Monstrous Delights Await at ‘Blue Rock’ Collaboration Cafes in Tokyo, Osaka, and Aichi

Fans of the TV anime “Blue Rock” are in for a monstrous treat as a special collaboration cafe is set to open in Tokyo, Osaka, and Aichi. The collaboration, titled “TV Anime ‘Blue Rock’ Limited Time Shop & Collaboration Cafe ~Monster Part~ at Manga Exhibition,” will kick off on May 20th at the Tokyo Manga Exhibition in Ikebukuro, before making its way to other locations.

The visually captivating collaboration visual showcases the show’s main characters, Kiyoshi and Rin, transformed into haunting monsters. Kiyoshi dons a blood-stained shirt, while Rin is wrapped in bandages resembling a mummy.

Fans can get their hands on exclusive acrylic stands and cheki-style bromides featuring this unique artwork, which will be available for purchase at the venue. Additionally, there are pre-order sales of exclusive goods at the manga exhibition store until July 30th.

Blue Rock Collaboration Cafes
“Blue Rock” collaboration cafes in Tokyo, Osaka and Aichi, Kiyoshi and Rin |  Credit:

The collaboration menu is sure to delight fans, with drinks inspired by the anime’s characters. Each drink comes with a paper Eshin glass, paying homage to the mysterious Eshin Jinpachi.

To add to the excitement, ordering from the collaboration menu grants fans a chance to receive one of seven randomly distributed coasters. Moreover, a special paid benefit allows customers to receive a randomly attached acrylic coaster upon paying 600 yen, including tax.

Visitors to the collaboration cafes can also immerse themselves in the world of “Blue Rock” through stand-up panels and oversized character posters on display. Advance admission reservations are required for all dates, with limited availability on a first-come, first-served basis.

However, day-of registrations will also be accommodated, depending on the circumstances. Visitors will be treated to character sticker sheets, with two different designs available, depending on the period of their visit.

Don’t miss this thrilling opportunity to experience the monstrous world of “Blue Rock” at the collaboration cafes in Tokyo, Osaka, and Aichi. Indulge in delectable treats, exclusive merchandise, and a spine-chilling ambiance that will leave you captivated by the supernatural allure of the anime.

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