What to Expect Next? One Piece Chapter 1087 Predictions

One Piece is currently on a one-month long hiatus that will continue until July 17. The long wait has fans wondering about what to expect next in the story. With that question in mind, there have been several predictions in the fandom about what’s to come next in One Piece Chapter 1087.

The story has been featuring Sabo’s flashback on the events of Reverie for several chapters now. The flashback is a particularly illuminating one, with many shocking revelations that fans have been waiting for years. One Piece Chapter 1087 might follow one of the many plot points that come from this flashback.

  • We can get to see more of how the World Government is operated from the inside.
  • There’s also the Revolutionary Army who now has more members, thanks to the Lulusian citizens Sabo brought. The story might give us a glimpse of the impending revolution that will shake the World Government.

One Piece Chapter 1087 Predictions

  • Fans are also eager to see what happens on Egghead Island, with the traitor finally revealed and the Straw Hats and Vegapunk in a precarious position. On top of that, Kizaru and Saturn might finally land on the island, stirring things up a bit more.
  • Currently the most exciting prospect is of Luffy encountering one of the Gorosei. 
  • The events on Hachinosu have also been put to rest for Sabo’s flashback. The last time we saw Garp fighting against Kuzan, and practically dominating him on Hachinosu. The rest of the fight and what would happen next is still unknown.

But maybe One Piece Chapter 1087 would flash some light on that.

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