Top 20 Strongest Characters in My Hero Academia of All Time (MHA 2023)

With My Hero Academia hitting its 8th Anniversary this year, the manga sure is down many chapters. More plot, more chapters, and more characters and development. So, today we will be discussing the strongest characters in My Hero Academia of all time as per the latest manga chapter, 362.

20) Shinso Hitoshi

strongest characters in My Hero Academia- shinso hitoshi

Hitoshi was initially not even in the hero course. However, after the sports festival, his quirk caught everyone’s attention. He proved that he has one of the lethal quirks, Brainwash, and the skills to master it. Therefore, he enrolled in the hero course. As the plot progressed, Hitoshi continued improving his quirk. He also mastered a capturing weapon, Binding Cloth.

Therefore, with a powerful quirk, skills, and smart utilization of everything he’s got, Hitoshi is one of the strongest characters in My Hero Academia.

19) Shimura Nana


Nana is the 7th user of One for All and the only woman to wield it. She is also Shigaraki’s paternal grandmother and gave up her life fighting All for One. She passed OFA to All Might, making him the 8th user of the quirk. Although, we didn’t see much of her in the series since it started long after she was no more.

Nana was already strong enough to wield the quirk when she received it from the 6th user. And this fact is enough to prove her prowess as one of the strongest characters in My Hero Academia.

18) Togata Mirio


Mirio is the brightest student of UA High and one of the strongest characters in MHA, even without his quirk. He is strong-willed and has a great sense of justice. Therefore, he was supposed to receive OFA if All Might hadn’t met Midoriya.

His quirk, Permeation, is one of the hardest quirks to master but also one of the strongest if used well. Mirio successfully mastered his quirk and is currently fighting Shigaraki in the manga.

17) Bubaigawara Jin


Jin, aka Twice, is one of the strongest characters in My Hero Academia, so much so that it seems Horikoshi had to get rid of him. Otherwise, he single-handed would have overpowered everyone. This is also the reason Hawks eliminated him right at the beginning due to his dangerous potential.

The only reason Twice wasn’t the strongest character is because of his trauma restricting him from using the full potential of his quirk, Double. However, when he did overcome it, he was invincible with his Sad Man’s Parade.

16) Hakamada Tsunagu


Tsunagu aka Jeanist is the No.3 pro hero. He is currently fighting against Shigaraki alongside the students. His quirk, Fiber Master, allows him to manipulate any kind of fiber to exist. Therefore, his mastery over his quirk is simply expectational.

He is skilled enough to retrain several villains such as Gigantomachia, Nomu, Shigaraki, Dabi, Mr. Compress, Spinner, etc. Apart from his quirk, he is a master strategist and possesses a strong personality. He even managed to tame Bakugo during his training.

15) Kamihara Shinya


Shinya, aka Edgeshot is the current No.4 pro hero. His hero rank is enough to acknowledge him as one of the strongest characters in My Hero Academia.

His quirk Foldabody is lethal since it allows him to mold his body how so ever he wants. Thanks to his exceptional mastery over his quirk, he can stretch his limbs as thin as razor-sharp needles and pierce his opponent with speed faster than that of a sound.

14) Usagiyama Rumi


Rumi aka Mirko is the No. 5 pro hero. She is incredibly athletic and possesses insane leg strength. If that wasn’t enough, she is incredibly agile, strong, and has superhuman hearing. Her quirk itself is called Rabbit, which gives her rabbit-like abilities such as sharp hearing, strong legs, and speed.

She fought against High-End Nomu and even overpowered it. She has been a true hero throughout the manga and always thinks of the bigger picture as she never gives up, even in life-threatening situations.

13) Takami Keigo


Keigo, aka Hawks, is the current No.2 pro hero and is worthy of the rank in all aspects. Due to his quirk, Fierce Wings, he has a pair of bright red wings growing out of his back, giving him the ability to fly. He can also control each feather of his wings telekinetically.

Therefore, to utilize his quirk, he mastered his control over his feathers and can harden them like razor blades to use as a lethal weapon. Hawks has lived a tragic life full of emotional abuse and poverty. He overcame it all with his absolute resolve and firm mental strength.

12) Todoroki Toya


Toya, aka Dabi, is the eldest son of Endeavor. But his misfortune is such that he was born with a quirk that his body is incompatible with. He has the strongest firepower in verse, but his body is cold resistant instead of heat.

Therefore, due to Endeavor’s abuse and inhumane training, Dabi ended up being entangled with All For One at his facility. And later became a part of the League of Villains. We’ve seen him in enough action against several powerful characters to acknowledge him as one of the strongest characters in My Hero Academia.

11) Todoroki Shoto


Shoto is one of the protagonists of the series. He possesses one of the most convenient and powerful quirks, Half-hot-half-cold. He can generate fire from the left side of his body and ice from the right.

Despite two contrasting abilities, luckily, he is resistant to both heat and cold. Therefore, he was able to master his quirk and establish a state of equilibrium. This is also why he could defeat Dabi despite the latter possessing the strongest firepower.

Shoto is also anticipated to become the No.1 pro hero out of all the current gen students.

10) Todoroki Enji


Enji, aka Endeavor, is the current No.1 pro hero. Throughout his career, he aspired to be number 1, and he achieved it. His quirk, Hellflame, allows him to generate brutal flames from his body. He mastered his quirk and became one of the strongest characters in My Hero Academia.

Endeavor showed us the maximum character development compared to any other character. From being consumed by his ambition to trying and rectifying his mistakes, he changed our opinion of him.

9) Nine


Nine was introduced to us in the My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising movie. He is the main antagonist of this movie and extremely powerful at that. His quirk, Weather Manipulation, allows him to manipulate the weather. Additionally, he possesses eight other quirks thanks to him owning a duplicate of All For One with the help of Dr. Kyudai Garaki.

Nine’s quirk is too powerful for his body to sustain, and therefore, he wears life-support tubes. However, despite that, he is one of the strongest villains that uses his quirks efficiently.

8) Aizawa Shota


Shota, aka Erasure Head, is the homeroom teacher of Hero Class 1-A. He possesses an extremely useful quirk, Erasure, that allows him to “erase” the quirk of the person he’s looking at. This gives him and his comrades a major advantage in a battle. Currently, in the manga, his quirk is the major reason Shigaraki hasn’t been able to eliminate his entire team.

Additionally, Shota’s quirk comes with few conditions. If he blinks, the effect of his quirk will break. Therefore, he has to look at the person without blinking for as long as possible. But despite that, he has mastered his quirk and is easily one of the strongest characters in My Hero Academia.

7) Gigantomachia


Gigantomachia is one of the villains of MHA that possess an insane physical strength. He is a walking experiment and “product” of Dr. Kyudai Garaki. Originally, his quirk, Endurance allows him to convert his morale/emotions into physical prowess. Therefore, he can increase his strength as much as he wants.

Gigantomachia is also trained and designed to be a perfect bodyguard of AFO by combining several quirks. So much so that he is blindly and only loyal to AFO as we see that merely his voice recording is enough to command him. Without AFO, he is unstoppable and would attack anyone before him. We saw several powerful characters, such as League of Villains, Shigaraki, and Jeanist, struggling to even defend themselves from him.

6) High-End Nomu


Dr. Kyudai Garaki has created several nomus, but Hood or High End is one of his intelligent nomu capable of some verbal communication. As we see during his battle with Endeavor and Hawks, he gave both of them a tough time. Both the pro heroes almost lost their lives trying to defeat him. So there’s no chance we can leave him off our list.

As a high-end nomu, Hood is capable of several things such as regeneration, muscle manipulation, shapeshift, battle IQ, etc. One of his quirks, Storage, allows him to store up to nine people/beings within his body and can also suspend them as he wishes.

5) Chisaki Kai


Kai, aka Overhaul, is one of the insanely strong characters of My Hero Academia. His quirk, Overhaul, allows him to deconstruct any matter that he touches and reconstruct it as per his desired configuration. So, the fatality of his quirk is simply overwhelming. More so since he can use it on himself and merge with any other person. By doing this, he can even use their quirk.

His mastery over his quirk is exceptional, and therefore, he utilizes the full potential of his quirk. However, the only drawback of his quirk is that it resides in his arms. So if his arms are destroyed, he can no longer use his quirk.

4) Cathleen Bate


Cathleen, aka Star and Stripe, is the No.1 pro hero of the US. Her quirk, New Order, allows her to establish any type of condition on any living and non-living thing by simply touching and calling its name. However, she can only put set two rules at a time.

Along with New Order, she possesses another quirk, Fist Bump to the Earth, that allows her to create a massive clone of herself made up of solidified air. This clone mimics her movements and is invisible, giving her a huge advantage in battles.

Apart from her quirk, Cathleen is muscular and has insane physical strength and combat skills. Therefore, she is worthy of her title and is one of the top strongest characters in My Hero Academia.

3) Shimura Tenko (with AFO)


Tenko is currently an invincible villain. Several powerful characters such as Big 3, Jeanist, Erasure Head, and Bakugo have succumbed to his prowess. All this while two of his strongest quirks, AFO and Decay, being deactivated by Erasure Head and Monoma.

As he is constantly shapeshifting and evolving until his body achieves a stable form to adapt to AFO, Tenko is a fatal threat. Midoriya is the only one with enough probability to restrain him. The upcoming chapters of the manga shall give us some answers.

2) Midoriya Izuku (with OFA)


Izuku is currently the second strongest character in My Hero Academia, considering his latest progress with OFA and also the main protagonist. He holds the maximum potential to become an OP character of the verse.

In fact, his quirk is so powerful that he has to use a limited amount of it to keep living. And now that he can access Blackwhip, his strength increased several folds. Therefore, we shall wait for the upcoming chapters to finally see him fight Tenko and enjoy an epic battle between two of the strongest characters in MHA.

1) Yagi Toshinori


Toshinori, aka All Might, is the former No.1 pro hero and the strongest character in MHA when the story began. He has utilized OFA as much as he could and defeated All For One. Even after passing his quirk to Midoriya and being heavily injured, he defeated several powerful villains that no other hero could.

He is also crowned as the “Symbol of Peace” since his existence is an assurance of safety amongst people. So, there’s no arguing about him winning first place in the list.

Now that we have covered all of the top 20 strongest characters in MHA of all time, we shall conclude the list. We may modify this list as the plot progresses and introduces more characters or shows the development of the current ones. Until then, feel free to browse through and enjoy some more interesting articles below.

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