Which of the Gorosei Are Which Monster in One Piece Chapter 1085?

The powers of Gorosei have always been a point of interest for fans of One Piece. In Chapter 1085 spoilers, it turns out that every member of Gorosei can turn into huge monsters. Though the appearances of these monsters aren’t revealed yet, we can safely assume that they possess Zoan Devil Fruit powers.

The monsters that Gorosei transforms into are only shown in silhouettes. But their shapes give the idea of what kind of monster they must be. Coupled with their standing order, we can venture a guess on which of the Gorosei is which monster in One Piece Chapter 1085.

  • On the far left is Saint Jaygarcia Saturn who transforms into a huge and wide monster with a pair of horns.
  • Next to him is the Elder with the black overcoat. In the silhouettes, he appears as a roundish-shaped monster with a big mouth.
  • Up next is the member with the katana. His transformed form has a ribbon-like shape around his neck that resembles the cloudy ribbons of Luffy and Lucci’s awakened forms.
  • On the opposite side, the far right Gorosei member becomes a huge bird-like creature with a pair of small feathery wings and a sturdy beak.
  • The last Gorosei Elder transforms into a huge beast with a pair of animal ears. His arms are longer than in ordinary humans and animals.

It is quite clear that all Gorosei are Zoan users, but what kind of Zoan fruits they possess can only be known when their complete appearances are revealed.

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