Can All Demons Defeat Muzan Together?

Muzan Kibutsuji and his underling demons are the antagonists of Demon Slayer. As the originator of demons, Muzan is the strongest of them. But if his most powerful underlings, the Upper Moons, join forces, can they defeat Muzan together?

Can All Demons Defeat Muzan Together
Muzan vs. All Demons

The answer is that yes, there is a possibility that they can. There are a number of reasons for us to come to this conclusion for the Muzan vs. Demons debate.

  • In the Final Arc of the series, it’s pretty clear that each Upper Moon, especially Upper Moons One, Two, and Three is far stronger than a single Hashira, even with their Marks.
  • Akaza fights against the Water Hashira and Tanjiro, who has mastered the Sun Breathing. Douma’s fight starts with the Insect Hashira and ends with Inosuke and Kanao. The demon canonically notices that Kanao is stronger than Shinobu; Inosuke has also reached the Hashira level.
  • It takes three Hashira and Genya’s Blood Demon Art to take down Kokushibo, with Muichiro and Genya dying in the process.
  • However, Muzan, even with his tremendous power and deadly Blood Demon Art, is cornered by the Hashira and the demon slayers, who are too injured to fight with their 100%. They are even able to dodge Muzan’s tentacles to attack him.
  • Muzan has the highest regeneration rate among demons and can even regrow his head after being beheaded. But then again, Akaza and Kokushibo both come to accomplish it too. 

Also, against the various Blood Demon Arts of the Upper Moons, Muzan’s own doesn’t seem all that inspiring. With their joined forces, if only they could trap Muzan until sunrise, then they could surely win against Muzan in a Muzan vs. demons battle.

But here is the twist, Muzan has given his blood to all the demons, which means he can control them. If we take this factor into the consideration, then all Upper Moons will stand no chance against him.

The whole debate is about a hypothetical situation where the demons fight Muzan. If Muzan still had control over them, they wouldn’t fight him in the first place.

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