Flowerchild’s New GL Manga ‘A Face You Shouldn’t Show’ Debuts in Monthly Comic Yurihime

In the latest issue of Monthly Comic Yurihime, readers are in for a delightful treat with the debut color page of a brand new Girls Love (GL) manga series titled “A Face you shouldn’t show – Utsushicha dame na kao” by the talented artist Flowerchild.

This captivating manga takes us on a romantic journey set against the backdrop of the nighttime cityscape. The story revolves around an actress and a cabaret girl, exploring their blossoming relationship and the challenges they face as they navigate the complexities of love.

Flowerchild, known for their ability to beautifully depict emotions and capture the essence of relationships, brings their unique artistic style to this GL series. The debut color page showcases the stunning visuals and the expressive character designs that are sure to captivate readers.

Monthly Comic Yurihime, a renowned magazine dedicated to showcasing exceptional GL manga, continues to deliver compelling narratives that celebrate love and diversity.

“A Face you shouldn’t show – Utsushicha dame na kao” adds another gem to the magazine’s lineup, promising readers a heartwarming and immersive reading experience.

As fans eagerly anticipate the release of subsequent chapters, the debut color page serves as a tantalizing glimpse into the world Flowerchild has created.

The rich storytelling, combined with the beautifully crafted artwork, sets the stage for an emotional and captivating journey that will resonate with GL manga enthusiasts.

The latest issue of Monthly Comic Yurihime, featuring the exciting debut of “A Face you shouldn’t show – Utsushicha dame na kao,” is now available, inviting readers to dive into a tale of love, self-discovery, and the beauty that unfolds when two souls connect.

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