Power of Akaza (Upper Moon 3) in Demon Slayer Explained

Demon slayer the movie: Mugen Train has stunned everyone with its visually pleasing animation and a heartfelt plot. Without a doubt, the fight between Hashira, Rengoku Kyojuro, and the demon, Akaza stirred a lot of emotions in the viewers. It was a brutal yet one of the most fantastic fights. This sinister yet powerful upper moon three demon makes you wonder who he is. Without further ado, let’s dive into our article Power of Akaza (Upper Moon 3) in Demon Slayer Explained.

Power of Akaza (Upper Moon 3) in Demon Slayer-

Akaza Demon Slayer
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Studio Ufotable didn’t disappoint in animating what seems to be one of the best movies, which broke many records. Although it was Akaza’s first appearance in the whole series, he certainly left quite an impression.

Akaza is an upper moon rank three of Twelve Kizuki, an organization consisting of powerful demons under the command of the demon king, Muzan Kibutsuji. He possesses incredible strength and attributes, thanks to his martial arts prowess. Surprisingly so, he can outmatch powerful demon slayers with only his fists.

Most of all, he is able to discern his opponent’s weakness and predict their attacks by sensing their fighting spirit.

Prior to his martial arts training, Akaza was able to defeat grown men even as a child. However, after learning Soryu Style from Keizo, he was able to murder well-trained adult swordsmen with his bare hands to which Muzen thought was an act done by a demon.

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Abilities of Akaza (Upper Moon 3) in Demon Slayer-

Akaza Demon Slayer
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  • Sensory Abilities –

Akaza’s supernatural ability helps him to sense the aura of his opponents. However, this ability of his also allows him to understand how strong his enemy is. In addition to his impressive ability, he also can sense things outside the normal range of perception.

  • Regeneration –

Akaza’s one of most incredible (and feared) abilities is regeneration. As a result, he is able to regenerate his limbs or head instantly after being sliced by a demon slayer. However, this is because of him taking a lot of Muzen’s blood in his body.

  • Speed –

In the Mugen Train arc, we were able to witness the incredible speed and reflexes of Akaza. Not only he is extremely fast with attacks but also good at dodging his opponent’s powerful strikes. Even Tanjiro and Inosuke couldn’t follow his movements.

  • Strength –

Akaza’s physical strength is impressive. His punches are packed with immense strength that can easily kill people. As a result, his strikes dealt a lot of damage even to Rengoku Kyojuro, a Hashira both skilled and powerful in the Demon Slayer Corps.

  • Manipulation –

Akaza can alter his flesh and body to an extend. This ability of his helped in detaching and reattaching his limbs to escape from the clutches of Rengoku Kyojuro.

  • Stamina & Endurance –

Like every other demon, Akaza has great stamina and endurance. He never seems to show any signs of tiredness in the battles. And he always was in great mental and physical condition. He was able to endure powerful attacks from Hashiras and other demon slayers.

  •  Compass Needle –

In this technique, Akaza establishes a compass needle numbered from 1 to 12 beneath him. This technique is always activated whenever he engages in a battle. He is able to sense his opponents’ fighting spirit, location, and weakness even from the blindspots.

  •  Air Type –

Akaza creates a shockwave by punching the empty air in front of him. These airborne attacks can be launched several times.

  •  Annihilation

Akaza uses a lot of force in his punch that creates a powerful shockwave. The impact of the attack on his opponent is Destructive.

  • Eight Layered Demon Core –

Akaza launches eight consecutive powerful punches, creating shockwaves. This is similar to his technique called Disorder.

  • Leg Type –

Akaza used his legs in different types of techniques during the battles. These techniques are Crown Splitter, Explosive Flurry, and Flying Planet Thousand Wheels.

  • Crown Splitter –

Akaza performs a reverse kick that creates shockwaves. This deals an incredible amount of damage to his opponents.

  • Explosive Flurry & Flying Planet Thousand Wheels

Akaza can launch continuous straight attacks even from a distance that creates shockwaves. He can dodge his opponents’ attacks with incredible reflexes. He kicks his enemies using both of his legs in a swift motion from under them.

  • Crushing Type &  Ten Thousand Leaves Flashing Willow –

Techniques involving brute force. One such technique is the Ten Thousand Leaves Flashing Willow. This technique involves a powerful punch that deals a lot of damage by releasing a shockwave into the ground.

  • Final Form: Blue Silver Chaotic Afterglow –

This technique is Akaza’s ultimate form of martial arts. It seems like Akaza creates shockwaves that go in all directions. The attacks appear to strike out of nowhere among his powerful punches. This technique is powerful enough to nullify Giyu’s Dead Calm technique. The Calm dead technique is known for its immense defenses.

Akaza lives for the pursuit of battle. As a result, he enjoys fighting against strong demon slayers and seems to remember the names who gave him a tough time in fighting. His thirst for power is insatiable, and that’s what makes him more dangerous.

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Blood Demon Art of Akaza-

Akaza Blood Demon Art Demon Slayer
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Akaza’s blood demon art is known as Hakai Satsu. This martial art is the combination of his convulsive attacks and Soryu Style. He is fully capable of generating these attacks from a distance and from any part of his body. His shockwave-like attacks boost their destructive nature.

Akaza begins his battle by enabling his blood demon art with a unique technique called Jutsushiki Tenkai. This has two versions.

In his first stance, we see Akaza bending his knees in a half-crouch manner, his right arm extended with a half-clenched fist facing his body. He bends his left arm with his open palm.

In his second stance, we see him in nearly the same position as he was in his first stance. However, He opens his palm on his right arm while he clenches his left fist with a downward bend.

We hope you got a brief idea of how powerful the upper moon ranked three demons really is from this article. Catch up on Demon Slayer manga. You can also watch its anime adaption on Netflix.

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