to be the only Vegapunk in the world and ascend to become one of the Celestial Dragons.

This explains quite some things since York used the Seraphim to attack and incapacitate the rest of the Satellites and captured Stella herself.

She most possibly pretended to be petrified by S-Snake to make no one suspicious of her and fled the scene where her group, containing Ussop, Franky, and her fellow Satellite Lilith, was entirely focused on defeating S-Snake.

Now that we know who the traitor is let’s take a look at York and her abilities.

Who is York? Abilities

York Petrified

Introduced in Chapter 1065 along with her fellow Satellites, York is number 6 and contains the greedy side of Vegapunk. She’s had the least amount of focus in this arc out of the Satellites and spends her day eating and sleeping most of the time. True to her nature, York’s life is one of indulgence.

York appears as a young woman of huge stature. Thanks to her excessive eating and sleeping, she also seemed to spend the least amount of time or concern about whatever was going on around her.

But this turns out to be false as York is extremely cunning and successfully carries out her plans without being noticed by six geniuses, one of them being her creator.

York’s betrayal proves that she’s been aware of things that happened on the island even before the Straw Hats arrived and orchestrated the mess among the Vegapunks, the Straw Hats, and the CP0 agents to take advantage of the confusion and get away with her plans.

As for York’s abilities, nothing has been revealed yet since she participated very little and most possibly purposely hid her true abilities from the Vegapunks. But as a Vegapunk, and also evident from her betrayal, she’s very smart and cunning with a ruthless and greedy mentality.

And that was all for York: The Greed being the Traitor in One Piece Chapter 1078. The chapter will be released on Sunday, March 19, 2023. Its official English translation will be available on MANGA Plus and VIZ Media. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for further updates and many exciting contents on One Piece.

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