Mitsuri or Shinobu: Who is the Best Demon Slayer Girl

Demon Slayer not only has an intriguing plot but it also boasts a great female cast. Despite their small number, the women in the series are all well-written, great characters. Two of them are the two Hashira: Mitsuri Kanroji and Shinobu Kocho. But Mitsuri or Shinobu, who’s the best Demon Slayer girl?

Mitsuri is the Love Hashira, and Shinobu is the Insect Hashira as well as the one in-charge of healing in the Demon Slayer Corp. They both play significant roles in the story and make lasting impressions. So we’ll compare them based on several aspects, including strength, looks and popularity, to find who’s the best girl, Mitsuri or Shinobu.

I. Based on Strength

Mitsuri vs Shinobu

If we consider strength, we’d have to give this round to Mitsuri. Not only is she incredibly powerful in brute strength, but her opponent in this debate is significantly weak in physical strength. Shinobu is so weak physically that she cannot even behead a demon with her Nichirin Sword. Instead, she uses her own invented poison to kill them.

Though Shinobu is physically very fast thanks to her small stature, Mitsuri’s attacks are the fastest among every Hashira, including Uzui, the fastest moving Hashira. Mitsuri also has exceptional flexibility to aid her in winning this round.

II. Based on Appearance

Both Mitsuri and Shinobu are beautiful women whose power only increases their beauty. This round is also relative to everyone’s opinion, but we’d stick to the opinions of the characters in the story itself. 

Shinobu’s small body and her beautiful Breathing Style makes her appear angelic in moments. However, Mitsuri is conventionally the prettier one. Her unique colored hair and shapely body make her attractive to almost everyone, most of all Obanai. Many characters even comment on her beauty.

III. Based on Nature

Love Hashira vs Insect Hashira

Though Mitsuri and Shinobi are the only two current female Hashira, their natures are poles apart. Mitsuri is sweet, gentle and kind, with innate cheerfulness and bustling positivity. She overcame her insecurities and became a better person, laying her life to protect normal people.

Shinobu, on the other hand, is more complicated. She’s also innately kind and selfless, and has a genuine urge to help people.

But there’s also darkness within her. She’s always burning with rage and hatred for the untimely death of her sister, and looks forward to revenge. Shinobu can also be hurtful at times, mocking Tomioka over his lack of friends, and knows how to manipulate people.

Though from the surface Mitsuri seems to be the apt choice for this round, we’d choose Shinobu instead. Her complex character makes her one of the most intriguing characters of the series.

IV. Based on Popularity

They are both quite popular among fans, for their exceptional power and beauty. Shinobu appears in the story first and garners quite the popularity. But now that season 3 is airing and fans become acquainted with Mitsuri, she is the clear winner on this round of popularity in the Mitsuri or Shinobu debate.


After looking into different aspects of both characters, we have an answer to the question of who’s the best girl between Mitsuri or Shinobu. Turns out Mitsuri is currently winning the hearts of fans with her lovable character. That’s why, the Love Hashira is the winner in our debate today.

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