Sequel Series ‘Silent Don -Another Final Chapter’ Begins in Grand Jump Magazine

In an exciting development for fans of the hit manga series “Silent Don,” Tatsuo Nitta’s new sequel, titled “Silent Don -Another Final Chapter,” has made its debut in the latest issue of Grand Jump (Shueisha) released on May 17th.

Originally serialized in Weekly Manga Sunday, “Silent Don” is a chivalrous comedy that follows Shizuya Kondo, an office worker by day and the third president of the renowned Shinsen-gumi gang in the Kanto region.

Nitta’s hilarious depiction of Kondo’s struggles to rid the world of the yakuza has captivated readers for years. With over 46 million copies sold in the paper version and increasing popularity in e-book format, the series has seen adaptations in various media, including TV dramas and movies.

Silent Don -Another Final Chapter
Silent Don -Another Final Chapter

The inspiration for the new series came from a collaboration with Yamashita Kazumi’s documentary project, “Setagaya’s Oldest Western-style House Owner,” announced in Grand Jump.

Nitta is actively involved in supporting Yamashita’s efforts to preserve Meiji architecture and the former Ozaki residence. In this latest installment, the characters of “Silent Don” reflect on the events leading up to the acquisition of the Western-style building.

The current issue of Grand Jump features “Silent Don -Another Final Chapter” on the cover, accompanied by an exciting 40-page color spread. Additionally, readers will also find a special episode of Zebrak and Yanjan!

Furthermore, the Shueisha version of the “Silent Don” e-book will be available for distribution through Zebrak and Yanjan, starting with volumes 1 to 36, with subsequent volumes being added gradually.

Fans of the “Silent Don” series are eagerly diving into this new chapter, anticipating more comedic gangster antics and hilarious encounters.


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