20+ Hottest Anime Characters Female (Best Waifus of all time) 2023

Today, we prepared a list of 20+ hottest waifus of all times and also the ones that are popular as of 2022. If you live in the anime-manga world, you are no stranger to the popular slang- waifu. However, if you are, the term “waifu” is simply the way Japanese people pronounce the word “wife.” This term has become slang for the female characters that one admires, loves, and respects deeply. Let’s get right to it.

Note: The following list isn’t a ranking list. It is simply numbered.

1) Komi Shouko (Komi can’t communicate)

Komi Shouko

Shouko is the deuteragonist of the manga. She has a communication disorder which makes communicating/socializing with other people extremely difficult for her. This is to a point where she can’t even utter a single word regardless of how critical the situation is.

Additionally, she is so beautiful & elegant that everyone in her school treats her like a holy queen. They think so highly of her that they assume her to think of them as unworthy of her replies. While in reality, she’s struggling to even utter a word.

Her life takes an interesting turn when she befriends her classmate Tadano Hitohito. Thanks to Tadano, we get to see different sides of Komi. She turns out to be an extremely kind, friendly, and loving person. Therefore, she is one of the hottest waifus of 2022.

2) Yor Forger (Spy x Family)

Yor Forger

Yor Forger is a young woman living a simple life and regularly goes to work. However, that’s just what she wants everyone to think. In reality, she is an extremely skilled and powerful assassin hiding her real job from the world. She has incredible combat skills and is highly athletic. She began working as an assassin to support her younger brother and herself after they lost their parents.

Nevertheless, she is an extremely kind and just person. She genuinely cares about her fake family as she tries her best to be a good mother and a wife to Anya and Loid, respectively. She is also very protective of her fake family and highly respects them.

Due to the constant fear of getting caught while faking to be Anya’s mother, she often ends up overthinking and ends up in awkward situations. But that makes her all the more charming. She is a strong woman who loves both her real and fake family.

3) Zenin Maki (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Zenin Maki

Maki is one of the strongest female characters in JJK. Her bold, unbothered, and determined personality makes her one of the hottest waifus out there.

Despite being a non-sorcerer, she possesses incredible raw strength and combat skills. She fought against her own clan, which was full of corrupted and hypocritical people who mistreated her for being a non-sorcerer.

4) Rem (Re: Zero)


Rem is one of the supporting characters of the series and won hearts with his sweet personality. She is initially suspicious of Subaru, the MC but eventually notices that he is indeed a good person. This makes her one of the characters who could see Subaru’s true self before everyone else could.

As the plot progressed, she developed strong feelings for him and even proposed to him to marry her. While they were trapped in the terrible game of life and death, she lost her life protecting the people she loves.

As a demi-human, she is skilled at Water Magic and belongs to the Oni bloodline. She is naturally a powerful character with great combat skills.

5) Riaz Gremory (High School DxD)


Riaz, aka Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess, is the co-protagonist of the series. She is the heiress of the Gremory Clan and a pure-blood devil. She falls in love with the main protagonist, Issei, who is a human and her servant.

Riaz is tall, voluptuous, and bold. She is ruthless when it comes to protecting what’s hers. Throughout the series, we see her develop into a mature, strong-willed, humble, and true leader. She won the hearts of millions of fans right since her debut in the series. Every fan mutually agrees that she is one of the hottest waifus of all time.

6) Kitagawa Marin (My Dress-up Darling)


Marin is the protagonist of the series. She is a dedicated cosplayer and a massive otaku, as we always see her cosplaying different characters throughout the series.

She is bubbly, messy, and bright but mature when it comes to the things that really matter. Thanks to her non-judgmental and just personality, she befriends the main protagonist of the series, Gojo Wakana, who is an awkward and socially anxious person. Their classmates often made fun of him and took advantage of him.

Throughout the series, we see different sides of Marin and how she deals with life. Therefore, she is full of life and humility, and that makes her one of the hottest waifu out there.

7) Annie Leonhart (Attack on Titan)


Attack on Titan is full of all kinds of stunning characters. One of them is Annie Leonhart. She started off as a stoic, sarcastic, and highly skilled swordswoman. As the story progressed, she turned out to be a Female Titan whose mission was to find the Founding Titan along with her three fellow warriors.

As a trained warrior right since her childhood, Annie is strong, muscular, and has blond hair. Her intelligence, realistic outlook, and amazing character development throughout the series make her one of the hottest waifus.

8) Tamaki Kotatsu (Fire Force)


Tamaki is one of the soldiers of the third generation Fire Soldier. She is famous for being incredibly clumsy, due to which is always ends up in awkward situations. However, she is often insecure about her skills as a firing soldier and ends up being rude to those who confront her, especially if they’re lower rank soldiers.

As the plot progresses, she turns out to be a courageous woman with a strong sense of justice and trains hard to improve herself. Due to her Ignition Ability, she develops cat-like features such as cat ears, claws, and forked tails. Therefore, she is loved by the fans, and therefore, she deserves a place on our list.

9) Teruhashi Kokomi (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.)


Saiki’s life is full of quirky characters; one of them is Teruhashi Kokomi. She is god’s favorite human as there’s a divine aura surrounding her. Kokomi is designed to be the series’ most beautiful girl, so much so that people treat her like an angel or a queen. Fortune follows her everywhere she goes. Therefore, she is incredibly narcissistic and confident.

However, she believes that she must maintain her reputation as “the perfect girl” and, therefore, is nice and polite to everyone regardless of how she feels about them.

Apart from that, her striking trait is her bright blue hair and big eyes. As the series progressed, we found out that she indeed has a good heart and is loyal. She managed to convince Saiki and us the same. Therefore, Kokomi is one of the hottest waifus of all time.

10) Hori Kyouko (Horimiya)


Kyouko is the main protagonist of the series. Her beauty and cuteness are acknowledged by all her classmates. She is energetic, polite, and the life of the party. However, she is easily flustered and ends up causing damage to either herself or the opposite person.

Over time, she grew up to be responsible and get past her grief and issues. Her bright personality and spirit are simply admirable. Therefore, Kyouko added her name to the list of the hottest wafius of all time as of now.

11) Kawaragi Senju (Tokyo Revengers)


Tokyo Revengers is full of insanely powerful characters, and Senju is one of them. She is one of the strongest delinquents and the fifth division captain of second-generation Toman.

Senju is an extremely hardworking woman with a strong sense of justice and moral compass. She is protective of her gang and values its members. Despite the hardships in life, both physical and mental, she stood her ground and overcame them all.

12) Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)


Erza is one of the strongest characters in Fairy Tail. She is an S-class mage belonging to the Fairy Tail Guild. She is extremely hard working and meticulous. Therefore, she holds her guild members accountable if they cause any blunder. They are often scared that they might invoke her if they don’t take their work seriously.

With a headstrong and responsible personality, Erza is one of the hottest waifus of all time.

13) Adagaki Aki (Masamune Kun no Revenge)


Aki is the deuteragonist of the series. She is extremely cautious when it comes to situations that can hurt her. Therefore, she brutally rejects every guy that proposes to her and gives them humiliating nicknames in front of everyone so that they don’t dare to face her ever again. Thanks to this, she earned the title of “The Brutal Princess.”

Despite that, she is so gorgeous that people can’t help but fall for her. She has deep blue eyes and long blue hair that adds beauty to her grace. However, she harbors a secret that might completely change her reputation, and people might even bully her for that.

Nevertheless, Aki shows amazing character development as she gradually learns to get past her traumas and poor habits.

14) Violet Evergarden (Violet Evergarden)


Violet is the main protagonist of the series. The series itself is named after her. Violet is an extremely beautiful and graceful character battling various issues in her life.

She was a former soldier and a highly skilled one at that. However, she was treated as simply a weapon. Therefore, after the war, she decides to work as an Auto Memory Doll at a postal company to find meaning to various emotions and feelings. This was because she was trained to be a lethal weapon and, therefore, never understood human emotions.

Her extremely polite yet assertive and non-judgmental nature is admirable and makes her one of the most beautiful waifu.

15) Ayuzawa Misaki (Maid Sama)


Misaki is one of the OG waifus. She is the main protagonist of the series and is titled “Demon President.” She is headstrong, hardworking, and extremely determined at a very young age due to countless tragic events in her life.

Misaki is the president of the Student Council President of her high school. Therefore, she strictly carries out her duties and is responsible. She is also physically strong since she is capable enough of breaking a metal chain with bare hands. That already makes her one of the empowering and hottest waifus of all times.

As the plot progresses, she grows up to be a successful lawyer and travels around the world. And yes, she indeed marries Takumi Usui.

16) Nakiri Erina (Food Wars)


Erina is one of the most beautiful characters in the series and also a part of the main cast. The series is all about culinary brilliance and everything it takes to be an ultimate chef. So, she is the heiress of the Nakiri family and possesses the best palate in the world right since she was born.

Due to all the emotional abuse from her father to be the best, she is stern, rude, and extremely prideful. However, she is exceptionally talented and skilled to back her holier-thou-attitude as well. Over time, she unlearns the wrong teachings of her father and becomes a better person.

17) Tadokoro Megumi (Food Wars)


Megumi is part of the main cast of the series. However, she has the exact opposite personality to Erina. Megumi often underestimates herself and allows others to dominate her. She simply can’t be rude or unkind to anyone, even if she wants to.

However, Megumi is an extremely hardworking and knowledgeable country girl with a strong spirit. She proves her expertise and talent as a chef as the plot progresses. She gains her confidence back and stands tall, proving everyone wrong. and that makes her one of the hottest waifus.

18) Kanroji Mitsuri (Demon Slayer)


Mitsuri won hearts after the Swordsmith Village arc of the series. Before that, we only get a glimpse of her as the Love Hashira. However, as fans saw more of her, they couldn’t help but admire her, and therefore, she is undoubtedly one of the hottest waifus.

Mitsuri is extremely powerful and a skilled swordswoman who also unlocked her Slayer Mark. As for her personality, she never judges or holds a bad opinion about anyone. She always respects and admires everyone regardless of her relationship with them. This is also the reason she often overthinks and ends up being goofy.

19) Shimizu Kiyoko (Haikyuu)


Kiyoko is one of the supporting characters of the popular sports series, Haikyuu. She is the manager of Karasuno high’s Boys Volleyball team. She is so beautiful and elegant that the boys don’t dare talk to her about anything other than work.

And she is so stunning that she ends up catching everyone’s attention where ever she goes. This is also the reason that Karasuno’s team became famous as “the team with the beautiful manager”.

Kiyoko is a dedicated and responsible manager who deeply cares about her team. Additionally, she is introverted and only speaks when necessary. However, she is confident enough to make anyone conscious with merely her gaze.

She is unproblematic and simply a good-hearted person that everyone can’t help but admire.

20) Nami (One Piece)


Nami, aka the Cat Burglar, is a member of the Straw Hat Pirates. She joined them during the Orange Town arc and took up the role of navigator to fulfill her dream to make a map of the whole world.

However, as her name suggests, she was a mischievous burglar and even the Straw Hats with the intention of robbing them. However, as they go through various events together, she changes her mind and decides to join them genuinely.

Nami’s striking trait is her long orange hair and fashion sense, as we see in various pretty outfits throughout the series. Thanks to her character development and admirable personality, she is one of the OG and hottest waifu out there.

21) Reze (Chainsaw Man)


Reze, aka Lady Reze, is the main antagonist of the series. She is the Bomb Devil and, therefore, has two forms- The human form and the Hybrid form. Her striking trait is her sharp, green, and cat-like eyes, and she often ends up blushing clearly. Her overall personality caught the attention of the fans, and they couldn’t help but admire her.

However, that’s what she wanted others to think. She is a highly trained devil and would portray herself as kind and gentle simply to gain everyone’s trust. Even all the blushing was a part of her training.

Additionally, she successfully fulfilled most of her mission which proves her skills as a spy and antagonist.

Most Favorite:

1) Hinata (Naruto)


How can we forget Hinata, the hottest female anime character and the best waifu of all time? She is Naruto’s wife. In the Naruto series, she proved why she is best for the protagonist. Everyone dreams of their wife being like Hinata.

She is not only beautiful but also humble, caring, and strong. Hinata fell in love with Naruto in her childhood when he was still a loser, and no one liked him. It makes her even more popular and well-liked than Sakura, the lead female character in Naruto.

2) Robin (One Piece)

Robin One Piece

Another most desired waifu by everyone is Nico Robin. She is the hottest anime character (female) of all time. Based on personality, no one can outclass her. The way she talks, dresses, behaves, and fights make her one of the best and hottest waifus.

She is one of the lead female characters in One Piece, along with Nami. Both Robin and Nami are fan-favorite female characters, but they both are different. Robin ate Hana Hana no Mi, devil fruit that allows her to bloom her body parts from any surface within range. And it makes her even more beautiful.

And with Robin, our list of the hottest waifus of all times ends. We will be back with more articles covering various other interesting topics related to anime and manga. Feel free to browse through and read more of our carefully crafted articles.

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