Imu & Gorosei’s Devil Fruit Powers Revealed in One Piece Chapter 1085

Recently the spoilers of One Piece Chapter 1085 came out with a lot of explosive revelations. One of them is the fact that both Imu and the Gorosei have Devil Fruit powers. Though the whole extent of their powers aren’t shown in the chapter, we see a glimpse of it.

The Devil Fruit power of the Gorosei is revealed when Sabo goes to attack and the Gorosei retaliates by manifesting huge, shadowy monsters behind them. Every monster looks different from one another, but they appear to be made of the same substance.

This means the power must be possessed by one of the elders of the Gorosei. But it’s still unknown which one of the five Elders possesses this Devil Fruit power.

The mysterious Imu is also the holder of a Devil Fruit power, as shown in One Piece Chapter 1085. His/her power is revealed when he/she shoots a black arrow of unknown substance at Nefertari Cobra, killing him instantly.

The black arrow is identical to the black shrouded appearance of Imu, and it raises the question whether Imu’s appearance is because of his/her Devil Fruit powers.

Imu & Gorosei’s Devil Fruit Powers Revealed

It’s impossible to say for sure what the actual Devil Fruits of Imu and the Gorosei are from just a glimpse, but it’s enough to make a guess. The ability to manifest shadow monsters is most possibly a Paramecia power, and similar to the power of Nacht from Black Clover.

As for Imu’s powers, the Devil Fruit can be a Logia type since it seems to have affected his/her appearance. The power can be destructive black flames, similar to the power of Amaterasu from Naruto.

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