How Strong are Gorosei in One Piece? (Theory)

On the hierarchy of authority of the World Government, Gorosei stand above the admirals and fleet admiral, and even above the kings of various nations. They serve the Celestial Dragons and the mysterious Imu who sits on the empty throne on Marygeoise. Needless to say, they are a bunch of very important characters. But actually how strong are Gorosei in One Piece?

To help us answer that, we have the small glimpses of their powers in Chapter 1085 as well as their position in the World Government and how significant a role they are going to play in the story. With these in mind, we’ll venture a guess at how powerful Gorosei are, and how they compare to other strong characters in One Piece.

Who Are Gorosei in One Piece?

Who are Gorosei in One Piece?

Gorosei consists of five old men who the fleet admiral of the Marines reports to. They relay the orders of the Celestial Dragons to the fleet admiral, and often issue their own orders. 

Gorosei are very secretive, both about the history of the World Government and about themselves. They rarely make an appearance for anyone besides Imu, and on special occasions, certain individuals like Shanks and the kings who request for their audience. So, it’s possible that they are more powerful than the world knows of. 

Out of the five members, only one has been officially introduced in the story: Saint Jaygarcia Saturn. He’s currently on his way to Egghead Island with Kizaru to deal with Dr. Vegapunk who knows too much about the history of the Void Century.

How Strong are Gorosei in One Piece?

Being in the high positions they are, Gorosei are expected to be some of the strongest characters in the series. Currently, the strongest person in the Marines is Sakazuki, the fleet admiral. Gorosei’s position and authority trump Sakazuki’s, so they can very possibly be stronger than him, and obviously, the rest of the admirals.

In Chapter 1085, the first glimpse of Gorosei’s powers is revealed when all five members transform into various huge monsters who are only visible through their silhouettes. Judging by their transforming abilities, they seem to be the holders of Zoan powers. However, what kind of Zoan is still unknown.

How Strong are Gorosei in One Piece?

Their exact powers are difficult to measure since there hasn’t been much. But given how important their characters are, and One Piece’s trend of making significant characters impressively powerful, Gorosei are undoubtedly well above average. They can be more powerful than the Shichibukai, but the same can’t be said about the Yonko.

Though their appearances aren’t clear, we can assume what kind of monsters they transform into by the shapes of their silhouettes and their standing position. 

  • Saint Jaygarcia Saturn transforms into a huge monster with a pair of curved horns, drooping eyes and a bulky body. 
  • Next to him is the Gorosei member with the black overcoat who turns into an unrecognizable blob with a huge mouth.
  •  The one with the katana becomes a being with a ribbon-like structure around his neck, similar to the cloudy ribbons of Luffy and Lucci in their awakened forms.
  • The Gorosei member with the white beard transforms into a huge bird with small feathery wings and sturdy beak.
  • The last one, with the big mustache, becomes a wide monster with animal ears and long arms.

Since the complete powers of Gorosei are not revealed, we can’t properly compare them to Luffy who has become one of the Yonko. But given that Luffy and Gorosei both hold Zoan powers, their power levels could be near one another. At this stage of the story, Gorosei are more likely to have Mythical or other special Zoans than regular ones, so they could prove to be difficult adversaries for Luffy.

We might even get to see a Luffy vs Gorosei action soon since Saturn is on his way to Egghead Island where Luffy is currently at with his crew. And when the fight does happen, we’ll get a better idea at how strong are Gorosei in One Piece.

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