My Hero Academia Season 7 New Visual Revealed!

Fans of My Hero Academia can take a moment to rejoice because the new visual of season 7 is finally out. Earlier today the studio released the new teaser visual, featuring Deku, clad in his U.A. uniform with his tattered yellow cape wrapped around his neck and flying in the air.

There have been many talks about the anime getting a seventh season, but now with the teaser visual out, it’s finally confirmed. But the date of release of the season is yet to be announced.

But fans are hoping to not have to wait too long and see their favorite heroes next year. My Hero Academia has been consistent and diligent with their release of every new season, so that hope isn’t too out of reach.

Season 6 ended with Deku coming back to U.A. after his solo vigilante stint, and now he’s finally together with his classmates. My Hero Academia season 7 will pick up from after that and feature the Final War Arc of the manga series. However, it will depend on the number of episodes decided for the season to estimate how far of the story the new season would cover.

If season 7 is released next week, that’d give the manga plenty of time to get ahead. The Final Arc has been lengthy and intense, with the main characters finally getting their conclusions. 

The stakes are also very high for everyone, both heroes and villains, and the battle scenes are more spectacular than ever. So, fans can expect to see some very dynamic and emotional fights in My Hero Academia Chapter 7.

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