Was Garling The Superhero Of God Valley? (According To Various Translation)

With the recent release of One Piece Chapter 1086, fans have been left wondering about Figarland Garling and his connection to God Valley. Different translations of the chapter allude to different roles of Garling, and all of them make sense. However, the different meanings can completely change the character and his role in the story.

In the original chapter written in Japanese, Garling is described to be the “uga” (王者) of God Valley in the past. The term means king or monarch or ruler in Japanese, but it can also be translated as “hero”.

Some translations of the chapter, including Viz Media’s, says the term as king, signifying that Garling used to be the ruler of God Valley. This can mean that the Figarland family is a royal family, and Shanks is part of that royalty. This makes sense because it’s difficult to imagine the World Government employing anyone without royal blood for a position as high as the Supreme Commander of God’s Knights.

But if the term is actually intended to say “hero”, the meaning changes completely. If Garling is described as the hero of God Valley, then it must mean that he not only participated in the God Valley incident, but also fought bravely enough to earn a title as prestigious as this. 

Garling fighting in the God Valley Incident also confirms another theory of he being the one to give Whitebeard his scar, and the reason why Whitebeard’s scar aches after looking at Shanks’ face.

Both translations are credible and both provide interesting theories. But Garling’s role will be revealed more prominently after One Piece ends its one-month hiatus and the series returns to his weekly schedule.

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