Top 20 Hottest Anime Characters with Braids (2023)

Every character, with their unique looks and personality, serves to be the standing pillar in any anime. Fans hold them in a place of admiration and often tend to imitate their dress-ups or hairstyles. Nowadays, braids have surfaced as quite a popular hairstyle, loved by young females, with the fanbase extending to men as well. So, to keep up this very essence, here we bring to you our today’s article Top 20 Hottest Anime Characters with Braids. This article contains both the male and the female Anime Characters. To know more about them, let us begin with our article.

20) Meihua Shishan (Scissor Seven)


In the 20th position of Hottest Anime Characters with Braids, we have Meihua Shishan, a masked assassin. She possesses the skill of fighting with her hair. With the help of her powers, she can slice her target even from a great distance and can also make her blades float by casting Qi in them. Meihua, with the help of Qi, can also show another person what she sees.

19) Manami (Assassination Classroom) 


Following up, we have Manami, a girl who keeps her hair tied up in two braids. Meihua’s hair reaches just below her shoulders. Manami is a shy girl who has brown eyes and wears glasses.

She is quite a straightforward kind of person because of her lousy language skills. However, she is also blessed with high knowledge in the subject of Science. Meihua creates the strongest poisons that are used for assassinations, such as a smoke screen.

18) Saki Hanajima (Fruit Basket) 

Saki Hanajima

Next, we have Saki Hanajima, who is referred to as a scary girl by most of her classmates. She can send electric waves to people by sensing their waves. Saki Hanajima has sagged purple eyes, and she is a fair teenage girl.

She generally makes a long single braid which is kept to the front. Saki is blessed with the ability to see people’s aura and can even distinguish between good and bad intentions of people.

17) Suzuha Amane (Steins;Gate) 

Suzuha Amane

Suzuha Amane is described as an athletic girl who is having friendly nature towards people. She is skinny, has pale-colored skin, and has long brown hair usually kept tied in braids.

She does not like to share her problems with other people unless it is really important. Suzuha worked with Tennouji just because she has a keen interest in Braun Tubes. She likes to keep herself at a distance from other people, which depicts her caring nature.

16) Haruka Hashida (Blue Period)

Haruka Hashida

Haruka Hashida is a member of the Cram School. He has black straight hair, which is up to her waist length. Haruka is a girl having pointed ears, a slim waist, and wide shoulders. He is an eccentric boy, often referred to as a strange person because of his love for artwork. Haruka is quite cheerful and also likes to irritate people in the Cram School.

15) Megumi Tadokoro (Food Wars) 


Megumi Tadokoro is a girl with long dark blue colored hair. She likes to keep her long hair tied up in two braided pigtails. Megumi has rare yellow eyes and loves to clip the right side of her hair with a flower-shaped hairpin. She is accommodating and is always set to help others in need. Megumi is always calm and polite to everyone she speaks to.

14) Grayfia Lucifuge (High school)


Next, we have Grayfia Lucifuge, known as the Silver-Haired Queen of Annihilation and the Strongest Queen. She is a gorgeous woman, probably in her early twenties. She has silver-colored hair up to her back length. Grayfia likes to keep her hair tied up in a long braid and pairs it with small blue bows on both sides end. She also possesses the power to sharpen her magic powers.

13) Meguri Shiromeguri (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU)


Now, we have Meguri Shiromeguri, an upperclassman of the Service Club. She is a girl with brown curly hair. Her hair is of shoulder length, which is often kept tied up in two braids. Meguri even has held short fringes in front clipped with pink hairpins. She is a very positive and delighted person. She has excellent coordination skills.

12) Aladdin (Magi)


In the 12tposition of Hottest Anime Characters with Braids, we have Aladdin, who is a Magician. Aladdin is very short in height. He has blue-colored hair of medium length, which is tied up in one braid. Aladdin also keeps hair bangs of short length. Aladdin loves to interact and make new friends. With the help of his wind magic, he appears like a tornado.

11) Shuka Karino (Darwin’s Game) 

Shuka Karino

Following up, we have Shuka Karino, an essential member of the clan of Sunset Ravens. She is a short but charming girl. Shuka is quite fair and has crimson eyes. Her hair is extremely long and is of blond color, which she likes to keep tied up in braids. Shuka Karino is always seen wearing a dark red dress as she loves the color.

10) Aika Kiryuu (High School) 

Aika Kiryuu

Aika Kiryuu is a third-year student who wears glasses and has rare golden eyes. She has long hair, usually kept tied in two braids on each side. Aika has a very evil personality. She is learning magic and can create a powerful circle, which can cause explosions. Aika can also calculate the size of a male’s “manhood” just by a quick look.

9) Izumiko Suzuhara (Red Data Girl) 

Izumiko Suzuhara

Now, we have Izumiko Suzuhara, a fifteen-year-old young girl. Izumika Suzuhara is a beautiful pale-colored girl. Izumiko has thick brown hair of her thigh’s length, which she keeps tied into two braids. She is a timid girl as she never left Tamakura Shrine’s hand. She possesses the power to see things that normal human beings cannot see.

8) Sumire Kakei (Boruto) 

Sumire Kakei

Sumire Kakei is the class representative of the famous Boruto’s class. She is a tranquil girl who loves her classmates a lot. She never indulged in any sort of fight and is always respectful towards others. Sumire Kakei wanted to keep up her father’s memory, which was why she longed to become a Shinobi.

7) Angelene (A Certain Magical Index II) 


Angelene works in the paramilitary force and is a Roman Catholic Church nun. She is a small girl, lacking in courage. Angelena has a long hair of light brown color, which is usually kept tied in two braids.

Her magical powers refer to Apostle Matthew, who is a tax collector. She always wears loose-fitted clothes, with her hands and feet covered by the clothes.

6) Flare Corona (Fairy Tail) 

Flare Corona

In the 6th position of Hottest Anime Characters with Braids, we have Flare Corona. She is a slim, pale-looking girl with medium height and has dark red colored hair reaching up to her waist. She keeps her hair tied into braids.

Flare always look confused with an absent-minded expression. Later, she changed her tattoo of the Guild mark with the Sun Village, which is the sign of her village.

5) Mitsuri Kanroji (Demon Slayer) 

Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuri Kanroji is a young woman having average height. She is a woman with pale-colored skin, green eyes, and long beautiful eyelashes. With just six months of training, she managed to complete the Final Selection. Her muscle composition is eight times heavier than that of a regular human.

4) Retsu Unohana (Bleach) 

Retsu Unohara

Now, we have Retsu Unohara, a slim young woman who has blue-colored eyes and thick black hair. She always makes a long braid. Retsu is a girl with a very welcoming nature who speaks softly and is well-mannered. She possesses the magical powers of healing. Retsu is also a skilled and trained sword fighter. She never panics or stresses out in any kind of situation.

3) Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemist) 

Edward Elric

Following up, we have Edward Elric, a very short-height boy. He has really long golden colored hair, which he generally kept tied in a long braid down his shoulders. He has a child-like personality and is very determined also. Edward also practiced difficult workouts to remain fit. He is very short-tempered and very often ends up in a fight.

2) Draken (Tokyo Revengers)


Next, we have Draken, a teenager who is really tall. He received the title of vice-president of the Tokyo Manji Gang. He has long blond colored hair, which he keeps tied in a neat braid. Draken has sculptured muscles in his abdominal region. He loves opponents who are really strong and capable enough to fight with him.

1) Bulma (Dragon Ball Z)


In the 1st position of Hottest Anime Characters with Braids, we have Bulma, who is a brilliant scientist. She gets angry very easily, acting manly and girly simultaneously. Bulma is a very slim girl having a fair complexion. She usually keeps her hair tied up in a long braided ponytail and also uses a red ribbon.

With this, we conclude our article onTop 20 Hottest Anime Characters with Braids.” Hope you all found this article interesting and informative. We will be back with another article. Till then, enjoy reading other posts from our website.

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