Top 10 Hottest Female Characters in How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord, or, The King of Darkness Another World Story: Slave Magic is a Japanese Light Novel.

In the novel, a boy gets trapped in his favorite game. His look-alike in the game is a demon lord Diablo. Two girls who summoned him try to make him their servant. But they end up becoming his servants.

He comes across many other characters while in the game. Here are the Top 10 Hottest Female Characters in How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

Top 10 Hottest Female Characters in How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

10) Mei


Eye ColorYellow
Hair ColorLight Brown

Mei is a Pantherian with yellow Panther ears and a tail. She is the idol of Peace of Mind Inn.

Mei is the manager and poster girl of the inn. She is polite with guests. But she can be dangerous when dealing with rude customers. She is good at using makeup.

9) Celestine Baudelaire

Celestine Bauldelaire

NameCelestine Baudelaire
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorPink
AbilityBarrier Magic

High Magical Strength

Celestine Baudelaire is a human. She wears a loose robe and carries a staff. Her appearance depicts the high position she holds. Celestine is the head of the Mage’s Association in Faltra City.

Celestine is in her twenties and has a childlike heart. But she has an air of responsibility and maturity. She is kind and sweet. Rem considers her to be too good.

Celestine trained alongside Medios when she was young. She has high magical power. Celestine can see the flow of magic. She also maintains the barrier around Faltra City.

8) Sylvie


Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorPink


Support Magic

Sylvie is another Grasswalker on the list of Female characters in How Not To Summon A Demon Lord. She is a Grasswalker. Sylvie has a thin and short frame like other Grasswalkers.

She is the guild master of the Adventurer’s Guild in Faltra City. Sylvie ships Shera and Diablo together. She excels at hiding skills. Sylvie can hide and avoid the enemy.

She can use sorcery and spells. Sylvie can use support magic. She has a light defense and can shoot bad status magic.

7) Rafflesia S. Orangewood

Rafflesia S Orangewood

NameRafflesia S. Orangewood
SpeciesDark Elf
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorSilver Hair
AbilityMagical Attribute- Light

Ritual Magic

Rafflesia S. Orangewood is a playful, Dark Elf. She likes to flirt and tease. But she is very proud of her Dark Elf identity. She would choose death over bending to a higher power.

Rafflesia is the chief of Blackwood. She is attracted to Diablo after he saves her life. Her magical attribute is light. She can also perform certain rituals.

6) Horn


Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorBlonde
BirthdayYear 152 Lyferian calendar


Mapping Steal



Horn is a Grasswalker. She has two little siblings. They got separated from their parents and picked up by a thief. Horn has become a thief herself.

She is now an adventurer. She is young and innocent. Horn has a shy nature. She prefers to be called a seeker and not a thief. After entering a master-servant contract, she is at level 80.

5) Rose


SpeciesMagimatic Maid
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorPink
AbilityHigh Fighting Strength



Rose is a magmatic maid. She is loyal to Diablo. Diablo placed her on the lowest floor of his dungeon.

She shows no emotions until Diablo summons her to the dimension he is in. Rose is obsessed with her loyalty to Diablo.

She behaves softly and politely with Diablo. Rose is cold and cruel to others. She is angered when others disregard her master’s orders. Rose is a skilled swordsman at the level of 150.

4) Edelgard


SpeciesDemon (Fallen)
Eye ColorGolden
Hair ColorSilver
AbilityStrongest Spear-User

Martial Arts

Edelgard is one of the main Female characters in How Not To Summon A Demon Lord. She is a Dragon Knight. Edelgard is a fallen demonic being but not a maniac like others.

She tries to find solutions through peace, not violence. But she can be ruthless when in battle. Edelgard is honest and brave. She tends to speak in broken sentences. Edelgard wields a spear and is very strong.

3) Krebskulm


Eye ColorFull Power- Red

Base Form- Violet

Hair ColorBlonde
AbilityImmense Strength


Bestow Power

Resurrect The Fallen

The Demon Lord of the Soul, Krebskulm, is a distant relative of the main protagonist, Diablo. She was one being with the other fallen demonic beings.

God defeated the demon lord and split the body into three forms. Krebskulm got sealed in Rem’s family and the seal transfers from mother to daughter.

She is unchained during the demon king revival ceremony. Krebskulm is a happy child and does not trouble anyone unless provoked.

She has immense magical power. Krebskulm can bestow power on others. She can even resurrect other demons.

2) Shera L. Greenwood

Shera L Greenwood

NameShera L. Greenwood
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
BirthdayYear 149 Lyfelian calendar
AbilityMagical Attribute- Fire


Magician Summoner


Shera L. Greenwood is the other protagonist of the novel. She is an elf and sister of Keera L. Greenwood, an antagonist of the series.

Shera is a pure-hearted elf. She does not have any malice for anyone in her heart. Shera agreed to summon a demon lord with Rem, but only to find a companion.

She ran away from home to escape her brother. Shera is a level 40 archer. She excels in long-range attacks. Shera is able to see the flow of magic without any previous training.

1) Rem Galleu

Rem Galleu

NameRem Galleu
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorBlack
BirthdayYear 150 Lyfelian calendar
AbilityMagical Attribute- Earth

Super Fast Movements

Strong Offence

Magician Summoner


Rem Galleu is one of the protagonists in How Not To Summon A Demon Lord. She and Shera L. Greenwood perform a failed ritual. They are now slaves to a demon lord.

Rem is a Pantherian. She was born as a vessel for the demon lord Krebskulm. She became an adventurer and learned magic in order to find a way to defeat the Demon lord.

Rem decided to summon another demon lord for the same. She can use summoners’ magic and summon creatures up to level 40. Rem also has strong offensive attacks and speed.

Many characters on the list belong to the fantasy world. If you enjoy anime characters who are fiesty, cute, and adorable, you will love the Female characters in How Not To Summon A Demon Lord.

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