Minato One Shot Manga: Key Details & Where To Read

Ever since the announcement of the winner of the NARUTOP99 popularity poll, fans have been eagerly waiting for the Minato one shot manga. The wait is finally over as the manga was released yesterday, on July 16, titled “Naruto: The Whorl within the Spiral”. The protagonist of the one shot is Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage of Konoha and the father of Naruto Uzumaki.

In the one shot, we see Minato and his future wife, Kushina Uzumaki, as main characters. Some of the key details of the Minato one shot manga are:

Minato One Shot Manga: Key Details

Minato One-Shot Manga
Minato One Shot Manga
  • The focus of the story is how Rasengan was invented by Minato. At the beginning of the story, we see Minato and his team under Jiraiya fighting against Roshi and Han, the jinchuriki of Four-Tailed (Son Goku) and Five-Tailed (Kokuo) Beasts respectively. Minato gets the inspiration from the tailed beast bombs.
  • However, the heart of the story is Minato and Kushina’s love for each other. A large portion of the one shot centers around Kushina and her struggles at being a jinchuriki. She’s kept inside a barrier which she’s not meant to cross, like a prisoner, all the while fighting the relentless persuasion of hatred from Kurama.
  • Kushina is also saddened by the fact that she cannot join Minato in his adventures, as she looks on forlornly as his friends call him.
  • Minato keeps on practicing the new jutsu where he tries to knead raw chakra in the palm of his hand, but it’s proving to be difficult, being either too unstable or a dud.
  • After being told by Jiraiya that he has two whorls in his hair, he figures out that he has to knead the chakra in both directions simultaneously for it to work. He’s finally successful at creating the new jutsu, hilariously naming it “Ice Pop-Inspired Nimbus Jiraiya Twin Whorl Sphere”.
  • Elsewhere, Kushina finally gives into her desire of being with Minato and escapes her guards by trapping them with her sealing jutsu. She finds Minato and sees him performing the new jutsu.
  • After being told by Minato that he’s created this jutsu for her because he wants to give her a jutsu that can rival other tailed beasts and jinchuriki, Kushina’s heart softens, which in turn causes Kurama to take over her body.
  • Minato tries to stop the bijuu transformation with the special sealing jutsu of the Uzumaki clan that he’s learned for Kushina, but Kurama is too strong and wounds him badly.
  • As Minato desperately fights Kurama while trying to not Kushina, he announces to Kurama that he might be living inside Kushina, but Minato is also always within her. Moved by his words, Kushina finally starts to fight back against Kurama.
  • As Kushina tries to subdue Kurama with her sealing jutsu, Minato faces him head-on with his new jutsu, finally defeating the tailed beast. He wakes up in the medical ward later, and is hugged by the relieved Kushina.
  • Kushina takes Minato up the spiral stairs that Mito showed her when she first came to Konoha to be the next jinchuriki. As Minato amazedly looks at the beautiful view of the hokage monuments, Kushina gazes lovingly at him, and names his new jutsu “Rasengan”.
  • The chapter ends with Kushina seeing Minato’s face beside the three hokage, heart full with love.

Fans who are yet to read this beautiful Minato one shot will find it on Manga Plus, the official manga platform of Shueisha.

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