Noelle or Mimosa: Who is the best Black Clover Girl?

Noelle Silva and Mimosa Vermillion are major characters in the fantasy series Black Clover. Hailing from noble families, both of them are talented young women who became Magic Knights at the same time, Noelle joined the Black Bulls and Mimosa joined Golden Dawn. Their similarities lead to a question: Noelle or Mimosa: who’s the best Black Clover girl?

To answer this question, we’ll have to look into their characters individually, and based on several aspects like power, appearance and popularity, decide who gets the title of the best girl: Noelle or Mimosa.

Noelle and Mimosa have many similarities between them: they are both from noble families and are cousins, both aspire to become powerful and both harbor a crush on Asta. But despite these similarities, they couldn’t be more different. So, who claims the title of the best Black Clover girl? Let’s find out.

I. Based on Power

Noelle or Mimosa

Since Noelle and Mimosa are both from noble families, they possess incredible amounts of magical power and very strong grimoires. Both of their grimoires are three-leafed, with Noelle using Water Magic and Mimosa using Plant Magic

At the beginning of the story, Noelle was considerably weaker than her peers, including Mimosa, because of her lack of control over her magic. But after joining the Black Bulls, Noelle gets better and becomes one of the strongest members of her squad. Mimosa has also become strong, but compared to Noelle who showcased incredible growth, we have to give this round to Noelle.

In the recent chapters, Noelle makes a contract with the dragon Leviathan and earns her Valkyrie Armor: Dragon Form. With this, she surpasses this power competition against Mimosa.

II. Based on Appearance

While looks depend on the aesthetic sensibility of each individual, the author of Black Clover has made his views clear. According to the story, Noelle is canonically the second most beautiful woman in the Clover Kingdom, right after Charlotte Roselei. Mimosa is the third prettiest female character. So, clearly, Noelle wins this round also.

III. Based on Personality

Noelle Silva vs Mimosa Vermillion

Personality is where the girls differ the most. At the beginning of the story, Noelle is seen to be a spoiled and arrogant person, looking down on commoners and insulting them thoughtlessly. However, it’s soon understood that Noelle actually isn’t like that; it’s just a  protective armor she wears to hide her insecurities.

Mimosa, on the other hand, is a kind and gentle girl. Despite her soft nature, she’s emotionally very strong and optimistic. She’s also very loyal and thoughtful, staying kind and friendly towards Noelle even when everyone mocked Noelle for her weakness. 

A true example of Mimosa’s strong nature comes forward in the recent chapter of Black Clover as she talks to the frightened civilians and inspires them not to give up hope. So, Mimosa’s personality clearly wins over Noelle’s.

IV. Based on Popularity

Noelle and Mimosa are both very popular characters, earning high ranks in every popularity poll of the series. But Noelle has stayed significantly higher than Mimosa in each popularity poll. In fact in the two recent ones, the fifth and sixth popularity poll, Noelle has earned the top spot in both while Mimosa appears at #15 and #13 spots respectively.

Needless to say, the water mage is the easy winner on the basis of popularity.


We’re at the conclusion now and have found our answer to the question: Noelle or Mimosa, who’s the best Black Clover girl. And the answer is Noelle Silva, obviously. She is undoubtedly the best female character in Black Clover, having shown incredible growth in both character and power. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more amazing feats from her and Mimosa in the future.

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