Toga Unveils Her Feelings For Dabi in My Hero Academia Chapter 391

Now that the spoilers and raw scans of My Hero Academia Chapter 391 are out, we finally get a glimpse into Toga’s feelings. Her emotions and encounter with Uraraka are the focus of the upcoming chapter. In this chapter, Uraraka finally understands her nemesis’ feelings, seeing the true self of Toga under the murderous villain persona.

The previous chapter of My Hero Academia finally concluded the emotional battle between Dabi and his estranged family, leading to an unconscious Shoto, and the unknown fates of Dabi and Endeavor. As the fire is extinguished in the forest, Toga wonders whether Dabi is dead and if he could smile in his last moments.

Toga's Feelings

The apparent death of Dabi hurt Toga badly who laments that she lost another friend. It shows Toga’s true feelings that despite being mentally unstable, she isn’t above feeling love and companionship for her friends. 

Ever since she joined the League of Villains, she’s come to love her teammates as her own family. This has a reason too, since unlike Toga’s real family, her teammates accepted her just the way she was.

Her bond with Twice and Dabi in particular are quite close since she’s often seen interacting with them. Toga possibly considers Dabi as a brother-figure and a close friend who once shared her obsession with Stain, and felt rejected by his family just like Toga did. 

Needless to say, Dabi’s death deeply impacted her, and it will possibly cause her to unleash her powers even more. The death of Twice hurt Toga badly and led her to be able to use his Quirk as her own. This may also be the case for Dabi too. It’d be very interesting to see Toga using Dabi’s Quirk.

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