18+ Best Shoujo Anime of All Time, According to IMDb

Japanese anime is divided into five demographics. They are Josei, Kids, Shoujo, Shonen, and Seinen. Shoujo aims at a young female audience. They are generally about fantasy and romance. Here is a list of the Top 18+ Best Shoujo Anime of all time.

18+ Best Shoujo Anime of All Time, According to IMDb

20) Shihaisha No Tasogare

Shihaisha No Tasogare

IMDB Ratings5.5
GenresAction, Drama, Supernatural, Horror, Sci-fi
Number Of Episodes1
Where To Watch9Anime.tube

Shihaisha No Tasogare is a futuristic anime. A long time ago, The Great Mother Spirit created Demons, Guardians, and Humans. Guardians and Demons have been at war since the beginning. Guardians have stopped the demons from wiping out humanity.

Now, in 2089, there are very few guardians and demons left in the city of Neo-Shinjuku. A Guardian Tsunami Shijo is protecting the human race. He is out looking for a demon leader. The demon leader killed his lover. He is trying to enslave humanity.

19) Boku Wa Imouto Ni Koi Wo Suru

Boku Wa Imouto

IMDB Ratings5.9
Number Of Episodes1
StudiosVega Entertainment
Where To WatchCrunchyroll

Boku Wa Imouto Ni Koi Wo Suru tells the story of forbidden love between siblings. Yori and Iku are twins. Iku is a kind and adorable high schooler. She is troubled by Yori’s cold behaviour towards her.

They were close as children. But now, Yori acts distantly towards her. Yori is in love with Iku. He is trying his best to suppress his feelings. But later, they get together as a couple.

Realising the futility of their relationship, Yori leaves Iku and disappears. They meet again after ten years and confess their love for each other.

18) Diabolic Lovers

Diabolik Lovers

IMDB Ratings6.1
GenresReverse Harem, Coming Of Age
Number Of Episodes12
Where To WatchCrunchyroll, Amazon Prime

Diabolik Lovers follows the trail of a typical fantasy vampire story. Yui Komori is like every other teenage girl. Her father is a priest. One day, her father had to travel abroad.

Yui moves into another town. She arrives at a large mansion. The mansion is the home of the Sakamaki brothers. They are six brothers from three mothers.

The Sakamaki brothers are vampires. Yui is their sacrificial bride. Each brother troubles Yui in his own way.

17) Deimos No Hanayome: Ran No Kumikyoku

Deimos No Hanayome

IMDB Ratings6.1
GenresDrama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural
Number Of Episodes1
Where To WatchCrunchyroll

Deimos No Hanayome: Ran No Kumikyoku or Bride Of Deimos is a dark love story. Deimos is a demon who is in love with her younger sister, Venus. Venus is the former goddess of love.

Venus receives punishment for this. In order to receive her, Deimos must find a human sacrifice. Minako Ifu, a human, looks exactly like the goddess Venus.

Deimos is to bring Minako to the underworld so that the goddess Venus can take over her body.

16) Wild Adapter

Wild Adapter

IMDB Ratings6.1
GenresAction, Drama, Mystery
Number Of Episodes2
Where To WatchAmazon Prime

Makoto Kubota is an unmotivated young man. He has no dream of his own. Makoto becomes the head of a youth Yakuza group, Izumokai.

He relies on his second-in-command, Komiya. Komiya tells Makoto about the WA, or Wild Adapter. It is a harmful drug that turns humans into an animal-like creature before killing them.

The Yakuza gangs are fighting to take over this drug. After Komiya dies in the gang wars, Makoto leaves his position. He runs into Minoru Tokito, the only known survivor of the Wild Adapter drug.

15) Earthian


IMDB Ratings6.2
GenresBoys Love, Drama
Number Of Episodes4
StudiosJ.C. Staff
Where To WatchAmazon Prime

Earthians are the people living on planet Earth. Angels on Planet Eden are constantly monitoring the behaviour of the Earthians. They are disgusted by it.

Angels hate the way humans treat each other. They despise the destruction Earthians have caused to the planet. The Angels decided to eradicate humanity. But they want to give humanity a chance.

They will place plus and minus checkers on Earth to record the good and bad things about humans. If the minus points are greater than the plus points, they will erase humanity.

14) 7 Seeds

7 Seeds

IMDB Ratings6.3
GenresAdventure, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Sci-fi
Number Of Episodes12
Where To WatchNetflix

The apocalypse is a theory that has intrigued humans for a long time. What will the post-apocalyptic world look like? A group of scientists predicts that the world will be hit by a meteorite.

World governments agree to freeze selected humans. These humans will carry on human life after conditions are normal again. The Japanese government prepares five teams consisting of seven members each.

After the apocalypse, they have to survive in a wild and dangerous world.

13) Tenshi Kinryouku

Tenshi Kinryouku

IMDB Ratings6.4
GenresAction, Drama, Romance, Supernatural
Number Of Episodes3
StudiosHai Film Maker
Where To WatchAmazon Prime

Setsuna Mudo is a sixteen-year-old boy. He is meek and is often bullied by his seniors. Setsuna is in love with his younger sister. He wants a calm life out of everyone’s eyes.

But destiny has something else in store for him. Setsuna happens to be the reincarnation of Organic Angel Alexiel. Alexiel rebelled against the angels and supported the fallen angels, or Evils.

Setsuna comes to know that God wishes to annihilate humanity. Which side will Setsuna choose?

12) Tokyo Babylon

Tokyo Babylon

IMDB Ratings6.5
GenresAction, Mystery, Supernatural
Number Of Episodes2
Where To WatchCrunchyroll, Amazon Prime

Subaru Sumeragi, his little sister Hokuto, and a mutual friend, Seishiro Sakurazuka, live through happy days. Subaru is a skilled magician. He comes from a lineage of magicians who served the Japanese Royal Family.

But Seishiro has a secret. He is an assassin. Seishiro hails from a clan of killers who are enemies of Subaru’s family. He decides to keep an eye on Subaru for a year and confirm his feelings towards him.

After a year, Seishiro kills Hokuto instead of Subaru. Subaru has vowed revenge on him.

11) Top Secret: The Revelation

Top Secret The Revelation

IMDB Ratings6.7
GenresMystery, Sci-fi
Number Of Episodes26
Where To WatchCrunchyroll

Himitsu: Top Secret: The Revelation is a sci-fi series on the list of Best Shoujo Anime. The story begins five decades ahead of present time.

A new MRI technology has advanced to the point where it can scan the brains of dead people. This new technology helps solve crime cases. But it also raises privacy concerns.

Section 9 of the National Research Institute of Police Science is dedicated to solving crimes using this technology and dealing with the consequences.

10) Uragiri Wa Boku No Namae Wo Shitteiru

Uragiri Wa Boku No Namae Wo Shitteiru

IMDB Ratings6.7
GenresAdventure, Boys Love, Drama, Fantasy
Number Of Episodes24
StudiosJ.C. Staff
Where To WatchFunimation

Uragiri Wa Boku No Namae Wo Shitteiru or The Betrayal Knows My Name, revolves around Yuki Sakurai. Yuki is an abandoned child. He is afraid of being left alone.

Yuki has the power to feel other people’s emotions. He can produce a bright yellow light that purifies one’s emotions. However, Yuki is unable to control his powers. Why does Yuki possess this power?

9) Jyu Oh Sei: Planet Of The Beast King

Jyu Oh Sei

IMDB Ratings6.9
GenresAction, Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Sci-fi
Number Of Episodes11
Where To WatchFunimation, Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime

Humans terraformed the Balkan Star System two hundred and fifty years ago. People inhabit many planets in the Balkan System. Thor and Rai are two eleven-year-old twins. They live in the space system Juno.

Unknown assassins murder their parents and transport them to the planet Chimera. Only the beast king is allowed to leave the planet. Thor and Rai decide to live on the harsh planet and find a way back home.

8) Ayashi No Ceres

Ayashi No Ceres

IMDB Ratings7.1
GenresAdventure, Drama, Horror, Romance, Supernatural, Suspense
Number Of Episodes24
Where To WatchCrunchyroll

A vengeful and powerful celestial maiden, or Tenyo, named Ceres, descended on Earth. She came to bathe in a stream. Her robe was her gateway to her home.

She hung it on a branch. But a man stole her robe and forced her to become his wife. Their offspring have mixed blood. On her sixteenth birthday,

Aya Mikage visits her grandparents. Unlike other members of her family, Aya possesses the powers of the celestial maiden. His grandfather wants to kill her for this reason.

7) Kyuuketsuhime Miyu

Kyuuketsuhime Miyu

IMDB Ratings7.1
GenresAction, Drama, Horror
Number Of Episodes4
Where To WatchAmazon Prime

Kyuuketsuhime Miyu is a gothic vampire story on the list of Best Shoujo Anime. The main protagonist of the story is Princess Miyu. She is the daughter of a human and a demon lord.

Miyu was born a vampire. Miyu hunts for stray Shinma. Her work is to guide them back into darkness.

6) Yami No Matsuei

Yami No Matsuei

IMDB Ratings7.2
GenresBoys Love, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Comedy
Number Of Episodes13
StudiosJ.C. Staff
Where To WatchCrunchyroll

Asato Tsuzuki is a shinigami, or grim reaper. He has been one for seventy long years. However, he is not paid well for his job. His eccentric nature makes him hard to work with. He has not had a partner for very long.

Kurosaki Hisoka is a stubborn and headstrong shinigami. He is new to the division. Kurosaki sticks with Asato no matter how he treats him. Slowly, their bond starts to grow stronger.

But Asato has a dark past that keeps troubling him.

5) Honoo No Mirage: Minagiwa No Hangyakusha

Honoo No Mirage

IMDB Ratings7.3
GenresAction, Boys Love, Supernatural, Drama, Romance
Number Of Episodes3
Where To WatchBiliBili

Takaya Ougi and Yuzuru Narita are best friends. Takaya is protective of Yuzuru. Later on, a man named Naoe informs Takaya of his true identity. Takaya is a reincarnation of Lord Kagetora, a noble Samurai.

Naoe reawakens Takaya’s abilities to exorcise evil spirits and fight the Samurai of the feudal underworld. Takaya has no recollection of his past life. Takaya and Naoe forge a strong bond greater than friendship.

4) X


IMDB Ratings7.5
GenresAction, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Number Of Episodes24
Where To WatchFunimation, Amazon Prime

Shirou Kamui is a young psychic and a warrior of mankind. He returns to Tokyo after six years of absence. Shirou has a choice in front of him.

He could become a Dragon of Heaven and protect nature. Or he could become a Dragon of Earth and protect humans.

Shirou decides to become a Dragon of Earth in order to protect his best friends, Kotori and Fuma. He wants to protect them, even if it means staying away from them.

3) Otona Joshi No Anime Time

otono joshi no anime time

IMDB Ratings7.6
GenresDrama, Romance
Number Of Episodes4
StudiosBones, Production Reed, The Answer Studio, WAO World
Where To WatchFunimation

Otona Joshi No Anime Time is different from all other Shoujo series on the list. The series is based on award-winning short stories about women. Four episodes show four different stories with four different characters.

2) Banana Fish

Banana Fish

IMDB Ratings8.2
GenresAction, Adventure, Drama, Suspense
Number Of Episodes24
Where To WatchAmazon Prime

Banana Fish is set in the United States of America. The anime series successfully adds a hint of romance between chaotic gang wars.

Aslan Jade Callenreese, known as Ash Lynx, is picked up by a notorious mafia leader. He is groomed from a very young age to be his successor. Ash’s older brother Griffin talks about Banana Fish before becoming a vegetable.

He starts to look out for Banana Fish. Ash finds out that Banana Fish is a drug that brainwashes the consumer. It drives people to insanity.

1) Nana


IMDB Ratings8.5
GenresDrama, Romance
Number Of Episodes47
StudiosMad House
Where To WatchHulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime

Nana is the first late-night anime that made it to the Top 10 weekly audience ranking. The name Nana means spring in Japanese.

Two women bearing the same name set out to Tokyo to find the spring of their lives. Nana Komatsu goes to Tokyo to be with her boyfriend. Nana Osaki wants to make a music career in Tokyo.

They cross paths and end up staying in the same apartment. Two very different personalities, they become each other’s support during tough times.

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