One Piece Chapter 1085 Spoilers: Nefertari Cobra & Vivi Are From The D Family

In a stunning turn of events, the latest chapter of the widely acclaimed manga series, One Piece, delivers a devastating blow to fans with the heartbreaking demise of an important character. Chapter 1085, titled “Death of Nefertari Cobra,” presents a dramatic sequence of events that will undoubtedly leave readers reeling. Before proceeding to major questions, let’s deep down into a glimpse spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 1085 title – “Death of Nefertari Cobra”

  • The real name of Queen Lily is “Nefertari D Lily.”
  • We will see Imu attack Cobra and Sabo with a black arrow.
  • In addition, we will see Imu discovers that Wapol is spying on them but he manages to run away.
  • Vivi was captured by CP0 and Wapol appears in the room where CP0 and Vivi are.
  • Neferatari Cobra asks Sabo to inform both Luffy and Vivi that “we are from the D Family.” 

So, that’s the glimpse of One Piece Chapter 1085. The chapter begins by unraveling a shocking revelation – the true identity of Queen Lily, who is none other than Nefertari D. Lily. We all are thinking, if Nefertari Lily was originally from the D Clan, then why did she betray them with the World Government and Imu?

This major question will shake the One Piece world. The disclosure of the Nefertari Family adds an extra layer of intrigue to an already complex narrative. But now after going through the spoilers, we can estimate on:

  • Why did Lily decide not to become Tenryuubito?
  • Why was she missing?
  • Why Imu shot Cobra and wants to eliminate Vivi as well?

As the chapter comes to a close, readers are left in a state of suspense, eagerly awaiting the aftermath of these astonishing events. With the fate of beloved characters hanging in the balance and the revelation of hidden connections, Chapter 1085 of One Piece promises to be a turning point in the series.

Fans around the globe will undoubtedly engage in fervent discussions, theorizing about the implications of Nefertari Cobra‘s demise, Imu’s mysterious motives, the role of Wapol, and the revelation surrounding the “D family.”

As the saga of One Piece continues to unfold, the world created by Eiichiro Oda proves once again why it captivates and enthralls millions of fans worldwide.

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