Bastard Munchen: The Meeting Place for Blue Lock’s Future Soccer Stars (2023)

Blue Lock, illustrated by Yusuke Nomura, is one of the most popular Japanese sports manga. The aim of Blue Lock is to transform the Japanese football team.

It is the dream child of Jinpachi Ego. He wants to raise an egoist striker who will lead the Japanese team in the football world cup.

Blue Lock has left no stone unturned in order to do so. He invited three hundred strikers from various teams in Japan. Jinpachi calls them unpolished gems.

Twenty-five players got eliminated on the very first day. Jinpachi made it clear to all players that if they want to survive in Blue Lock, they have to be ruthless.

The players are not playing for a team in Blue Lock but for themselves. They have to bring out their egocentrism. Phase 1 of Blue Lock involved many elimination rounds.

Only twenty nine players have survived out of three hundred. These twenty nine players have advanced to the Neo-Egoist League. Here they are pairing up with under-twenty players from international clubs.

The German club Bastard Munchen is one of them. What is the role of Bastard Munchen in Blue Lock? Let’s find out.

What is Bastard Munchen in Blue Lock?

Bastard Munchen

Bastard Munchen in Blue Lock is a European football club. The name is pronounced as Basutādo Myunhen by Blue Lock players. It is one of the best football clubs in the world. Batard Munchen is a part of the German league.

The club has some remarkable players. Batard Munchen is the home club of Noel Noa. Noel Noa is the best striker in the world. Batard Munchen’s game strategy is very simple.

They believe in scoring as many goals as possible. Their philosophy for team selection and monitoring the progress of its players are also quite straight. Logic and Rationality govern their every decision.

Jinpachi said that Bastard Munchen is deep waters. A fish can either drown in the troubled water or adapt and survive. A player in Bastard Munchen can only survive with hard work and sheer talent.

He can either ally his strength with a strong player or become the center of the team.

Bastard München’s under-twenty team is quite remarkable as well. Michael Kaiser is second only to Noel Noa on the team. He is the center of the game strategy of Bastard Munchen.

Michael Kaiser is also the player with the highest bidding in Blue Lock. He has an offer for an annual salary of three hundred million Yen.

Alexis Ness is Michael’s wingman. He stays in Bastard Munchen as Michael’s shadow. His football game is all around Michael. He plays only to assist Michael in making goals.

He will pass the ball to and only to Michael Kaiser. Benedict Grim and Eric Gesner are offensive midfielders in the Bastard Munchen team. They are exceptional players as well.

Bastard Munchen is an output-driven team. They make the most ideal matches with the right effort and technique.

Role of Bastard Munchen in Blue Lock

Role In Blue Lock

Blue Lock has entered its second phase, The Neo-Egoist League. They defeated the under-twenty Japanese Football National Team. Now a new team has to be selected.

Jinpacchi Ego has full authority over the selection process. He wants the players in Blue Lock to go through a revolution. Jinpachi wants to put together a team that will win the under-twenty world cup for Japan.

Through Blue Lock, he wants to create the world’s best striker, who will be at the center of the Japanese under-twenty team. 

He wants the Blue Lock players to evolve in a short time. Thus, he wants them to have some international-level football experience.

Jinpachi has created a European League-style environment in Blue Lock. He has invited five European clubs under 20 teams to Blue lock. The teams are:

  • Batard Munchen- German League
  • Paris x Gen- French League
  • Manshine City- English League
  • Ubers- Italian League
  • FC Barcha- Spanish League
The lead forwards of the respective teams will also be their players as well as the coach of the team. The coaches of the teams are:
  • Bastard Munchen- Noel Noa
  • Paris x Gen- Julian Loki
  • Manshine City- Chris Prince
  • Ubers- Marc Snuffy
  • FC Barcha- Lavinho

Each team has its own football philosophy.

Bastard Munchen focuses on Logic and Rationality.

Paris x Gen focuses on intricate planning and strategy.

Manshine City is all about speed and rush.

Ubers focuses on muscle strength and strong shots.

FC Barcha’s playing style is about freedom, fun, and creativity.

Isagi Yoichi, the protagonist of Blue Lock, is a part of Bastard Munchen. Bastard Munchen in Blue Lock has played two matches. It has made an immense difference in evolving the talents of Blue Lock players.

Players on each team have to fight for their chance to be on the team. This forces them to play their best. Blue Lock is being aired on TV as a reality show.

With the presence of Noel Noa and other players, it has garnered a huge fan following. Isagi has been named the Ace of Blue Lock.

Isagi Yoichi finds an opponent in Michael Kaiser. In the first match with FC Barcha, Isagi watched the match closely. He realised that Michael Kaiser is the superior version of himself. He vowed to destroy him.

At the end of the match, he passed the ball to Rensuke Kunigami and not Michael. He wants to remove Michael as the centre of the team.

Kunigami is a wild card entry in Blue Lock. He is determined to make himself irreplaceable. Isagi’s rise to fame made Kenyu Yukimiya jealous, and he decided to prove his mettle. The other players are working hard to improve their training results and get a chance to play in the next match.

In the next match with Manshine City, Isagi is able to develop Metavision and make full use of it. His spatial awareness is now with Michael.

He is even able to stop Prince Chris from making a goal. Kunigami is on a constant lookout to score goals and is able to snatch away a chance from Isagi.

Players in Manshine city have improved as well. Hyoma Chigiri is faster and stronger than before. The match is able to repair the bonds between Seishiro Nagi and Reo Mikage.

They team up and are able to score for Manshine city. Seishiro Nagi is able to taste victory when he defeats his rival Isagi Yoichi. In the end, Isagi is able to devour Michael as the centre of the game when he passes the ball to Yukimiya.

Yukimiya overcomes his overconfidence and is able to think rationally. In the matches with Bastard Munchen, many players in Blue Lock have shown significant improvement.

Isagi Yoichi, Rensuke Kunigami, and Reo Mikage make it to the top five ranks in Blue Lock. Noel Noa recognizes Isagi Yoichi’s talent. The role of Bastard Munchen in Blue Lock is immense.

All Players in Bastard Munchen

Team Members

In the Bastard Munchen team in Blue Lock, five players are from the under-twenty Bastard Munchen team. The other five members are from Blue Locker, who have chosen the German team and have shown high results in training. The current team members are:

1) Noel Noa (ノエル・ノア)

Noel Noa

  • Position: Forward (Best Striker in the world), Defensive Midfielder
  • Abilities: Complete Forward, Ambidexterity, All Powerful Shot

Noel Noa is a complete forward and can fulfil many roles on the team. He supported Isagi in the match with Manshine City. He said he will support the person who plays most logically.

Noel Noa is ambidextrous. He can score powerful shots with accuracy using both legs. Thus, he is not stopped by the weakness of having a dominant side. He is the greatest asset of Bastard Munchen in Blue Lock.

2) Michael Kaiser (ミヒャエル カイザー)

Michael Kaiser

  • Position: Forward/Ace
  • Abilities: Clinical Finisher, Meta Vision, Off the ball movements

Michael Kaiser is the centre of Bastard Munchen. He is a clinical finisher. Michael Kaiser can make tricky shorts with precise accuracy. He has developed peripheral vision.

Michael can observe all the players on the field and predict their movements. He places himself strategically in the blind spots of his opponents. Thus, midfielders can easily pass the ball to him. His kicks are so fast that it is hard to see them.

3) Alexis Ness (アレクシス ネス)

Alexis Ness

  • Position: Center Midfielder
  • Abilities: Flexible Dribbling, Key Passing

Alexis Ness can make pinpoint passes without reducing the speed of the ball, making them easy to receive. He is Michael Kaiser’s wingman. Alexis is upset when Michael recognises Isagi as his competitor.

4) Benedict Grim (ベネディクト・グリム)

Benedict Grim

  • Position: Offensive Midfielder
  • Abilities: Dribbling, Crossing

Benedict Grim is a tank-type dribbler. He has a strong physical build. Benedict Grim uses his physical strength to break open the shortest distance in the opponent’s defense. He can also make long-distance passes.

5) Eric Gesner (エリック ゲスナー)

Eric Gesner

  • Position: Offensive Midfielder
  • Abilities: Trapping, Ball Control, Dribbling

Eric Gesner can catch difficult passes. He can tackle defenders with delicate dribbling and make a timed lob pass.

6) Isagi Yoichi ( 潔 世一)

Isagi Yoichi

  • Position: Offensive Midfielder
  • Abilities: Direct Shot, Off the Ball Movements, Reflex, Metavision

Isagi Yoichi has developed his peripheral vision on par with Michael Kaiser. He calls this ability Metavision. Isagi can make strategic off-the-ball movements. He has strong reflexes and can make direct goal shots.

7) Ranze Kurona

Ranze Kurona

  • Position: Right Sideback
  • Abilities: Speed

Ranze Kurona is great at dribbling. He can dribble and chase at high speeds. Ranze Kurona can also make accurate passes. He supports Isagi Yoichi to survive in Blue Lock.

8) Rensuke Kunigami (國神 錬介)

Rensuke Kunigami

  • Position: Forward
  • Abilities: Superior Physicality, Finesse Shot, Ambidexterity

Rensuke Kunigami has superior physicality. He is tall, with a muscular build.So he is able to tackle strong opponents easily.

Rensuke can make a finesse shot. He can make a goal from a range of 29 metres from the goal post. He is also a clinical finisher.

9) Gin Gagamaru (我牙丸 吟)

Gin Gagamaru

  • Position: Goal Keeper
  • Abilities: Goal Poacher, Body Control and Reflexes

Gin Gagamaru has enhanced control over his body. He can adapt to any type of pass. Gagamaru has sharp reflexes as well. He is a Goal Poacher. He waits for every opportunity to score a goal and pounces on it.

10) Kenyu Yukimiya (雪宮 剣優)

Kenyu Yukimiya

  • Position: Left Sideback
  • Abilities: Dribbling, Gyro Shot

Kenyu Yukimiya has a style of rigid dribbling. Instead of relying on any technique, he uses his physique. He uses his strength and speed to break past the defense.

Yukimiya can make a Gyro shot. A shot with high spin and trajectory. The trajectory changes mid-air. This tricks the goalkeeper.

Some Interesting Facts of Bastard Munchen in Blue Lock

Interesting Facts

1) Undefeated In Blue Lock

Bastard Munchen in Blue Lock remains undefeated. Each team is going to play five matches. Bastard Munchen has played two of them.

One with Spain’s FC Barcha and another with English Manshine City. Bastard Munchen has been victorious in both of them. The team is dominating Blue Lock.

2) The Best Coach

Noel Noa is not just the best striker in the world. He is the best coach for the Bastard Munchen in Blue Lock. Noel Noa comes from a humble background.

He gave his all to football to escape from poverty. He understands the will to succeed. It is evident in his interactions with Isagi and Rensuke. Noel is able to ignite their will to be the best.

3) Logic And Numbers Are Everything

Bastard Munchen follows the philosophy of Logic and Rationality. The team members are selected on the sole basis of numbers. The first team was selected on the basis of their ranks in the training session.

Bastard Munchen’s football style is mechanical in nature. They strive for scoring the highest number of goals.

4) Best Choice For Isagi Yoichi

Isagi Yochi could not have made a better decision. He joined Bastard Munchen for Noel Noa. Isagi has admired Noel Noa all his life. He also found a rival in Michael Kaiser.

Isagi surpassed himself in order to defeat Kaiser. Under Noel Noa’s guidance, his abilities have increased dramatically. Bastard Munchen was the perfect choice for Isagi Yoichi.

Bastard Munchen has made a bid on Isagi. They have offered him an annual salary of fifty million yen. Isagi and Bastard Munchen are both at the top of Blue Lock at the moment. The coming chapters will tell whether they can maintain their winning streak or not.

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