Boruto: Eida’s True Power Revealed (The Shinjutsu of Shinjustsu)

Eida is a member of Kara, introduced recently in Boruto. She is said to be the strongest member of Kara. Amado, to keep a check on Jigen, created humanoids that were stronger than him.

Code, Eida, and Daemon were more powerful than Jigen. Code’s zeal for the Otsutsuki will and loyalty towards Isshiki saved his life. On the other hand, Jigen ordered Baro to dispose of Eida and Daemon. Chapter 79 of Boruto reveals the true extent of Eida’s power.

Chapter 79 of Boruto reveals the true extent of Eida’s power. Eida possesses the power to entice anyone who comes in contact with her. Only her blood relatives and Otsutsuki are immune to her powers.

Eida is in the Leaf Village for Kawaki. She is bored with people always being fond of her. She wishes to experience genuine romance. Since Kawaki cannot be affected by her, she wants to have such an experience with him.

Revelation Of Eida’s True Power In Boruto

Eida Power Revelation

In Chapter 79, we see Kawaki make a failed attempt to kill Boruto. He wants to kill Boruto at all costs in order to protect Lord Seventh. In the previous chapter, Kawaki trapped Naruto and Hinata in an other-dimensional cube.
He wants to protect Naruto. Even if it means killing his son. He believes that as long as Boruto is alive, the Leaf and Lord Seventh are not safe. Momoshiki foresaw Boruto’s future. He warned him that everything he holds dear will crumble.
This marks the beginning of it all. Boruto’s friends arrive at the spot. Kawaki flees from there. Eida is clairvoyant. detects Kawaki before anyone else does. She leaves her brother Daemon behind and rushes to him.
Kawaki is overwhelmed, but Eida assures him that she is on his side. Kawaki lets out his emotions in front of her. He says that he can’t let
Boruto live and let Momoshiki take over. That would just put Lord Seventh and the village in danger.
It has to be him to kill Boruto, as no one else in the village would turn against the Hokage’s son. He says it would have been better if Boruto was not the Hokage’s son but some stranger for whom no one will shed a tear.
Upon hearing Kawaki’s words, Eida’s emotions are triggered. She unleashes Omnipotence, a god-like Shinjutsu that swaps Kawaki and Boruto in the memories of the people.

What is Eida’s Power?

Eid's Power Omnipotence

Eida’s Power is the greatest of the Shinjutsu shown in Boruto till now. The power of God that makes them worthy of worship is their power of manifestation. They can make their wishes come true. Eida possesses a similar power, Omnipotence.

Momoshiki explains to Boruto that Eida’s godlike power has manifested Kawaki’s wish. The power of omnipotence is the power of the gods, which they use for creation.

Kawaki’s wish to swap places with Boruto becomes the truth. Eida cannot control the power by herself. Her power manifests Kawaki’s latent desire to have Boruto’s life.

Eida’s Omnipotence has altered the memories of all. Kawaki and Boruto have swapped places in their memories. Kawaki is now the son of Lord Seventh, Kawaki Uzumaki. At the same time, Boruto Uzumaki is now just Boruto, an outsider.

Boruto is now a stranger to everyone in Konoha. We can see in chapter 79 that everyone who was on the lookout for Kawaki suddenly starts tracing Boruto. Mitsuki, who considers Boruto, his best friend, attacks him.

Additionally, Kawaki tells everyone that Boruto has killed Lord Seventh. This turns everyone hostile toward Boruto. Only Boruto, Kawaki, and Sarada’s memories are unaltered. This power of Eida is very dangerous as it can alter the past, present, and future.

Effect of Eida’s power In Boruto

Effect Of Eida's Power

Because of Eida’s Power, we can see that Boruto and Kawaki have swapped places, or rather, they have swapped destinies. Kawaki is now the precious prince of The Leaf Village and is loved by everyone. Boruto is now an outsider who is charged with the murder of Lord Seventh.
Boruto, for now, cannot get his head around the events happening. He is shocked at the turn of events. This is no less than a betrayal. Boruto considered Kawaki to be his brother.
But Kawaki returned his kindness by snatching everything dear to him. We can see everyone’s eyes filled with hatred toward Boruto.


Effect On Boruto And Kawaki

This whole event takes us back to when Naruto was a child. Naruto was hated by all the people in the Leaf Village. He could never understand the hatred he saw in their eyes. Naruto went through all that because the Nine-Tails went on a rampage in the Leaf Village.
Lord Fifth and his wife were killed while trying to protect Naruto. They sealed off the Nine-Tailed beast within Naruto. Thus, Naruto became the target of all the fear and hatred of the people for the crimes he did not commit.
Today, Boruto is in a similar situation. He has become the target of people’s hostility for crimes he did not commit. It is not mentioned whether the effect of Eida’s power will take place on Naruto and Hinata as well.
Naruto is trapped in another dimension, so it might not have affected him. But if he does, Boruto will lose his parents just like Naruto did.
Naruto grew up an orphan with no parents. He did not even know their identity for many good years. Similarly, Boruto will become an orphan.
Sarada seems to have not been affected by Eida either. It may be because she has a strong crush on Boruto. But she alone would be of little help to Boruto.
The series Boruto started with the opening scene of Boruto and Kawaki fighting in a completely destroyed Leaf village. Kawaki tells Boruto to give up as the age of the Shinobi is over, but Boruto refuses.
This chapter perhaps marks the beginning of the enmity between both of them.

Kawaki might turn against what he desires to protect the most. Boruto may give his all to protect the village that hated him. They might become the next Naruto and Sasuke pair in the village.

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