(MHA) Dabi vs Shoto: Who would win? Power Comparison 2023

As you may have witnessed the growing popularity of shounen anime and manga, one name is sure to pop up in your mind- My Hero Academia, written by Kohei Horikoshi. Focusing on that, we will be talking about two of the strongest characters from MHA: Dabi and Shoto. We bring you a detailed analysis of their quirks, abilities, weakness and a comparison of a fight between them- Dabi vs Shoto: who would be the ultimate winner?

The answer to that question is pretty simple if we consider everything that we know so far about them. Shoto wins with his achieved balance of two powerful quirks and will overpower Dabi. On the other hand, in terms of brute force and firepower, Dabi’s quirk is far more powerful than Shoto’s and even Endeavor.

In a battle of Dabi vs Shoto, the most important point to look at is that Dabi can only overpower Shoto at the expense of himself. Dabi lacks absolute mastery over his attacks, unlike Shoto. Evidently, Dabi’s flames also sometimes depend on his emotions.

The damage he sustains each time he throws an attack is too much, requiring him to have a cool-down time lag. This means that it would be difficult for him to last in a battle against Shoto. Therefore, eventually, Shoto having more advantages, especially with his battle strategy, would win.

With that being said, let’s look at their capabilities and overall powers in detail below.

How Strong is Dabi?


Dabi, a.k.a Toya Todoroki, is Endeavor’s son, elder to Shoto. Having been abused by Endeavor with his inhumane training, he ended up burning himself to death on a mountain. To his bad luck, he was found by All for One and treated at the facility to be a vessel such as Shigaraki.

Dabi_My Hero Academia

He later joined the League of Villains and went against several characters in the manga. His overall life has been nothing but a series of twisted and misfortunate events.

Dabi’s Quirk-

Dabi’s quirk is known as Cremation. It allows him to generate majestic blue flames through his body. His firepower is superior to Endeavor. You could say that he has the most destructive and hottest firepower in MHA so far. Additionally, his flames become stronger or rather more rampant when he feels strong emotions.


  • 1) Absolute offense-

Dabi’s flames have always overwhelmed his opponents in a battle. Due to the enormous amount of flames that he can generate and control, Dabi’s offense is almost unavoidable. It’s extremely difficult for his opponents to take a direct hit from him and survive to fight the rest of the battle.

  • 2) Massive firepower-

The brute force of his firepower had already surpassed Endeavor’s when he was just a child. As a result, Dabi always uses his firepower to attack and even as a defense tool.

Additionally, his flames were so massive that he burnt a whole mountain, turning everything present there to ashes. Dabi’s firepower is by far the strongest in MHA.

  • 3) Cold Resistance-

Dabi inherited resistance to freezing temperatures from his mother. Despite it making his body incompatible with his quirk, it also gives him an advantage against any ice-based attacks/quirk. Therefore, he was able to overpower Geten.

  • 4) Battle strategy-

From time and time, Dabi has proved to shake up his opponent during battle and in general as well. He cleverly provokes them and breaks their confidence by questioning their worth and morality.

One clear example of it is when he accurately analyzed Shigaraki’s intentions and personality upon their first meeting. Dabi also proved his intellect when he successfully executed his plan to capture Bakugo Katsuki during the Vanguard Action Squad Invasion.

  • 5) Incredible Endurance-

Given Dabi’s quirk, it should have been impossible for him to survive. Instead, he managed to survive his own flames that burnt his body every time he used his quirk.

He was able to remain alive after unleashing his firepower at maximum when he was found by All for one. Despite the anatomical disadvantage, Dabi managed to refine his quirk.


  • 1) Incompatible body-

Dabi’s major and unfortunate weakness is his body. It is cold-resistance instead of heat-resistance. He can only use his quirk at an expense of himself. On top of that, he has the strongest firepower resulting in constant damage to his body.

  • 2) Battle IQ-

Dabi is a long-ranged and offensive fighter. Using his overwhelming flames, he always uses brute force of his firepower. Due to this, he frequently needs a cool-down time which is a disaster if the fight lasts long. He doesn’t have refined and well-thought-out attacks.

  • 3) Average Agility-

Given his massive fire attacks, Dabi has never really paired it with the overwhelming speed in any of his battles. Due to his body sustaining damage from his quirk, it also deprives him of the speed and agility required in the battle against strong and agile opponents.

  • 4) Average hand-to-hand combat skills-

We have always seen him depend on his firepower and long-ranged attacks during a fight. Dabi rarely ever attacks his opponents with combat skills. If his quirk were to be disabled or damage his body enough, he would immediately lose the battle.

How Strong is Shoto Todoroki?


Shoto Todoroki is one of the protagonists of MHA and the youngest son of Endeavor. Just like Dabi, he too was put through inhumane training by his father. As a result, he grew up hating his father and swore not to use the firepower that he inherited from his father.

Shoto_My Hero Academia

When Shoto enrolled in U.A. High School, he was always quiet and didn’t interact much with his classmates. However, over the course, his character development was remarkable.

Shoto was able to break through his walls and make peace with trauma. He even managed to give Endeavor a chance and start over their broken relationship. As of now, Shoto is definitely one of the strongest U.A. High School students with immense potential.

Shoto’s Quirk-

Half-cold Half-hot: Shoto inherited both his parents’ quirks. He can generate ice from the right side of his body and fire from his left. However, due to his grudge against his father, Shoto never used his flames and always used his cold side.

When Midoriya questioned and argued about this with him, Shoto was able to break through his walls of hatred and embrace his quirks. He then began practicing both of his quirks.


  • 1) Versatility

Having two powerful quirks gives Shoto a very wide range of attacks. He can use his quirks simultaneously during a fight. This gives him stability, and he can protect himself from either freezing or overheating.

As a result, we see him experimenting a lot with his quirk and coming up with clever moves such as Flashfreeze Heatwave. Additionally, he is also a bright student academically.

  • 2) Incredible agility

Shoto has always used his body to move around and utilize the full potential of his attacks. During most of his battles, he has shown incredible reflexes. For example, he was able to dodge Tenya’s Recipro Turbo, and during his fight against Stain, he was able to avoid most of his attacks.

  • 3) Combat skills

Not only does Shoto have powerful quirks, but he has also trained his body to be strong. He has proven many times that he can last in a fight even without using his quirk to the fullest. One notable instance is when he defeated villains at Unforeseen Simulation Joint (U.S.J).

  • 4) Battle IQ

Shoto has always come up with clever strategies against his opponents. As much as he uses his body during a fight, he is constantly analyzing everything and manages to come up with creative and clever solutions.

We see his incredible smartness during the Hosu Incident. Shoto was able to reach the location of the battle with very little information he was given. On top of that, he can quickly analyze everything and save everyone.

  • 5) Incredible concentration

Shoto never wavers during any of his battles. He doesn’t allow himself to get carried away by his emotions and gets the job done. Even during some of the most life-threatening situations, he has been able to remain calm and come up with a strategy.

One notable incident was during his fight with Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu in Joint Training Battle.


  • Two quirks

It’s no doubt Shoto is very powerful, having inherited two quirks. However, due to his quirks being opposite of each other, he is required to constantly stabilize his body temperature.

He cannot use either of his quirks alone for long. Initially, when he only used his ice-side, we see him reaching his freezing point quite early during battles.

  • Unstable flames

Due to Shoto refusing to use flames, he didn’t refine his hot side. As a result, his fire-based attacks are not as refined as his ice-based attacks.

To use Endeavor’s Flashfire fist, Shoto had to train beyond his capabilities. Therefore, overall his flames aren’t his best and most refined asset.

  • Over-competitive

Shoto always pushes himself a lot more than he is required to. Having the presence of mind to withdraw from a fight that might lead to his death is something that he lacks.

As a result, his overall techniques drop in quality when he drags himself beyond his endurance, putting his life in unnecessary danger.

Dabi vs Shoto: Who would win?

Based on their overall powers alone, having Dabi vs Shoto, it is clear that Shoto wins in this case. Regardless of Dabi possessing the strongest firepower, he can’t be the last person standing.

Dabi vs Shoto_My Hero Academia

Before he can even show all of his attacks, his body would be charred. Shoto having a clear advantage and more skills, would defeat Dabi in a one-on-one battle. Even if Dabi were to unleash his maximum firepower, Shoto also has refined his ice-side.


He is able to cast an entire glacier, for example. Combine that with his incredible battle IQ and agility; he is likely to survive Dabi’s lethal flames. Therefore, Dabi having a clear disadvantage and lack of certain skills, will lose to Shoto.

Furthermore, we have compared Dabi vs Shoto based on various factors below:

1) Based on Strength- 

If we compare both of their overall strength, Shoto wins here. He is more durable than Dabi. Dabi loses here due to his incompatible body, which also doesn’t allow him to possess any notable physical strength.

2) Based on Quirk-

Dabi’s quirk is the strongest in terms of brute force. Any naïve opponent would succumb to his majestic flames. However, his quirk is incompatible with his body as well as a little unstable.

Dabi hasn’t been able to refine his attacks fully. On the other hand, Shoto having two quirks grants him the ability to protect his body from freezing as well as overheating. Due to this, he also has a wide range of attacks as compared to Dabi. Therefore, Shoto wins here.

3) Based on Speed-

Dabi has shown some incredible speed during his battle with Geten. Regardless of his limited stamina, he was able to defeat him. However, when we compare his speed of attacks as well as his physical reflexes with Shoto’s, they fall short.

Shoto was able to react to Dabi’s Jet Burn and Flashfire fist, as we have seen in the recent chapters. Therefore, Shoto wins here.

4) Based on Techniques-

Dabi is a long-ranged and ruthless fighter. He always relies on his quirk and uses minimal physical combat skills. Most of his attacks are him unleashing his flames toward his opponent.

He lacks the mastery and absolute refining of his flames. On the other hand, Shoto utilizes the full potential of his attacks with his agility and combat skills. Therefore, Shoto wins here.

5) Based on Fire powers-

Having the strongest and hottest flames, Dabi is a clear winner. His flames surpassed Endeavor’s rights since he was a child. On the other hand, it’s doubtful that Shoto’s flames could ever surpass Dabi’s. If it’s a battle having Dabi vs Shoto based solely on firepower, Dabi wins here.

6) Based on Weakness-

When we look at Dabi and Shoto’s weaknesses, Dabi has more disadvantages. Firstly, his incompatible body; then the lack of physical strength due to his body being constantly damaged. Secondly, his ruthless fighting style.

It would be impossible for Dabi to survive if he chooses to go all out against Shoto. Shoto, on the other hand, does not have any such restrictions. Therefore, Shoto has fewer weaknesses overall wins here.

Shoto vs Dabi_My Hero Academia


So the conclusion of the battle, Dabi vs Shoto, Shoto is likely to win. It’s no doubt they both are two of the strongest characters in MHA. If Shoto has two quirks, Dabi also has an unwavering will and the strongest firepower.

Currently, their battle against each other has just begun in the manga. The plot could dip in either of their favor. We shall wait for Horikoshi to give us an ultimate answer.

On that note, we end our article here. We hope that you made it to the end of our article. We will be back with more such articles where we discuss and analyze various other characters, manga or anime. Until then, stay tuned!

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