How Powerful is Charmy in Black Clover?

One thing that differentiates Black Clover from other shounen anime is its strong female cast. There are many powerful female characters in the series, including some of the main cast, who have impressed the viewers with both their power and personalities. Charmy Pappiston is one of these characters. In this article, we’ll be talking about how powerful Charmy is in Black Clover.

Born as a human and dwarf hybrid, Charmy has two separate mana affinities: one for her Cotton Magic and another for her Food Magic. However, she has only one three-leaf clover grimoire, though the cover of the grimoire changes based on what kind of magic she’s using.

Glutton's Magic

  • Cotton Magic: Charmy’s Cotton Magic gives her the ability to manipulate cotton in every way. She can manipulate it into different shapes and sizes, and channel it into Creation Magic. Another way she uses her Cotton Magic is to make the things she creates from cotton into movable objects.
  • Food Magic: Her Food Magic is the more dangerous of the two attributes. This magic type allows her to consume other types of magic. Through this magic, Charmy manifests a huge figure of wolf behind her. The wolf carries cutleries in its hands and eats magic spells. Charmy’s iconic technique, Glutton’s Magic is an example of her Food Magic.
  • Since Charmy carries dwarf genes within her, she naturally appears as tiny, looking way younger than her true age. But thanks to her Reinforcement Magic, she can boost her physical abilities and change her appearance into that of a more age-appropriate form.

While Charmy appears cute and adorable, she’s not one to make light of as she’s a very capable wizard. Her rank as the 1st class Junior Magic Knight proves so. She also proves it fair and square during her fights, the recent one being when she attacks Damnatio in her rage in the current arc.

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