Oda’s Tribute To Editor Habuto When His Daughter Was Born

One Piece has cemented its position as one of the most beloved and iconic manga series of all time. The manga’s creator Eiichiro Oda has always said that the success of One Piece has been a joint effort of him and his team, and it couldn’t be possible without the assistants and the editors. 

Needless to say, the staff who’s working for or previously worked for One Piece have always maintained the lovability of the series and how it has been an honor to be associated with it. They have also expressed their praise to Oda on numerous occasions.

Eiichiro Oda’s good relationship with his editors is once again proven when an old illustration drawn by the mangaka resurfaces. In the illustration, Luffy is holding up a smiling baby girl while Nami, Sanji, Ussop and Chopper celebrate the baby cheerfully in the background. There’s also that unique autograph of Oda right under the illustration.

The illustration was drawn by Oda in celebration of the birth of Habuta’s daughter. Habuta used to be one of the editors of One Piece. When his child was born, Oda celebrated the happy occasion in his own style. Oda’s tribute to Habuta is as wholesome as it is heartwarming. 

Habuta later recalled the moment with much happiness and expressed heartily how much he appreciated the gesture. According to him, it was the happiest moment in his career ever since he became an editor. It’s a high praise indeed, and Oda’s tribute shows the goodwill between the mangaka and the rest of the people associated with it.

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