Top 15 Best Harem anime on Funimation With Great Plot (2023)

Harem anime is a very popular genre. If you want to watch a light anime with good fanservice that will make you laugh and boggle your mind, then pick Harem anime on Funimation.

Harem anime is about hot and beautiful girls around the male lead. Most of the time, you need to turn off your brain and enjoy the harem anime because it is more about fanservice and less about the storyline.

It is tough to find harem anime that has a good plot, so today, we are listing the Top 15 Best Harem anime on Funimation With Great Plot (2022). You can enjoy some fanservice along with a great plot. Certain elements set these animes apart from the usual Harem anime on Funimation, but the beautiful anime girls remain constant.

15) Absolute Duo (6.4)

Absolute Duo

This is your regular harem anime on Funimation with a standard storyline. In this world, people form a weapon with the power of their soul, known as a blaze. 

The story revolves around a boy named Kokonoe To. He dreams of reaching the peak of this power and attends an academy for training purposes. Tor meets his Duo Julie. This explains Absolute Duo. Eventually, they are found to be following the same path as Vengence.

There are a bunch of issues with it, as certain subjects are not explained or are left uncertain. Although the story does not hold up that well, the artwork and the visuals are new and smooth. The art gives this average Harem a few points.

Number of episodes: 12

14) Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody (6.5)

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

What would you do if you fell into the world of your favorite game? Ichirou Suzuki man in his late 20s, wakes up in the fantasy world of the last RPG game he was playing, But here’s the twist he is a young man and masters the game real quick. Every time he solves a problem, a girl is attracted to him.

Suzuki’s game world is free to roam, which gives him a chance to explore and master different things and live with his slaves, who absolutely adore him.

It is a simple slice-of-life fantasy anime with good characters and artwork. Death March is a good blend of Isekai and Harem. If you want to watch something stress-free, this harem anime on Funimation has a chilled vibe.

Number of episodes: 12

13) Love Tyrant (6.6)

Love Tyrant

This anime is like a parody of death note. Here they have a Kiss note. The names written in this note will share a kiss and become a couple.

Due to the stupidity of a girl named Guri, a guy named Seiji has just 24 hours to live. The only way to stay alive is to be coupled with someone and get his life back.

Seiji’s life is not that easy. He has to bear the annoyance of Guri and find someone to kiss. As the plot proceeds, Guri falls for the guy but refuses to reveal it until he finds another girl.

The anime requires a lot of patience as many things will make less sense than the others. This anime ends up being all about goofed-up romance and comedy.

Number of episodes: 12

12) Masamune-kun no Revenge (6.7)

Masamune-kun no Revenge

An alternative name for this one should be “Masamune-kun no Revenge, but not really.” Masamune plots revenge because a girl he loved as a kid rejected him; powered by his looks, Masamune decides to make her fall in love with him just to break her heart.

The entire anime is about Masamune going around finding this girl and making the friendship work, but as time goes on, he begins to rethink everything he has planned because he is the one falling for her. This anime ends up as a rom-com in between the revenge line and the love blossoms.

Number of episodes: 12

11) How Not to Summon a Demon Lord (6.7)

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

Takuma Sakamoto has achieved every possible achievement and is a legend, but not in the real world. He is a legend in the world of fantasy games. He goes by the name Diablo. Despite being top-tier in his game, he lacks all the social skills in the real world and has never talked to anyone.

Things take a weird turn when Takuma falls into the fantasy game world. Finally arriving at the place where he belongs, he immediately gets a grip of it. Diablo, with his OP gameplay, makes the girls drool.

There is some amount of fanservice jiggling around in the episodes. Furthermore, he makes a new team and only with beautiful, magical girls. Now you can dream how much fanservice this anime has.

Number of episodes: 12

10) The Asterisk War (6.8)

The Asterisk War

This anime dives into a world of superhumans. All because of A meteor shower that brought the world to the edge of extinction. These humans possess an extreme level of physical abilities and can make weapons out of the fallen meteors.

The top tire students with the abilities are picked from various schools and are made to compete with each other.

The storyline revolves around a boy who enters an elite school on the verge of falling apart. Similar to usual harem anime, he meets a girl, Julis, who yells at him at all times for no reason, and it does end like how every Harem anime. 

Ayato is here in search of his missing sister; as you will proceed, you will realize the plot of this harem anime on Funimation is similar to Absolute Duo.

The anime has all the harem elements, hot girls clinging to the MC, a childhood friend who is insecure about him, a tsundere girl, and the guy who is busy leveling up his game for the tournament but also helping out all the girls he sees.

Number of episodes: 12

9) Rosario to Vampire (6.8)

Rosario to Vampire

Rosario to Vampire is a package anime that makes every list. It has a good storyline, great characters, and an ample amount of fanservice.

It also falls into the category of Harem anime of Funimation. What makes Rosario to Vampire a good watch? It has the best genres- comedy, action, and a dash of ecchi.

What would you do if you found out your girlfriend is a vampire? Well, the Mc is admitted into a regular high school (he thinks), but it is a school full of monsters trying to fit into the human world.

It is his lucky day (or so he thinks) after meeting a beautiful girl and befriends her but has no idea that her being a vampire. Eventually, he finds out, and then it is all adventure land from there.

Every episode, you meet new characters with their new and weird problems that are resolved by Tsukune and his vampire friend. The harem elements are all over this anime. A jealous girl trying to steal the wussy Tsukune is one of many incidents that take place.

Number of episodes: 13

8) Trinity Seven (7.1)

Trinity Seven

If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot explain what a harem is, just show them this Harem anime on Funimation. Trinity Seven will not let you forget that it is a harem anime.

In every episode there is MC engages in an awkward situation where he touches a girl. Similar to any harem anime, we have a guy who has to unite with the trinity seven.

These are the six beautiful women. Their world is ending, and only the magical powers of these beautiful women can save humanity.

The best part of Trinity Seven is that it does not follow the annoying girls and dumb mc path. The story goes on with amazing comic and action scenes. The protagonist, Arata, is fixated on his goal to bring back the world. The fanservice is rendered in every episode, which gives the anime its comic element.

Number of episodes: 12

7) Date A Live (7.2)

Date A Live

Date a live is a uniquely entertaining storyline. It is about dating spirits who are trying to invade our world by causing spacequakes and killing thousands of people, but we have Shidou for the rescue.

Shidou, to stop these spirits, decides to date them and make them fall in love with him, but Shidou is not the only one trying to stop these spirits. An all-girls anti-spirit team is on a mission to kill these spirits.

This brings a lot of chaos to the table, along with comic elements arising from the interaction of Shidou and the spirits he is dating. He turns out to be a good harem male lead who is trying to get the work done and not wasting time being a wussy.

Shidou is obviously surrounded by cute anime girls, and even the all-girls anti-spirit squad is full of beautiful anime girls giving this anime its crucial harem element. It is packed with crips action scenes and weird humor, which makes this Harem anime on Funimation a good watch.

Number of episodes: 12

6) Date A Live II (7.2)

Date A Live II

Our not your usual Harem MC continues to date the spirits to save the world. Shidou is still on his path of sealing the spirits to stop them from causing spacequakes. Things take a real turn in this part as the feelings bomb is dropped.

The story introduces new characters, which means new problems for Shidou to deal with. Season 2 has blended comic and emotional elements, which means there are some teary-eyed moments in this one.

The story continues to be on its unique path. This season is more focused on characters than the fanservice, which gives out a good storyline.

Number of episodes: 10

5) High School DxD (7.3)

High School DxD

Similar to Rosario to Vampire, High School DxD makes an appearance on most of our lists as it has everything. Anime with a great and twisted plot, more than enough fanservice, and weird humor.

The story is sidetracked at first due to the fanservice, but it paces up and reveals its twisted plot.

The male character is an annoying pervy guy who eventually gets some character development, making him not so annoying.

The big harem element is checked as this pervy guy enters an all-girls school in hopes that girls will throw themselves on him. The plot as proceeds goes beyond it. He soon realizes that it is not a normal high school but is filled with Demons and monsters.

Number of episodes: 12

4) Heaven’s Lost Property (7.3)

Heaven's Lost Property

This anime gives us a whole new breed of perverted guy (in a weird way). Tomoki is our average pervy guy who is caught in front of a space gap while he is figuring out about an odd dream he had.

Tomoki, like a sensible person, runs in the opposite direction away from the portal but stops after seeing a beautiful girl falling. After giving it a hard thought, he decides to save her but fails, so the girl takes matters into her hand.

What makes this Harem? Well, after saving Tomoki, this magical girl connects a chain around his hand, making him her master.

 It is quite predictable where this is going. Tomoki comes across weird situations as they live together. The Harem is mild in this anime, and it is filled with ecchi humor.

Number of episodes: 13

3) Is This a Zombie? (7.4)

Is This a Zombie?

Zombies in anime are not some brainless creatures. Aikawa Ayumu is a high school boy who is murdered but returns as a zombie to avenge his death. 

He possesses magical powers, allowing him to walk around being dead and the ability to cross-play. Ayumu is a prevy boy, so you can see how things are going to turn.

With his ability, he tries to find his killer. As this serious plot is ongoing, he cross-dresses as random girls.

At one point, he is dressed as a girl with magical powers. Someone actually falls for him in the anime, which brings more Harem and comic elements to this anime.

Number of episodes: 12

2) Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend (7.5)

Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

At first, it looks like any other Harem anime on Funimation because the Male lead is surrounded by his hot senpai, his childhood friend, and a beautiful monotone girl, but there is so much more to this anime. It has a unique plot, and you can’t get enough of it.

Tomoya is an Otaku who wants to contribute to the world of anime and mangas. He is unable to find a heroine to be his inspiration until he meets Megumi. 

Tomoya and his 3-girl squad work on writing this game. Soon they realize that it is not an easy task and there are many hardships in the world of anime. It starts, as usual, Harem but picks up speed and introduces the main plot that will keep you captivated.

Number of episodes: 12

1) Nisekoi (7.6)


This anime is filled with romance, Harem, and weird twists and turns. Similar to other Harems, we get to see beautiful and cute anime girls chasing and having feelings for one guy. Then what makes this anime special? It’s a quirky plot.

Ichijou promised a girl to meet when they grow up and identify each other based on a locket and a key. After 10 years, he crosses paths with girls who imply being the one possessing the key to his locket or being the girl he met as a kid.

The anime revolves around this mystery, but every time the story gets close to solving it, you are hit with a backstory or some kind of misunderstanding.

While all these girls have feelings for him like the usual Harem anime on Funimation, He must find out the one he made his promise to.

Number of episodes: 20

We hope you enjoy these Harem anime on Funimation and satisfy your thirst for harem anime with a great plot. If you are looking for a unique plot, then I recommend watching Trinity Seven, but if you are looking for the usual harem story, then Love Tyrant and Absolute Duo are the ones for you.

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