Black Clover Volume 23.5 Revealed Princia’s History

Princia Funnybunny is the 11th Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom. Though she doesn’t have a major role in the manga yet, Princia plays a major antagonist in the new Black Clover movie: Sword of the Wizard King. There wasn’t much known about her, but in Black Clover Volume 23.5, her past is finally revealed.

Black Clover Volume 23.5 is a special booklet that came along with the new movie and was given to the attendees in Japan. The booklet contains many things including special character sketches from the movie, the interview of the cast and staff of the movie, and some new inside information about some of the characters in the movie, including Princia.

History of Princia in Black Clover

According to the new information, Princia had a very sad life. She was born as the eldest child in a noble family fallen from grace. Her family was peaceful and just, and wanted to govern their land to peace and prosperity. However, other noble families were greedy and took over their land. 

As the nobles continued to harass her family, Princia stepped into the battlefield to protect her family and loved ones after she received her grimoire. She joined the Magic Knights, and was put in the Blue Roses squad. As a Magic Knight she continued to thrive, coming to be known by all as undefeatable. 

I. Becoming Wizard King

Princia Funnybunny

The royal faction took advantage of Princia’s popularity, and in order to increase their influence more in the kingdom, almost forcefully instilled the woman as the 11th Wizard King.

During Princia’s stint as the new Wizard King, the war against the Diamond Kingdom went on, and she joined the front lines to battle the enemies. But as the war neared its conclusion, Princia’s family and land were taken hostage by some wizards from the Diamond Kingdom.

II. Betrayal

Fearing Princia would leave the front lines to go save her family, her generals hid this horrible news from her. She kept on fighting for her kingdom while her family got killed. Princia’s heroic victory came in exchange for her losing something very precious to her.

After the war when she came to know of this, Princia exploded in rage and attacked her generals. The nobles took this opportunity to strip her of her title and sealed her magic before sending her to prison. They used her to win the war against the Diamond Kingdom, then discarded her cruelly.

III. Princia’s Ending in Black Clover

Some time later, bandits attacked the village Princia was imprisoned at. Even though her magic was sealed, she decided to fight the bandits and tried to protect the villagers. However, her lack of magic soon proved to be fatal, and she sacrificed her life fighting the bandits in order to protect innocent villagers.

Princia’s past is heartbreaking and it reveals not only the tragedies in her life, but also the darkness of the royal system of the Clover Kingdom. Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King features three other former Wizard Kings: the 16th Wizard King Jester, the 20th Wizard King Edward and the 27th Wizard King Conrad. The movie is currently streaming on Netflix, having been released on June 16, 2023.

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