Gagamaru: Blue Lock Wiki, Abilities & Interesting Facts Explained

Blue Lock is currently in its Neo-Egoist League. The project that started with three hundred players now has only thirty-five left. The players have been through gruelling training sessions and many rounds of selection.

Isagi Yoichi, the protagonist of the story, has greatly developed his skills. His growth has shown the efficacy of the Blue Lock project. However, there are other players in Blue Lock who have shown great improvement while there.

Gin Gagamaru is one such character who has survived in Blue Lock to reach the Top 20. He currently holds the twentieth rank in Blue Lock. He is in the German strata, just like Isagi Yoichi. Who is Gin Gagamaru, and why is he in Blue Lock? Let’s find out.

Who Is Gin Gagamaru In Blue Lock?

Who IS Gin Gagamaru

Japanese NameGagamaru Gin (我牙丸 吟)
TeamBastard Munchen
AbilitiesGoal Keeper


Goal Poacher

Explosive Reaction



Scorpion Kick

Blue Lock Rank10
Hair ColorBlack and Silver
Eye ColorBlack
Voice ActorShugo Nakamura (Japanese)

Lee George (English)

BirthdayJanuary 2

Gin Gagamaru is a seventeen-year-old high school football player. He hails from Wakayama Prefecture, in the Kansai region. He came to Blue Lock with the other two hundred and ninety members on an invitation from the Japan Football Union.

Blue Lock is the dream project of Ego Jenpachi, a genius obsessed with creating the best football player. Gin Gagamaru, like other players in Blue Lock, dreams of becoming the best striker. He is 191cm tall with long limbs.

Gin has shoulder-length hair that he keeps tied in a top knot. He is generally calm and is not a man of many words. However, he is not a delinquent like Seishiro Nagi.

He started in Blue Lock as a member of Team Z. As of now, he is playing in the Neo-Egoist league in the German strata. He is playing under the guidance of Noel Noa, the best striker in the world. Gin Gagamaru is currently playing as the goalkeeper for the German team.

Noel Noa decided to make him the goalkeeper because of his long limbs and flexible body. He currently ranks #10 in Blue Lock. Bastard Munchen made a bid for him. He is worth twenty-eight million yen.

Gin Gagamaru: Power And Abilities

Gagamaru Power And Abilities

Holding the tenth rank in Blue Lock is no easy feat. Being a part of the Neo-Egoist League is proof enough of his ability as a footballer. The best German league and one of the best football clubs in Europe, Bastard Munchen, made a bid for him at twenty-eight million yen.

Gin has many abilities that make him worth the rank he holds. They are:

  • Goalkeeper- Gin Gagamaru Blue Lock is 191cm long with long limbs. He can guard a big area. Though Gagamaru has a slender body, he has great control over it and is very flexible. He has a spring-like body. Gagamaru can throw his body forward and adapt easily to shots. His flexibility makes him a good goalkeeper.
  • Forward- A forward in football is a player who plays a crucial role in making goals. They stay on watch of the ball and try to reach closer to the goalpost. Once within the shooting range, Gin can make near-accurate shots in order to make a goal. Gin can shoot a goal from a long distance because of his strong kicks.
  • Goal Poacher- Gin Gagamaru, as a forward, is also a goal poacher. A goal poacher is mostly a forward who stays in the six-yard box or penalty area. They wait for a pass, a loose ball, or try to steal the ball from the opponent. A goal poacher is on the lookout for the slightest opportunity to make or snatch a goal. They are capable of changing the flow of the game.
  • Explosive Reaction- Gin Gagamaru has very fast reflexes. This allows him to react to any move with impressive speed. He has a slender physical body and high flexibility. This allows him to adapt to the movement of the ball in an instant. Gagamaru can identify the trajectory of the ball. He is able to make last-second headers or goal saves. This is why Noel Noa chose Gagamaru to be the goalkeeper of the Bastard Munchen team.
  • Flexibility- Gagamaru has a spring-like, flexible body. He has complete control over the movement of his body and limbs. He can twist his limbs more easily and react more rapidly. He is able to make last-second kicks because of his super flexibility.
  • Scorpion Kick- Scorpion Kick is Gin Gagamaru’s trademark shot. Up until now, only Gagamaru in Blue Lock has been able to make such a move. A Scorpion Kick is an advanced technique used in soccer. It is hard for even senior and experienced players. Gin Gagamaru is able to make such a move because of his flexibility. A scorpion kick requires a person to throw themselves to the floor. The player thrusts his body forward and places his body weight on his hands. Then the player throws his legs back and flicks his heels to make contact with the ball. It is a complicated shot, both in theory and action. Gagamaru, however, can do a scorpion kick while in the air. This lessens his reaction time and helps him change the trajectory of the ball when needed.
  • Header- Gin Gagamau is 191cm tall. He can also jump very high. This enables him to make powerful headers or headshots. Gagamaru has strong reflexes. Using his headshots, Gagamaru is able to shoot a ball mid-air. This gives him a great advantage in determining the trajectory of the ball. He is even able to stop goals using a header.

Interesting Facts About Gin Gagamaru Blue Lock

Intersting Facts About Gin Gagamaru

1) Started Playing At A Young Age

Gin Gagamaru started playing the game of football at the age of twelve. He started quite later compared to players like Rin Itoshi, Bachira Meguru, and Isagi Yoichi.

But he is still playing among the top players in Blue Lock. However, unlike Reo Mikage, he is no prodigy. Reo started playing football just a year before he came to Blue Lock.

2) Favorite Soccer Player

Gareth Bale is Gin Gagamaru’s favorite player. He is considered to be the best football player of his generation. Gareth is also among the best Welsh players.

He has played for many major European clubs, including Real Madrid. Gareth stands tall at 186cm. He is a forward. Gagamaru Blue Lock seems to find many similarities with his idol.

3) Favorite Vacation

Gin Gagamaru’s favorite vacation would be to stay in isolation on a mountain. He would like to live in a bamboo grove and meditate.

Gin Gagamaru Blue Lock does have a quirky attitude. He is not shown to be interacting with others.

Gagamaru always has an uninterested face. However, meditating does not sound like his cup of tea. He wants to stay in isolation on a mountain and talk to mountain animals.

4) Favorite Animal

Gin Gagamaru’s favorite animal is a mountain bear. He has a cut on his left ear that was caused by a mountain bear.

A bear usually sleeps for many hours a day. When awake, it eats a lot. These traits of the animal are common with Gin Gagamaru. Thus, a mountain bear is sure to be his favorite animal.

5) Favorite Music

Gin Gagamaru usually listens to the band Southern All Stars. The Southern All-Stars are his favorite band. The band first formed in 1974 and was active until 2005.

It consists of five members. Their main genre is a mix of pop and rock music. Gagamaru seems to be a fan of old J-pop music.

6) Bad Table Manners

Rather than bad table manners, you can say that Gin Gagamaru has none at all. He eats with his hands, which is a big no in Japanese culture.

Well, Gagamaru is not someone who gives much attention to hygiene. He can often be seen picking his nose. His teammates in Blue Lock, however, are trying to teach him to eat using cutlery and utensils.

The Blue Lock manga is far from over. The players in Blue Lock are being introduced to international standards of football in the Neo-Egoist League. Five world-class players have been invited from the finest European clubs.

They are here to train the players in world-class football. No expense has been spared when it comes to providing the players with the best training possible. The Blue Project has been made into a TV show that is helping fund the project.

This is also helping the players receive offers from international clubs. How far can Gin Gagamaru make it in the fierce competition he is facing in Blue Lock? The coming chapters will answer this question.

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