Imu & Gorosei Devil Fruit in One Piece: Explained

One Piece Chapter 1085 spoilers recently just dropped and it’s every bit worth the hype it is getting. The manga is currently delving into Sabo’s flashback to clear the circumstances that led to the death of Nefertari Cobra, the king of Alabasta, and the blame falling on Sabo.

In this flashback, several shocking pieces of information regarding the World Government are revealed and the Devil Fruit powers of Imu & Gorosei are teased.

It all starts when Cobra asks for a meeting with the Gorosei where he questions the events that led to Queen Nefertari Lily, one of the first 20 rulers, to mysteriously disappear from both the world and the history. It is then that Imu comes inside the throne room and takes the empty throne.


Cobra seeing Imu is enough reason for Gorosei to want to eliminate Cobra. Coupled with Cobra’s knowledge of Imu being one of the first 20 kings, his death is inevitable. And their attempt at killing Cobra is when we get to see a glimpse of the Devil Fruit powers of Imu & Gorosei.

Imu & Gorosei Devil Fruit in One Piece


Chapter 1085 doesn’t completely reveal their Devil Fruit powers but the hints are there through the silhouettes that the chapter shows. The first glimpse of it comes when a shadowy arrow suddenly pierces Cobra’s abdomen. The arrow doesn’t come from Imu but most possibly from Gorosei.

This is more or less confirmed when the five elders transform into huge creatures that are only visible through their silhouettes. The five creatures appear to be huge renditions of animals, though that’s just a conjecture.

From the shape of the silhouettes, one of the creatures appears as a bird, another as a boar or an elephant, and another as a demon with huge horns.

The fourth elder seems to have clouds floating around their neck and the fifth’s shape cannot be properly determined. Gorosei all transforming into these huge creatures is proof enough that they all possess Zoan powers. However, what kind of Zoan is not clear.

As for Imu, he/she can transform into a titanic creature with a massive mouth and sharp teeth. Not only that but he/she can also consume fire, evident when Sabo attacks Imu with his fire and Imu bites and swallows it. Eating fire is a rare and special trait. Even in mythology and fantasy, it’s a power not easy to come by.

But Imu transforming into a giant creature that can swallow fire and move on four feet can be an indication that the creature Imu transforms into is a western dragon.

The traits match up and so does the significance. Dragons are among mythology and fantasy’s most powerful beings and supremely powerful characters having the ability to transform into dragons make sense.

So, here’s my theory, they all have mythical Zoan but which animals:

  • Gorosei 1: A Mythical Bird (like, The alkonost, the sirin, the caladrius, or the roc)
  • Gorosei 2: A Mythical Boar (maybe, the Erymanthian boar)
  • Gorosei 3: Human-Human Fruit: Demon (like Satan, Baphomet, and Beelzebub)
  • Gorosei 4: clouds floating around their neck, maybe awakened Zoan
  • Gorosei 5: not identified
  • Imu: a titanic creature with a massive mouth and sharp teeth, A Western Dragon, or some other mythical creature with a long lifespan.

Kaido, the strongest creature in the world, had the ability to turn into a massive eastern dragon and Imu being a western dragon makes sense in the narrative. Besides, unlike eastern dragons, western dragons have always been a negative entity in stories, and it fits perfectly with Imu’s role as the secret ruler of the world who keeps the world repressed at his will.

So, it seems like Imu can very possibly possess a Mythical Zoan power. The manga might reveal the Devil Fruit powers of Imu & Gorosei soon enough. So, don’t forget to read the manga on MANGA Plus and keep following us to know everything about One Piece.

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