Top 10 Strongest Teams in Blue Lock (2023)

Blue Lock began with 300 players. Of them, only thirty-five players have survived till now. Many teams were formed in Blue Lock to enhance the capabilities of the players. The teams were also formed to eliminate players. Here are the Strongest Teams In Blue Lock.

Top 10 Strongest Teams in Blue Lock

10) Team V

Team V

  • Top Players:  Zentetsu Tsurugi, Reo Mikage, Seishiro Nagi
  • Region: 1st Selection Round

Team V was a temporary football team formed in Blue Lock. The team was one of the five teams formed in one division. The rest of the players were divided into five other divisions, each with five teams.

Teams formed in the first selection round were Team V, Team Z, Team X, Team Y, and Team Z. As the name of the team suggests, the members of Team V were the highest-ranking members of the group.

The game style of Team V was highly offensive. The team heavily relied on its three star players, Zentetsu Tsurugi, Reo Mikage, and Seishiro Nagi.

Of the four matches they fought in the first selection round, they lost only to Team Z. Team V scored over eighteen goals in the first selection round. Out of its eleven team members, only three made it to the next round.

9) Team Z

Blue Lock Team Z

  • Top Players: Yoichi Isagi, Meguru Bachira, Rensuke Kunigami, Hyoma Chigiri, Gin Gagamaru, Gurimu Igarashi, Jingo Raichi
  • Region: 1st Selection Round

Team Z holds the record for having the most number of players make it to the Neo-Egoist league. Team Z was a group put together in the first selection round.

The team was the last one on the chart. It comprised the lowest-ranking players in the division. However, it proved its worth in football matches against other teams.

They even defeated the unbeatable Team V. More than half of its members made it to Blue Lock 11. The protagonist of the manga, Isagi Yoichi, the deuteragonist, Meguru Bachira, and many other supporting characters were members of Team Z.

Rensuke Kunigami, the only wild card member of Blue Lock, was a part of this very team.

8) 1st Clear Team

1st Clear Team

  • Top Players: Itoshi Rin, Jyubei Aryu, Aoshi Tokimitsu, Meguru Bachira, Yoichi Isagi
  • Region: Second Selection: Rivalry Battle

The surviving members of the first selection round moved on to the second round. Here they were to make teams of three. One such team will play a three-on-three football match with another such team.

The winning team has the right to take a member of their choice from the losing team. Whoever made the team of five people would qualify for the next round.

The team of Isagi Yoichi, Meguru Bachira, and Reo Mikage had their first match against Rin Itoshi, Aryu Jyubei, and Tokimitsu Aryu. They were the top three-ranking members at that time.

In the first face-off, they lost to them, and Meguru Bachira was taken in by the other team. In the second match, Isagi Yoichi became a part of the team.

7) 7th Clear Team

7th Clear Team

  • Top Players: Ryusei Shidou, Gurimu Igarashi, Reo Mikage, Tetsu sokura, Ranze Kurona
  • Region: 2nd Selection: Rivalry Battle

The Seventh Clear team was an unusual grouping of players. However, it was not lacking in strength. Reo Mikage, who was with Isagi, became a part of this team.

Even Gurimu Igarashi, the lowest-ranking one in Blue Lock, made it on the team. Other than the first cleared team, the seventh cleared team was the only other team that was able to score a goal against the Japan U20 team.

6) Blue Lock 11

Blue Lock 11

  • Top Players: Tabito Karasu, Eita Otoyo, Kenyu Yukimiya, Ikki Niko,
  • Region: Blue Lock 11

On the list of Strongest Teams In Blue Lock, Blue Lock Eleven was made up of the best players in the Blue Lock project. The fourteen members were handpicked by Jinpachi Ego himself.

He selected the first six members who were the most aggressive on the field. The rest of the players were selected keeping the first six in mind. Other players complemented the abilities of the top 6.

Since the team comprises only strikers, each one of them was hungry to score points and come into the spotlight.

Blue Lock Eleven defeated the Japan U20 team with a score of 4-2. Isagi Yoichi became the star of Blue Lock in this match.

5) F.C. Barcha

Blue Lock F.C. Barcha

  • Top Players: Lavinho, Meguru Bachira, Eita Otoya
  • Region: Spain

F.C. Barcha is among the five international teams in Blue Lock. The international teams have been invited to Blue Lock to give the players an experience of the top European football leagues.

F.C. Barcha is the football club in Spain. F.C. Barcha believes in freedom and creativity. The players on this team are able to develop their unique style of play. Each goal scored is an expression of the whole team.

The team members play while falling into a rhythm and fast-paced play style. This sort of play style suits Meguru Bachira the best. Lavinho is the coach of F.C. Barcha.

4) Manshine City

Manshine City

  • Top PLayers: Chris Prince, Agi, Reo Mikage, Hyoma Chigiri, Seishiro Nagi
  • Region: England

Manshine City is a European football club based in England. The team believes in defying the rules of football by using physical prowess.

Every member of the team undergoes rigorous physical training to reach their optimum physical strength. Manshine City focuses on building up its defence.

With great physical strength and quick reaction time, the players create a huge defence wall that makes it hard to score through. Seishiro Nagi is the centre of the team.

3) P X G


  • Top Players: Julian Loki, Aoshi Tokimitsu, Zentetsu Tsurugi, Rin Itoshi, Ryusei Shido
  • Region: France

P X G, or Paris X Gen, is a French football club. Julian Loki is the coach of this team. They have a highly calculated style of game.

They attack the opponents from multiple directions, making them unable to read them. Playing with a perfect strategy is Rin Itoshi’s style of game.

2) Ubers

Blue Lock Ubers

  • Top Players: Marc Snuffy. Lorenzo, Shoei Baro, Shuto Sendo
  • Region: Italy

Ubers is a football team based in Italy. It focuses on individual talent combined with teamwork to achieve success. Uber’s coach, Marc Snuffy, treats football as a job and nothing else.

Taking emotions out of the game suits Shoei Baro. To him, scoring goals is everything. Marc Snuffy was able to tame Shoei Baro with his philosophy and get him to act according to his strategy.

1) Bastard Munchen

Bastard Munchen

  • Top Players: Noel Noa, Michael Kaiser, Alexis Ness, Benedict Grim, Isagi Yoichi
  • Region: Germany

Bastard Munchen is a Germany-based football team. Of all the international teams in Strongest Teams In Blue Lock, Bastard Munchen has the best performance of all. The team has won two matches in a row. Logic and rationality are the ruling principles of the game. Its coach, Noel Noa, is the best striker in the world. Nol Noa is Isagi’s idol.

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