How Will Gojo Survive in Sukuna’s Domain?

The ultimate battle in Jujutsu Kaisen: Gojo vs. Sukuna is in full swing. The two have already exchanged some intense attacks before resorting to their respective domain expansions. Gojo’s Unlimited Void and Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine are both among the most powerful domains in the series. 

Gojo vs Sukuna

But it seems Sukuna’s domain has the upper hand between them due to its barrierless nature. It’s evident when Sukuna uses his domain to attack Unlimited Void from the outside and shatters it, leaving Gojo unable to use any Cursed Technique. How will Gojo survive now that he’s stuck in Malevolent Shrine? Let’s find out.

  • One option for Gojo would be to run away from the attack area of Sukuna’s domain. Since Malevolent Shrine has no barrier, he can actually escape the attack area. But there’s no way Gojo would run away from his enemy.
  • What Gojo does instead is to use Reverse Cursed Technique to heal the fatal cut Sukuna slashed across his neck. After that he keeps using RCT to heal the wounds he’s dealt with, all the while subtly restoring his Cursed Technique.
  • The best way for Gojo to deal with Sukuna’s domain is to go on the offensive and destroy the domain expansion. Since Sukuna’s domain has no barrier, Gojo can’t attack it from the outside. But he’s already picked out that the shrine in the domain is the real center, and uses his Cursed Technique Reversal: Red to blast Sukuna into the shrine.

It’s still unknown if breaking the shrine would break the domain since the chapter ends before that. We’d just have to wait and see how Gojo manages to survive and potentially overpower the King of Curses.

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