Demon Slayer: Why Is Mitsuri The Best Hashira Girl?

Now that Demon Slayer season 3 is airing, anime fans can finally get to know Mitsuri Kanroji better. Mitsuri is the Love Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, who plays a significant role in the Swordsmith Village Arc and the subsequent arcs of the series. Strong and beautiful, here’s why Mitsuri is the best Hashira girl in Demon Slayer.

As Mitsuri’s past is revealed, we see that she’s had a happy childhood where her parents celebrated her unusual strength and her voracious appetite. But as she grows older, she faces rejection from a guy who claims nobody would want to marry her with her extraordinary strength and abnormal hair color.

Mitsuri Kanroji

This led her into a depression where she hid her strength, dyed her hair black and stopped eating the way she liked. But soon Mitsuri realizes that this isn’t the real her, and she shouldn’t repress herself like this. Fast forward to a few years later, she masters Love Breathing and becomes the Love Hashira.

Mitsuri’s past is less bloodier than some of her colleagues’, but all the more relatable for it. A lot of people can relate to her feeling unusual and rejected, and the dejection it causes. But Mitsuri never loses her happiness and kindness, and channels her strength into helping people.

She’s not only one of the most beautiful women in Demon Slayer, but she’s also an incredibly powerful one. Fighting bravely against Zohakuten, Mitsuri demonstrates her capability and brilliant flexibility, and proves that she is as strong as she is beautiful. Her cheerful personality, innate kindness, extraordinary fighting prowess make her a fan-favorite character, and is why Mitsuri is the best Hashira girl.

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