Imu-sama’s Secret Revealed in One Piece Chapter 1085: How Many People Know?

Imu has been one of the most mysterious characters in One Piece ever since his/her introduction. There is virtually nothing known about him/her except that he/she sits on the empty throne at Mary Geoise and rules the world, and has a connection to the giant straw hat.

But now the secret of Imu is revealed in Sabo’s flashback. King Nefertari Cobra knows the truth of him/her and as it seems, Imu might have been one of the twenty founders of the World Government.

This seems to be a closely guarded secret as Imu’s existence is hidden from the world, and he/she kills Cobra before he can reveal his/her secret. But now, it’s confirmed that some people actually do know about the mysterious Imu.

The only people who are confirmed to know about Imu are:

  • The Gorosei: They are the one guarding the secret of Imu and are his closest subjects.
  • King Nefertari D. Cobra: He knew about Imu but was killed before he could reveal it.
  • Sabo: Sabo has witnessed the entire incident in the throne room and has seen Imu with his own eyes.
  • Wapol: Wapol has been spying on the happenings inside the throne room. But he escapes before Imu captures him.

These characters are confirmed to know about Imu. But there are also those characters who have a high possibility of learning the truth about the secret ruler.

  • Sabo will tell Dragon and Ivankov about the existence of Imu.
  • Vivi and Morgans can also come to know about Imu from Wapol.

The true identity of Imu is expected to come out very soon in One Piece.

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